6 Best Fertilizer for Geraniums in 2022 – Reviews and Guide

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Geraniums are among one of the most popular flowers – they have vibrant colors and smell fantastical.

These delicate flowers can bloom during the entire year if you take proper care of them.

With the help of the right fertilizer, you will have a garden full of healthy geraniums. Here you can read about the six choices for the most popular fertilizer for geraniums and choose the one that suits you the best.

Also, there are a few tips and tricks for taking care of these stunning flowers.

Best Fertilizer for Geraniums

Here is the list of some of the best fertilizers for geraniums currently on the market!

1. Miracle-Gro Continuous Release

Manufacturer’s specs, features, and details:

If you want the fertilizer that will last you for an entire season, definitely give this one a shot!

The geraniums will grow bigger leaves with even brighter colors and your garden will look astonishing.

This fertilizer contains natural ingredients – one of the biggest advantages compared to others. These ingredients are broken down by microbes into nutrients the plant needs the most.

It also promotes the development of the roots which allows the plant to absorb more water. Of course, your garden will still need regular watering, this fertilizer is just a boost each plant needs.

Once you’ve added the fertilizer, mix it into the soil. After about three-months, add the same amount again and watch your garden blossom!

This Miracle-Gro fertilizer can be used on geraniums but also roses and many other flowers as well, allowing you to cover the entire garden with just one bottle!

  • Versatile use, suitable for different types of plants
  • Promotes the root’s growth
  • Brighter and bigger petals
  • Doesn’t require frequent re-applying
  • If not mixed into the soil, it won’t be absorbed

Bottom Line:

If you have a dying plant, definitely try this fertilizer! It has revived many damaged plants, making their petals bigger and vibrant.

Also, it will last you for a few months and you can use it for other plants besides geraniums. You won’t regret a single penny!

2. ALGOplus Geranium Liquid Fertilizer

Manufacturer’s specs, features, and details:

This fertilizer has a mixture of elements your geraniums need to blossom! It contains the right ratio of nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus as well as five trace elements these plants require to properly grow.

Also, there aren’t any harmful ingredients such as carbonate or chlorides.

ALGOplus has created a fertilizer that is completely soluble in water, without any odors or unnatural colors. With regular watering and this fertilizer as a boost, your geraniums will blossom.

This fertilizer targets the roots – the part of the plant responsible for absorbing water and other nutrients. It promotes the growth of the root and proper development, making it bigger and allowing it to absorb all of the necessary supplements.

The result is geraniums with vibrant petals!

  • It can be used on other plants, besides geraniums
  • Liquid fertilizer that can penetrate the soil
  • Great ratio of potassium, nitrogen and phosphorus
  • Non-toxic and odorless
  • Pricier than other fertilizers

Bottom Line

If you were looking for a fertilizer that will make your organic garden blossom, this is a great choice!

It has all of the elements your geraniums need to blossom. Also, it is non-toxic and eco-friendly, without any unpleasant smells or coloring.

3. Miracle-Gro All Purpose Food

Manufacturer’s specs, features, and details:

Another Miracle-Gro fertilizer that will amaze you!

Your geraniums need enough sunlight, water, and proper nutrients to grow and blossom. This fertilizer is making sure they are getting all of the required supplements.

It can be dissolved in water or applied directly without any unwanted effects. For the best results, make sure to reapply at least every two weeks.

This fertilizer can be used on different types of plants – geraniums, roses, fruits, vegetables, or herbs. Big packing will last you an entire season and amazing ingredients will result in the biggest leaves and brighter flowers.

  • Easy to use
  • Repairs damaged plants
  • Multipurpose
  • No burns if used directly
  • It may attract unwanted insects

Main Features

  • It instantly feeds to develop more extensive and more beautiful plants than unfed plants because it is full of necessary nutrients.
  • Use a Miracle-Gro Garden Feeder or any other watering can.
  • For all types of flowers, vegetables, trees, bushes, and houseplants.
  • When used according to the instructions, this product is entirely safe for all plants.
  • Ideal for all kinds of plants, whether they’re indoor or outdoor.
  • Use as advised, and you’re guaranteed not to burn any plants.

Bottom Line

If you are looking for an effective fertilizer that you can use on other plants besides geraniums, try this one!

It has a powerful formula that is great for growing plants and reviving unfed plants.

4. Osmocote Smart-Release Plant Food

Manufacturer’s specs, features, and details:

Osmocote’s fertilizer contains eleven powerful nutrients every plant needs! You will have a garden full of healthy geraniums with big leaves and vibrant petals.

This great fertilizer can be used for up to six months and the results are amazing. It is suitable not only for geraniums but other flowers as well.

Also, you can use it in all conditions – if you are growing your plants inside, this is a great way to deliver all of the needed nutrients.

It can be used directly just make sure to mix it into soil! Water is dissolving the coating and allowing nutrients to leave the resin. The amount of released supplements is determined by temperature – in warmer weather, more supplements are delivered.

  • More nutrients delivered in growing periods
  • Soluble in water or used directly
  • Suitable for different growing conditions
  • Suitable for different plants
  • Leaves plastic balls in the soil

Main Features

  • Eleven important nutrients are included in this formula.
  • It’s effective with a wide range of plant species and cultivation circumstances.
  • It provides six months’ worth of support for the facility.
  • When utilized correctly, the plant will not burn.

Bottom Line

This is one of the best smart-release fertilizers available.

You can use it for different types of plants and even during the winter for your indoor plants. It is worth every penny!

5. J R Peters Jacks Classic Fertilizer

Manufacturer’s specs, features, and details:

Your geraniums will magnificent with the help of this Jack’s Classic fertilizer.

It has a powerful ratio of most needed nutrients and promotes the growth of the flowers.

Also, this amazing formula is great for fruits, vegetables and other types of plants!

Roots are bigger, penetrating deeper and absorbing all of the required supplements which results in flowers with brighter colors and bigger leaves.

This fertilizer can be used for indoor and outdoor plants which makes it suitable for all growing conditions.

  • Can be used for geraniums and other flowers and plants
  • 1:3:2 ratio of nutrients with micronutrients
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor plants
  • Results in brighter and bigger flowers
  • It may cause fungi if not applied properly

Bottom Line

This fertilizer has the best ratio of the most important nutrients. Thanks to the great formula you can expect bright petals, green leaves and healthy geraniums!

Also, you can use it to feed other plants as well – fruits, vegetables, roses and others.

6. Jobe’s Plants Fertilizer Spikes

Manufacturer’s specs, features, and details:

If you want a garden filled with healthy flowers, all of the supplements should be delivered directly to the roots.

Jobe’s Fertilizer Spikes is doing just that! It feeds the roots and the result is a healthy plant with vibrant colors.

It has a slow-release, feeding the plant for up to eight weeks. Frequent reapplying isn’t necessary and just one bag can last you for a few months and feed the entire garden.

Also, spikes are making sure the fertilizer doesn’t disintegrate and doesn’t create any mess.

  • Easy to use
  • Amazing formula suitable for different plants
  • Feeding the plant for eight-weeks
  • Directly feeding the roots
  • They may be difficult to insert

Main Features

  • Insertion of fertilizer into the soil prevents runoff of waste.
  • Nutrients are released slowly.
  • There are formats available with variable NPK.
  • No mixing is required, making it quick to use.
  • An incredible plant-friendly recipe.
  • For eight weeks, you must feed the plant.
  • Feeding the roots directly.

Bottom Line

This fertilizer is making sure your plants get what they need and the results are amazing!

One bag is enough to cover the entire garden and it will last you an entire season. You can even use it for the potted plants.

Thanks to the slow-release, it is saving your time.

Which Fertilizer is the Best for Geraniums

Geraniums have vivid petals in different colors: red, orange and purple. If you want your geraniums to develop into bright flowers it is essential to find the right fertilizer.

The best fertilizers are the ones that are directly feeding the roots and enriching the soil with various nutrients.

It should contain many potassium, nitrogen, phosphorus, magnesium and other essential elements.

If you have a large garden, you can use an all-purpose fertilizer. These usually have the same amount of nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus.

Your indoor geraniums are easier to take care of – the good potting mix is usually enough for their proper growth.

Also, it is important to mix the fertilizer into the soil – placing it only on the top layer of soil won’t have any results. Remember, roots are absorbing these supplements and it is important to mix the fertilizer a few inches into the soil.

All of the above-mentioned criteria are usually met by liquid fertilizers. Most of them have a great ratio of said nutrients and usually, they are soluble in water.

Once you dissolve them in water, just water the plants close to the ground.

Also, many liquid fertilizers can be used directly. Because of their structure, they are easily absorbed by soil and supplements are quickly delivered to the soil.

Our recommendation for a good liquid fertilizer is ALGOplus liquid fertilizer. It can be used in all growing conditions and on different types of plants. Even though you will spend a few more bucks, the outcome is stunning and it is worth every penny!

How often Geraniums Require Fertilizing?

Fertilize Geraniums

These flowers require your attention! Of course, with the right choice of fertilizer, you won’t have to spend as much time in the garden.

Geraniums require more nutrients the more they grow. Fully developed geraniums should be fertilized once a month.

If you choose the slow-release fertilizer, you can skip these monthly fertilizations. These are truly time-savers!

Also, there are numerous smart fertilizers on the market. These release a different amount of supplements based on the temperature.

Summer and spring, when temperatures are higher, more nutrients are released and you will have to reapply the fertilizer more frequently. In contrast, in winter, the growth of the plant is slower and it won’t need as much fertilizer.

In the end, you should always follow the instructions on the bag. By following the instructions, great results are guaranteed.

How to Fertilize Geraniums?

These flowers are easy to care for – that is probably why many gardeners love geraniums!

However, even low-maintenance plants require time and proper care.

Geraniums can properly grow with just good soil. Because they need regular watering, the soil should hold water. Also, it should be already rich in nutrients.

Adding fertilizer can enrich the soil even more and deliver even better results.

For geraniums, the best fertilizers are liquid ones. These should contain the essential elements and be soluble in water.

Also, always go for organic fertilizers and the ones that won’t cause any damage if applied directly.

Another type is dry fertilizers and these should also be soluble in water.

Dry fertilizers have to be properly mixed into the soil. They usually contain a 10:10:10 ratio of supplements and by mixing it into the soil you are allowing the roots to reach them.

The problem that may occur is over-fertilizing. This can be avoided by choosing one of the slow-release fertilizers.

Fertilizer spikes can solve the problem of over-fertilizing also!

In the end, the amount of nutrients and their ratio is the most important feature. Before you decide to buy one of the fertilizers, test the soil and determine which supplement it lacks the most.

Additional Geranium Fertilizer FAQs:

  • When should you fertilize geraniums?

At the time of planting, add a slow-release fertilizer to the soil in planting beds and pots. Apply a second coat by the directions on the label. Geraniums are commonly fed with a liquid fertilizer every 14 to 20 days, beginning four weeks after planting.

  • Do geraniums like coffee grounds?

They prefer the taste of the coffee grounds. Simply keep a few of your used coffee grounds, sprinkle them on top of the soil, and then water your plant as usual. Geraniums and Peace Lily plants, in particular, are coffee-crazy.

  • How do I make my geranium bushy?

A geranium needs to be clipped firmly at least once a year to keep it compact and bushy and to avoid it becoming lanky. The more often you prune your geranium, the better it will preserve its attractive form.

  • Is Miracle Gro a good fertilizer for geraniums?

When you seek a simple remedy that may be used straight on your plants, you’re welcome to have Miracle-Gro Shake N Feed. This is an easy-to-use 12-4-8 NPK fertilizer that can feed up to three months of your geraniums.