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Best Grow Bags in 2022 – 10 Reviews And Guide

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Many people prefer fabric grow bags over plastic pots, and there are good reasons for that.

Other than being more practical and eco-friendly, grow bags are usually more affordable and, eventually, more beneficial to your plants.

Let’s talk about the best grow bags that will step up your gardening game, without costing you an arm and a leg.

10 Best Grow Bags

Here is our list of 10 best grow bags! Personally, number 1 did a great job for me, but it all depends on your preferences. Check out our buying guide at the bottom of the page to clarify things a bit! Let’s start!

1. VIVOSUN 5-Pack 1 Gallon Fabric Grow Bags

This VIVOSUN model of grow bags is made of thick, 300g, material, which means that the grow bags are much more durable, and there aren’t major water-leakages that will leave your plants dehydrated.

The material is well-made and absorbs the water better, retaining enough moisture for your plants.

These grow bags feature a breathable fabric, and it helps with the better circulation of air that’s much needed for the roots of the plants.

Thanks to the non-woven fabric, these best grow bags are eco-friendly and healthy for the plants.

There aren’t harmful chemicals that will damage the plants and stop their growth.

Convenient, sturdy handles will allow you to move the bags around easily even when they’re full.

What’s very practical is that the grow bags will maintain the balance as you fill them with soil, and they won’t fall during transplanting.

Although the bags come with a three-year warranty, you’ll be able to reuse them in years and years to come.

Available in many different sizes, this set of 5 best grow bags is ideal for different types (and sizes) of plants.

What we like
  • Sturdy, quality material that’s environmentally friendly
  • Breathable fabric that doesn’t retain excess water
  • Reinforced handles for more convenience
  • Comes in many different sizes
What could be improved
  • They don’t drain well if you don’t place them upon stones or some other dry surface

Bottom line

These grow bags are for anyone who’s looking to promote the health of the root system of both indoor and outdoor plants since the material is, although breathable, very durable and tear-resistant – an excellent quality fabric that will help your plants thrive.

2. OPULENT SYSTEMS 5-Pack 1 Gallon Fabric Grow Bags

Similarly to the previous model, this set of 5 grow bags is made of high-quality non-woven material that is breathable.

Using a grow bag provides the roots of your plants with the right air circulation, which helps them develop better.

What’s interesting to notice about these best grow bags is the sewing technique that makes the bags durable and sturdy.

Although well-sewed, the fabric doesn’t retain unnecessary water that can be harmful to your plants.

The handles on the grow bags are reinforced, and they are extremely practical because you can move the bags around easily, even with the plant and the soil inside.

The material is flexible, which allows you to fold the bags when you don’t need them, which makes the storage simple and quick.

The durable fabric of the best grow bags is so easy to wash when it gets dirty so that you can easily reuse them as much as you want.

What we like
  • Heavy-duty, sturdy fabric
  • Easy to fold and store
  • The fabric is washable which makes it easy to reuse
  • Allows the roots to breathe
What could be improved
  • Available in only one color

Bottom line

Everything about this model “screams” durability – the material is thick and sturdy, which will prolongate the usage and prevent the tearing of the grow bags.

However, the material is still breathable and the roots of the plants will benefit very much.

All in all, this is an excellent yet affordable set of best grow bags that will help you promote root health and improve the look of your indoor and outdoor plants.

3. 247Garden 5-Pack 1 Gallon Fabric Grow Bags

Although similar to the VIVOSUN model, these grow bags have a slightly different design and color.

Available in three different colors, these best grow bags will look amazing in your garden, balcony, or home.

The high-quality material will protect your plants and allow the roots to breathe without retaining excess water that can harm them.

The roots of your plants won’t circle, but they will have enough space to develop and grow.

Easy to use, reuse, and move around, 247Garden Grow Bags are just amazing! Practical handles are of great help when you need to move the grow bags somewhere else.

Another useful feature is that the containers are stable even when they’re empty, and they won’t fall as you’re transplanting – this is very useful if you’re doing it alone.

Your plants will be stronger because they will consume the nutrients much better with the healthy roots and breathable environment.

Choose one of the multiple sizes according to the size of your plants and provide the best possible conditions for them to thrive.

What we like
  • The plants will be kept warm in the winter and cooler during the summer
  • The roots will have more space to grow
  • Environmentally friendly fabric
  • Multiple sizes of the grow bags
What could be improved
  • The size might be smaller than expected

Bottom line

Simple and stylish, these five best grow bags will be a perfect addition to your garden or home design.

Not only that, but this 247Garden will also take good care of your plants’ root system and help them thrive in order to make your garden even more beautiful.

Sturdy handles, durable, and breathable material combined with the elegant design are the reasons why you need these grow bags in your garden.

4. WINNER OUTFITTERS 6-Pack 3 Gallons Grow Bags

If you decide to go with WINNER OUTFITTERS grow bags set, you will get six high-quality, durable bags that will make a fantastic environment for all your plants – both indoors and outdoors.

Not only are these best grow bags much better than plastic containers, but they also allow you to nourish your aquatic plants without worrying about their safety.

Have plants with strong and developed roots that aren’t circled but have enough space and oxygen to develop in a healthy manner and avoid transplant shock.

The fabric of the grow bags is breathable, and it doesn’t retain too much water that could kill your plants and cause mold.

For added convenience, these best grow bags feature durable, double-stitched handles.

Move the containers easily even when they’re filled with soil. There’s no risk of tearing since the fabric is very resistant.

Other than being sturdy and tear-resistant, the non-woven felt is BPA free and eco-friendly, which is even better!

Try out this fantastic set of six grow bags for a really affordable price, and you won’t be disappointed.

What we like
  • Comes in four sizes that are great for both smaller and larger plants
  • The material is tear-resistant, and it features double sewing for added durability
  • Better oxygen penetration and air circulation
  • Refund is guaranteed if you’re not happy with the product
What could be improved
  • The grow bags are a bit shorter but wider than the other models so keep in mind that for taller plants

Bottom line

This set of six incredible grow bags is an excellent choice whether you’re buying it for your own garden or as a present for a plant-lover.

Either way, both indoor and outdoor plants will noticeably change for the better and be healthier and lusher.

5. gardzen 6-Pack 1 Gallon Fabric Grow Bags

If you have problems with overwatering and if the roots of your plants don’t develop well, gardzen grow bags are the solution.

This set of 6 grow bags will provide your plants with the perfect environment that will improve their growth.

The roots will get enough oxygen thanks to the breathable fabric, and this will promote the airflow, which will result in strong and healthy roots, and, therefore, plants.

The excess water will drain, and the plants will consume the necessary nutrients much better.

That’s why these fabric grow pots are a much better solution than the plastic pots.

Although being durable and well-made, the grow bags are lightweight and can easily be folded and stored away when not in use.

The handles on the bags are also durable and tear-resistant even if you need to move the containers while the plant is inside.

Thanks to the variety of available sizes, you’ll be able to grow different kinds of vegetables, fruits, indoor plants, etc.

You’ll use these best grow bags for years, and they will still look as good as new!

What we like
  • High-quality, non-woven fleece fabric that’s washable and biodegradable
  • Set of six grow bags helps you save money
  • Stylish design and colors that look good in your garden and home
  • Handle straps are double stitched and durable
What could be improved
  • They may seem larger on the pictures than in real life

Bottom line

One of the best choices when it comes to the variety of sizes, this garden set of six fabric grow bags will make the nourishing of different kinds of plants much easier.

With the high-quality, washable material, you can expect to reuse the best grow bags in years to come with them looking as good as new each time you use them.

6. MELONFARM 5-Pack 1 Gallon Grow Bags

Prolong your plants’ lives by keeping their roots healthy and robust in these grow bags that provide beneficial air circulation.

Thanks to the excellent drainage of the excess water, your plants won’t drown, but they will consume enough nutrients to thrive.

These 1 gallon grow bags are the best option for smaller plants and flowers.

This model also comes in larger sizes, for the plants that require bigger best grow bags.

Durable material and washable fabric are the reasons why you’ll be able to use these bags for years.

Although providing great drainage, the material of MELONFARM grow bags will retain just enough moisture for your plants’ needs.

The handles on these grow bags are made of super-durable nylon.

They are sewed on the bags with the X-shaped stitching for greater durability.

This will allow you to move the best grow bags around even when they’re full without worrying about damaging them.

For easy storage, the grow bags are effortless to fold, and you can pack them in supplied storing bags that are easy to hang somewhere when you don’t use them.

What we like
  • Prevents circular root growth thanks to the air circulation through the entire grow bag
  • Easy to move around with durable handles
  • Simple and quick to fold and store away
  • Cooler in the summer, warmer in the winter
What could be improved
  • You’ll want to water the plants more often as the bags drain the excess water

Bottom line

Preventing circling roots is made so easy with this super-affordable set of five non-woven best grow bags.

You won’t have to worry about the root system because you can rest assured that, with these bags, it will be healthy.

Keep them warm during the cold period of the year and cool when the outdoor temperature is too high.

Treat your plants to the perfect environment and have them thrive before your eyes.

7. JERIA Fabric 12-Pack 3 Gallons Grow Bags

JERIA set provides you not with five, not six, but with twelve fantastic grow bags that will be more than enough to grow different kinds of plants successfully.

What stands out the most on this JERIA grow bags model are the heavy-duty, durable handles that won’t rip even when the bag is full.

The same goes for the fabric of the entire container.

While being thick enough to serve you for a long time without getting damaged, this fabric also doesn’t retain too much water but absorbs just enough for the plants to grow.

Keep in mind, however, that the plants will require more frequent watering because of that reason.

As soon as you see that the soil is dry, it’s time for watering.

The material is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, which means that you can have a lovely garden wherever you want.

The size of this model allows you to grow multiple plants without any problem.

Space and money-saving, these grow bags are an ideal choice if you happen to be on a tight budget. Even though they’re affordable, the quality is still top-notch. JERIA grow bags are also easy to fold and store when you don’t need them.

What we like
  • The fabric is thicker and more resistant than on the majority of grow bags
  • The set includes 12 grow bags – you’ll save some cash
  • There’s enough space to grow more than one plant in one bag
  • The handles are very wide and double-stitched which means they are more durable
What could be improved
  • They may seem smaller in real life

Bottom line

Perfect water drainage, premium quality material, and always necessary air circulation are only a few features of these incredible grow bags.

Provide your plants with healthy roots and keep them warm during the winter and cool during the summer with these super convenient and well-made grow bags.

8. Garden4Ever 5-Pack 1 Gallon Grow Bags

Felt material of these grow bags is a perfect environment for growing fruits and vegetables that prefer air circulation that will promote the right development of the roots (without circling).

Being washable and reusable (you’ll be able to use it for a couple of years), Garden4Ever grow bags are eco-friendly and very practical to use.

After washing them, to prevent mold, make sure they’re completely dry before storing them away for the time you need them.

The felt will successfully drain the water excess and retain the ideal amount for your plants. Keep in mind that you’ll probably need to water them more often in order to prevent underwatering.

Available in 9 sizes (1 gallon being the smallest and 30 gallons the largest set), these best grow bags are great for both shorter and taller plants.

The simple design is suitable for combining these bags with other pots and decorations in your home or garden.

As all of the already described grow bags, these ones also have durable handles that make the moving of the containers easier even when they are full.

What we like
  • Made of washable and reusable, eco-friendly felt
  • Durable but lightweight
  • Stops circling roots which prolongs the life of the plants
  • Better growth of your fruits and vegetables thanks to the oxygen penetration
What could be improved
  • The handles may be small for someone with larger hands

Bottom line

Another model of fabric pots that is available in a bunch of different sizes for different kinds of plants.

The simplistic yet classy design will blend in with the rest of your home or garden decor, allowing your plants to attract all the attention with their healthy growth.

9. VIVOSUN 5-Pack 3 Gallons Grow Bags

If you have a problem with mosquitoes and insects around your plants, this tan color will be great because it won’t attract them.

The material is thicker than the majority of best grow bags, and it is very soft while being durable.

Sturdy handles ensure convenience with use, and the fact that the bags are easy to fold means that you’ll be able to store them away without taking up too much space.

Although durable and thicker, the fabric of the bags is very breathable, and it absorbs the right amount of water without drowning your plants.

The excess water will be drained, so you will have to water the plants more often.

Nevertheless, this can be resolved by placing the saucer under the bags so that the drained water is reabsorbed, and the interval between watering is longer.

The air circulation will promote the root growth without circling, which will allow the roots to grow through the fabric, and you won’t have to transplant them right away.

These grow bags are fantastic as plant nurseries because they can develop strong roots, and you won’t have to worry about the transplant shock.

What we like
  • 300g-series grow bags are made of thicker material that’s more durable
  • The roots will be able to grow through the bag once it becomes to small for the plants – no need to take the plants out
  • The pots have a flat base that will stay stable and allow you to fill the bag by yourself
  • The color of the bags won’t attract mosquitoes and other insects
What could be improved
  • Although the color is excellent against the mosquitoes, it can get dirty quickly especially when it’s raining

Bottom line

Different from all the previous models, these tan grow bags are the best option if you have troubles with insects.

Other than being practical from that point of view, the color of these best grow bags is also super-chic and modern.

You can wash it and reuse it as many times as you want without worrying about the material – it will stay durable and tear-resistant for years!

10. VIVOSUN 50-Pack 1 Gallon Grow Bags

This model of grow bags is different from others on the list.

The square shape makes them more practical during the planting, and it can be easier to combine with other furniture or garden items.

Even though the material of these best grow bags is different than the rest of the described models, the holes on the bottom let the air in and promote circulation for a better, stronger root system.

The interior of the bag is black while the exterior is white, which helps when keeping the plants colder during summer thanks to the reflection of the material.

The material is very durable and sturdy so that you can reuse the bags in years to come.

Since the biggest bags are 5-gallons ones, this VIVOSUN model is better for small plants and root veggies such as carrots, potatoes, radishes, and similar.

Other than allowing air to circulate, the holes on the bottom are also great for the drainage of the excess water.

This will prevent the plants from drowning while keeping them moist enough to absorb the nutrients.

What we like
  • The material is reflective which will help with keeping your plants with delicate roots cold even during the summer
  • The openings on the bottom of the bags help with drainage
  • The size and the shape of the grow bags are perfect for small gardens, patios, and balconies
  • These grow bags are an ideal choice for growing vegetables
What could be improved
  • They don’t have handles

Bottom line

As you can see, this is the only model that isn’t round.

However, this kind of best grow bags is ideal for smaller gardens with shorter plants. If you dislike the fact that fabric pots drain the water even on the walls of the bags, this model is ideal for you!

Well-made and very durable, these grow bags will be your reliable gardening tool that will take care of your plants’ roots and keep them healthy and strong.

What to Look for in a Good Grow Bag

With the variety of best grow bags on the market, the logical question is, “how to choose the right one?”

As with everything gardening-related, you want to choose the fabric pot according to the plants you want to nourish and grow.

While fabric pots are more flexible and the majority of them will be the right choice for any kind of plants, you should still educate yourself on which qualities to look for in order to choose the ideal grow bags that will enhance the growth of your garden/indoor plants.

Let’s mention the essential features of good fabric pots that you should purchase and learn what to look for in a good grow bag.

1. The material of the bags

Fabric pots (aka grow bags) are usually made of felt or some sort of breathable fabric that lets air penetrate and circulate inside the soil.

Why is this important? Because the airflow will improve the healthy growth of the roots and stop them from circling.

Other than being breathable, the material needs to be very durable and tear-resistant because soil mixtures and plants get heavy, and the grow bags should be sturdy enough to survive that.

2. Pick the right size

Keep in mind that the model of the grow bags you want to buy should have a few choices when it comes to sizes.

Even though you will be able to grow multiple kinds of plants in one single grow bag, not every size will be suitable for each type of plant.

For taller plants, deeper fabric pots are a better choice, while smaller ones should be in a pot that isn’t too large because of the watering and consumption of nutrients.

3. Design

This is not an essential feature, but if you’re already growing plants and flowers, you surely want them to look beautiful, right?

Keep in mind the idea of the perfect indoor/outdoor garden or just imagine the pots next to your furniture.

Choose designs and colors that will go well and look good with the rest of the home or garden.

Neutral colors and modern, minimalistic design are always the safest choice since those go well with almost any decor.

Also, the lighter the color of the best grow bags, the less it will attract insects and mosquitoes.

So, if that’s something you’re struggling with, go with tan, white, or light gray grow bags.

4. Washability

It’s always the best option to purchase grow bags that are washable and easy to clean.

Soil mixtures can get the bags pretty dirty, and if the color is lighter, it can look very bad very quickly.

That’s why having washable grow bags can be very convenient and practical.

5. Good drainage

While being breathable, the material that fabric pots are made of also has to drain the unnecessary water perfectly, in order to prevent the drowning and molding.

As already mentioned, you will have to keep in mind that the watering of the plants will occur more often because the soil will get dry more quickly.

6. Handles

Today, almost all best grow bags on the market come with durable and stitched hands that help a lot if you want to change the place of the grow bags in the garden or house.

7. Foldability

For added convenience, purchase the grow bags that are easy and quick to fold because that can help with the storage, and it will look neat and organized when the fabric pots aren’t in use.

Benefits of Using Grow Bags

If you’re still wondering whether or not it’s a good idea to go with the grow bags instead of plastic pots, let’s list the advantages of using grow bags and encourage you to try them out!

1. Using grow bags help make the root system healthier

You’ve probably noticed when transplanting your plants from plastic pots that the roots form a circular, tangled bundle.

Circling roots can actually cause transplant shock once you take the plant out of the pot, and this is extremely damaging.

That’s why well-made fabric pots can promote the entire root system and allow your roots to develop freely without circling.

This will promote nutrient consumption and prevent transplant shock.

2. The temperature will be optimal

While containers that are made of plastic usually get too warm during summer, and that can damage your plants and make them dry, grow bags are made of material that is breathable, lets the air in and that will cool down the plants even when the outdoor temperature is high.

Also, during the colder months, the fabric pots will keep the plants’ temperature optimal thanks to the air circulation and the fabric so that they don’t freeze.

3. No risk of overwatering

Since grow bags’ material is some sort of fabric, for example fleece, the water drainage will be excellent.

All the excess water that the soil doesn’t absorb will be drained, and this will prevent overwatering your plants.

This, of course, means that you will have to water the soil more often, but that’s definitely a better option than leaving your plants to drown.

4. Grow bags are easier to pack

Since the pots made of fabric are (generally) foldable, they are much easier to store than the plastic pots that are bulky.

Also, a lot of models come with their own hanging bags that make an excellent way of organizing them and bringing them with you if needed.

5. More convenient to wash

With the variety of washable grow bags on the market, their maintenance is a piece of cake! You won’t have to stress over them getting dirty because you will be able to wash them in no-time.

Plastic pots often get scratched, and then the dirt goes into the lines and stays there because it’s very difficult to clean it. That’s why washable best grow bags are a much neater option.


Are grow bags suitable for all kinds of plants?

Yes, they are. Thankfully, today, you can find a generous number of sizes of various models of grow bags. This is very helpful and convenient because some plants are taller and larger than others, and they need a larger space to grow. While you can nourish different kinds of plants in fabric pots, make sure to choose the right width and length of the bag so that the plants’ roots have enough space to grow and develop without circling.

Can I add fertilizers in the soil mixture when growing plants in fabric pots?

Absolutely! Use any gardening soil your plants require and add fertilizers without worrying about the nutrient consumption.

Do grow bags drain the right amount of water?

The majority of grow bags will drain a good amount of water as soon as you pour it in. This is great to prevent drowning of the plants, but it does require more frequent watering. If you notice that the grow bags you have doesn’t drain enough water, or if the plants you’re nourishing need a very small amount, you can make small holes on the bottom of the grow bags and have an additional drainage spot.

Are all grow bags washable?

Although the majority is washable, make sure you find that information out before purchasing the grow bags, to avoid getting one that’s not. Washable grow bags are more convenient and can be reused and look good each time. That’s why it would be best if the model you buy can be washed without the risk of damage.

Can I grow different kinds of plants in only one grow bag?

You can. However, keep in mind that the plants you want to grow together should have the same requirements when it comes to watering, sunlight exposure, and nutrients in order to have them all thrive.

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