Best Self-Watering Spikes

Best Plant Watering Spikes For 2022 – Reviews and Guide

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Are you traveling a lot? You have a busy work schedule, but you enjoy having plants in your home and beautiful garden in your backyard.

Self-watering systems may be the best solution for you.

Keep your plants fresh even when you’re not home to take care of them.

This is also a great choice if you are forgetful and you worry that you could forget to water your plants.

Best Plant Watering Spikes

Let’s talk about 6 (currently) the best self watering spikes on the market!

QUICK OVERVIEW: Best Plant Watering Spikes

Blumat Automatic
  • Fast and simple set-up
  • Durable material
LULI Watering Spikes
  • Adjustable water flow
  • Eco-friendly
Terracotta Water Spikes
  • Slow Release Watering
  • Easy to use

1. Blumat Automatic Plant Watering System

Blumat Automatic Plant Watering System

Best overall quality, and good capacity

Blumat spikes are made of high-quality ceramic material, and they will keep your houseplants fresh for a long time (14 days approximately). The set-up is so fast and simple! Use any standard 1L or 2L bottle, cut or drill its bottom and screw it on the previously soaked stakes. The stakes should be in the water for 15 minutes before the setup.

Once the bottle is connected to the adapter, fill it with water, place it next to the plant and let it take good care of your plants when you’re unable to do it.This system will ensure your plants aren’t underwatered, but they also won’t be too swamped as that can be bad for plants.

Once the soil is wet, the Blumant adapter closes the water flow. It will water your plants only when the soil is dryer than it should be. Usually, a liter of water can last you up to 14 days, so if you use two litres of water, you can peacefully go on a vacation or a longer business trip, without worrying about your plants.

  • Fast and simple set-up
  • The long-lasting, durable material
  • Won’t over or underwater your plants
  • None so far

Bottom line

Anytime you have to be away from your home, these spikes will take care of your houseplants. The high-quality material has got you covered for months and years to come, so you can relax and enjoy your trips without worries.

2. LULI Plant Watering Spikes

LULI Plant Waterer Spikes

12 PCS, good quality

This incredible product will keep your plants and vegetables fresh and healthy with the right amount of water.

The adjustable valve is the best solution for controlling the flow rate so it can be adjusted to the plant’s needs since every plant requires a different amount of water. With the slow drip, the water can last up to 15 days, which is great for those days when you have to be away from home and need a good solution for watering your plants and garden. The installation of these spikes is as simple as with the previous model.

Choose any plastic bottle with the 2.8cm inner diameter, such as Coca-Cola, Pepsi or Aquafina bottle, cut the bottom and attach the bottle to the spike. Made of ABS plastic, this product is both eco-friendly and durable since you can recycle all the plastic bottles and thanks to the material of the spikes, you will be able to reuse it for 30 years.

This device will help you water not only your houseplants but also the vegetables in your garden, so they are always fresh and healthy. You can even use a water dissolving fertilizer to make your vegetables grow better.

  • Adjustable water flow
  • Eco-friendly purpose and material
  • Saves you time and water
  • The water outlet may get blocked if the used fertilizer doesn’t dissolve in the water

Bottom line

Choose between slow and fast water drip and adjust the watering of your plants and garden while you’re away, but also if you want to make sure they get the right amount of water even while you’re at home. This easy to use, convenient product will help you take care of your plants properly and without stress.

3. Terracotta Water Spikes (8-Pack)

Terracotta Water Spikes (8-Pack)

Best offer, 8 in a pack

This Terracotta pack of eight spikes is a great solution when you have to be away from home for a long time and need something reliable to take care of your flowers and plants.

These spikes will water your plants up to two weeks so you can enjoy your holiday without worrying about dry and damaged plants once you come back. It’s a nice solution even for those who will be home but are afraid they may forget to water the houseplants.

The spikes are easy to install, and it will take only a few seconds. You will need wine bottles with a long neck (or plastic bottles). It fits most standard beer, wine or liquor bottles. A lot of those bottles are very stylish so choose the one you like the most. Fill it with water or vitamin blend, and set the previously soaked spike on its top.

Place it securely next to the plant and go on your vacation carefree, knowing your plants will stay fresh and healthy. The durable, long-lasting material won’t break, and it will serve you for years, keeping your flowers and soil moist for more than ten days. You can easily put vitamin blends in the water, so your plants grow stronger and faster.

  • Durable, long-lasting material
  • Keeps your plants watered up to two weeks
  • Easy and quick to set-up
  • Water flow might be a bit slow, so use 2 spikes

Bottom line

If you’re searching for good-quality spikes that will be both useful and simple to use, while being stylish and looking good next to your beloved plants and flowers, these BriteNway spikes are one of the very best on the market. Keep your plants green and healthy every day for many years.

4. Lonfenner Automatic Watering Device

Lonfenner Automatic Watering Device

Easiest to use

This Lonfenner set is the perfect choice if you need a good solution for watering your indoor garden if you are away, or just forgetful. It will keep your flowers in great shape and your plants green and lush.

You will get everything you need for a perfectly watered garden – 6 plastic spray nozzles that are adjustable, environmentally friendly, and made of PP plastic. Spikes are16.5cm long, 5.5cm wide and 30mm in diameter.

The installation will be done in no time – it can be installed by hand, and you can use it with any bottle you find – Coca Cola, Pepsi, wine bottles- you name it!

You won’t need tools for the installation. This watering system will be almost unnoticeable. It can water your plants up to 10 days! Of course, you can use it both indoor and outdoor!

  • Even flow
  • No tools required
  • Fast install
  • You might need to adjust the drip a bit more often, which some find annoying

Bottom line

Having a nice and lush garden requires a lot of work and time. A watering system like this one will make your life easier, and it will allow you to enjoy the beauty of your little oasis without worrying about if it is getting enough water – it will take care of it for you. Your only job will be to set it up and think about new plants and flowers to add to your green heaven.

5. Terracotta Spikes (4-Pack)

Terracotta Spikes (4-Pack)

Best quality terracotta clay

These affordable self-watering spikes are made of terracotta clay, and they will release water slowly as soon as the soil becomes dry. 4 in a pack, they will last for years.

If your plants require a lot of water, push the stake into the soil as much as you can but avoid burying it. Stick it slightly above the ground to avoid the soil getting in and clogging it. If your plants are fine with a little water, push the stake halfway or less.

The spikes are very easy to use:

  1. Dig a hole in the soil for the spike;
  2. Insert the watering spike gently;
  3. Connect the bottle, previously filled with water, with the stake. Any long neck wine or plastic bottle will fit these spikes.

They are perfect to use when going on a vacation or a longer business trip. Since 1L of water can last up to 10 days, they will keep your flowers and plants in great shape while you’re away. The special design and terracotta material will make sure your plants aren’t over or underwatered so you can enjoy your holiday while they are becoming greener and stronger.

  • Made of natural and eco-friendly material
  • No over or underwatering
  • Fits most of the long neck wine and plastic bottles
  • The spikes are a bit fragile, especially when it’s wet

Bottom line

You won’t have to worry about your plants when you’re away from home for more than a week since these spikes will make sure that they get enough water. Your only job will be to install the spikes according to your plants’ needs and let them do their job keeping your flowers and houseplants healthy and hydrated.

6. Plastic Plant Watering Spikes (12-Pack)

These spikes are made of durable, ABS plastic that is eco-friendly and won’t release any poisonous chemicals or harm your plants. Thanks to the high-quality material, they will serve you for more than a year which is great considering that other spikes last much shorter.

This system is so easy to use, so even if you don’t have any experience with a product like this one, you will be able to install it quickly and easily. All you need are wine bottles or plastic ones (with a 2.8cm diameter mouth) that you will need to drill or cut at the bottom for better control of the flow.

Put the bottle in the spike and adjust the speed of the flow with the regulating valve. You can choose between slow and fast speed of dripping water according to the time you’ll be away, so your plants are always watered perfectly, without the excess of the water.

The product is great for both indoor and outdoor plants. You can easily use it in patio plants, potted plants, hanging baskets, desk pots etc. It will keep your plants hydrated everywhere, and the durable plastic won’t break even if the soil is a bit harder.

  • Practical and easy to use
  • Releases the right amount of water
  • Made of eco-friendly material
  • It may not be your favorite design or color but it can always be hidden behind the plant

Bottom line

With a product like this one, you won’t have to worry about your plants while you’re on your vacation because you can be sure they will get the right amount of water. These plant spikes will make taking care of your plants easier and simpler – install them in no time and enjoy the beauty of your healthy and green plants.

What To Look For In Good Self Watering Spikes

As you can see, there are a lot of options on the market when it comes to self-watering stakes. You should pay attention to a few characteristics when choosing the best one for your plants. Some of the most important features are:

1. Water flow

Every plant is different and requires a different amount of water. It’s important to know your plants and their need in order to choose the best water spikes for them. A lot of people prefer the spikes with the valve that gives you the option to choose between slow and fast water flow according to the plants’ needs and the time you’re going to be away from home.

2. Material

You should choose spikes that are made of eco-friendly material, and that won’t release toxic chemicals into the soil of your plants since that can damage and dry them out. The material should be durable if you want the spikes to be reusable for a long time.

3. Diameter

The spikes you buy should be able to fit most of the standard plastic or glass bottles in order to be practical. Everyone wants to reuse their plastic bottles since that’s important for the environment. Self-watering spikes are one of the most practical ways to do it, so make sure the bottles will fit.

4. Versatility

If you need something to water your garden and houseplants, choose the spikes that can be used both indoors and outdoors for better convenience. Choose the spikes that are easy to install in your plant pots, but also in your garden.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do watering spikes work?

Of course, watering spikes are an excellent solution for forgetful gardeners. Their role is to provide a slow and steady intake of water right to the roots. With them, there’s no risk of overwatering, so your plant will remain happy and healthy.

How do terracotta watering spikes work?

You need to soak them in the water and keep them submerged for approximately 15 minutes. Of course, before you do that, make sure the tops are removed. As the spikes fill with water, you may notice tiny bubbles. They can last between 2 and 4 weeks, depending on the type and the capacity.

How do self-watering pots work?

Those are small containers filled with water, and they act as reservoirs. The water drips slowly, ensuring a constant influx of water for your plant. As long as they are filled with water, your plant receives the precious liquid continuously.

Do self-watering planters cause root rot?

While in the majority of situations they won’t, it’s important to note that they are not recommended for all species of plants. Namely, you shouldn’t use them for those who need to have the soil dried out completely between two watering sessions. Those are succulents, and orchids, for example.

Do self-watering globes work?

Yes, they do. Self-watering globes have the same role as the watering spikes, to ensure a constant influx of water to your plants. Overall conditions will impact how long will it take for a globe to get empty. On average, the water lasts between one to two weeks.

Final Thoughts

There are a lot of different types of self-watering systems, such as watering plastic or watering globes, self-watering containers and pots, and other automatic watering systems, but the most popular type is the self-watering spike. This system is one of the simplest ways to keep your indoor and outdoor plants healthy and hydrated.

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