How to Save Overwatered String Of Pearls? Symptoms and Solutions

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String of Pearls is an elegant, cascading succulent that adds to any home that little pearl. The plant proliferates and spreads quickly. Indoors and outdoors will grow.

The growth of a Pearl string can be challenging indoors. But, Senecio Rowleyanus String of Pearls is the perfect option if you’re looking for a lovely succulent development.

So, let’s start with the question- How to Save Overwatered String of Pearls

For starters, you have to determine if your plant is suffering from overwatering. If it is, you have to take proper action. Lastly, if you are feeling necessary, take any proper action to save your plant.

We are just warming up; stay tuned- 

To help the plant, you need to get to the root of the problem. That’s why we’ve explained every symptom with its possible solutions. 

Therefore, if you want to save your Overwatered String of Pearls, read along! 

Saving Overwatered String of Pearls [ Solutions]overwatered string of pearls

If you don’t look after the plant properly, it will undoubtedly result in death. Your silly mistakes are the reason why your plant is sick right now! But hey, you can fix this! 

To help you, we’ve explained your mistakes and their solutions-


Plants can go a long way if you provide the proper amount of water. Otherwise, they’ll give you signs that they’re suffering. If you happen to overwater your string of pearls, you have to take immediate action to save the plant. 

So, how much water do String of Pearls need? 

Pearls string is very vulnerable to overwatering, and you only have sufficient water to give them. The sum is prescribed every two weeks once.

You should check to see if the soil is a half-inch (1.2cm) dry before water is the first tip for not overwatering your plant. Cut watering down to once a month during winter.

You might have to water the plant more-

If you live in a dry area. Or where the average temperature is 28-39 degrees Fahrenheit in winter. And 69-78 degrees Fahrenheit in summer. However, by more, we mean watering the plant everyday morning. 

This way, you won’t be overwatering the plant. Also, if you didn’t know, the plant’s roots can rot if it’s overwatered. This situation results in purple leaves.

In reality, it can be watered thoroughly one week and then forget in the next week or two because of its water storage abilities. Too much watering will increase root rot chances.

Symptoms of Over-watered String of PearlsSymptoms of Over-watered String of Pearls

Look for these symptoms in your String of Pearls. If any of these are visible, you have to take action as an overwatered String of Pearls.

Rotten Root

If your String of Pearls shows the symptoms of the rotten root, you should unpot your plant and determine it. Basically, root rot occurs due to over water most of the time. 

Clip off the rotten root and drain the extra water from the soil. 

Mushy Appearance

A spring of pearls that are overwatered will look shriveled. This is because the leaves burst because of the presence of too much water. The affected components will feel mushy when touched.

These are signals that you cannot disregard because they talk too much about the plant’s wellbeing.

Brown Leaves

Brown leaves are another obvious symptom that indicates your plant is overwatered. Browning can be distinguished from underwatering due to overwatering.

Browning will look turgid and lean when touched by overwatering. The brown leaves will look shrunk and dried if it’s underwatering.


First of all, you have to examine the soil to see whether the plant was under or overwatered. The plant has been watered so much because the soil is pretty wet. And it couldn’t consume anything.

Lift the plant then, place it in another pot or jar. At least 3-4 drainage holes should be provided in the pot. Be a little careful after replanting. Drain the water because it must.

When ample water is drained, measure the soil. Once you know. To know whether the soil is humid or not, use a humidity meter. If it is, you can begin again to water. Now, it’s scorched when you hit the ground. You didn’t supply enough water, that means. And for others, the lousy plant prays!

Therefore, quickly start providing water to your mint plant. Water till you see it coming out of the pot’s drainage holes. Then let the String of Pearls absorb the water through its roots. 

And that’s all! Hopefully, it’ll get better soon! 


Question: How do you fix the Overwatered string of pearls?

Answer: Give a potent drink of water to the plant and look healthier almost instantly. If your string of pearls looks shriveled, you might need to increase watering.

Question: Can you over-water string of pearls? 

Answer: You can be shocked to find that overwatering may also cause a string of pearls to shrivel the leaves. The leaves will actually burst and give the plant a shriveled and mushy appearance as you give them more water than they can bear.

Question: Does a string of pearls need direct sunlight?

Answer: String of Pearls in light works well. Take a sunny window, or leave it under a fluorescent light during the daytime hours, when the sun’s visibility is reduced. Make sure your plant stretches plenty of space.

Question: How often should I water a string of pearls?

Answer: Pearls string is very vulnerable to overwatering, and you only have sufficient water to send them. The sum is prescribed every two weeks once. You should check to see if the soil is a half-inch (1.2cm) dry until water is the first tip for not overwatering the vine.

Question: Should you bottom water string of pearls?

Answer: Don’t overwater – the String of Pearls has shallow roots and doesn’t need excessive water quantities in one go (twice a week).

Take Away

Now, those are the symptom of your over-watered String of Pearls, along with  How to Save them. Always remember to not over-water them on purpose.

So, what do you think of this review? 

Share your answers and thoughts with us by leaving a comment. Good luck saving your precious String of Pearls!

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