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Cutest Planters For Indoor Garden 2022

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When it comes to choosing the cutest planters for indoor garden, is it a complicated task? Not at all, as it’s the pleasure that motivates us to dedicate our time to gardening.

We have picked the most unique and charming ones we could find, all with the idea to match as many preferences as possible.

Just so to note, besides creative design, we paid special attention both on durability and practicality. Without further ado, here’s the list!

Cutest Planters For Indoor Garden

Here is the list of the breathtaking cutest planters for your indoor garden!

1. Ceramic succulent pot with bamboo tray

Ceramic succulent pot with bamboo tray

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Are you looking for ultimately cute pots for your even cuter succulents? Made of top-quality clay, these small white plant containers are suitable not only for succulents but for herbs and cacti as well. Having a small drain hole at the bottom, this well-decorated ceramic planter will make an excellent detail on your office table, windowsill, or wherever you decide to place them.

Such a charming 2.7-inch planter will make a magnificent gift for any special occasion, such as a birthday, anniversary, and similar. Rich in colors and with wonderful glazing,  these cute planters will certainly give your place more warmness. An important detail to point out is that they don’t come with a plant.

Extra tip: This adorable white container with elegant blue patterns comes with a bamboo tray.

2. TIMEYARD jute rope flower basket

TIMEYARD jute rope flower basket

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If you are looking for a rustic yet modern container for your plants, this handcrafted one, made of natural material would be quite a suitable choice. Sewn in a coiling method for added flexibility, it holds the shape upon placing the pot inside, without twisting and turning. This magnificent 11×11 basket works perfectly with various types of cylinder flower containers, such as grow bags, ceramic or plastic pots, adding more charm and uniqueness to their look.

Such a handmade detail will inevitably add a modern flair to your favorite containers, making them look remarkable. Being equipped with practical handles makes transportation quite simple. When not in use, these cute planters won’t occupy lots of space, just fold it and that’s it! Being manually painted means each of them is of individual design with slight variations.

Cleaning this one is more than simple. All you need is cool water, baking soda, and a toothbrush. Scrub it gently so to avoid damaging it, rinse it well, and it’s all done. Just so to mention, plants or containers are not included.

Extra tip: Besides being a useful pot holder, this multipurpose eco-friendly bag has several practical uses. It can serve fine as a storage bin for office supplies, veggies, fruits, toys and so on.

3. Greenaholics cylindrical pot with a drainage hole

Greenaholics cylindrical pot with a drainage hole

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Simple but effective, this tiny blue mandala container is more than a suitable choice for herbs, cacti, and succulents as well. Baked with the higher temperature this sturdy yet delicate kaolin pot is will be an ultimately decorative detail to make your home look even lovelier.

Each pack includes two of these cute planters as well as two charming bamboo trays. If you are looking for a memorable gift for people who are into planting, this 3-inch pot can be a fine choice for any occasion, be it a birthday, holiday, anniversary. Cleaning this one is a piece of cake- just wash it!

Extra tip: Have in mind that patterns are manually stitched, which means there’s an extremely small overlapping line. Note that this cannot be avoided.

4. Ceramic black white container

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Made of highest quality clay, baked in high temperature this 2.5-inch mini pot is just the refreshing detail you’ve been looking for. With a small hole in the bottom, it makes a perfect choice for succulents, cacti or any other smaller house plant.

Be it garden, living room, bookshelf or any other location, this charming pot will make quite a fine decoration. Such a petite container will also add a touch of warmness to the office, restaurant or any other place. If you are looking for a symbolic gift for your dear ones who are into plants, this is the thing! These cute planters do not come with any of the plants.

Extra tip: If you are not quite into plants, but still want to have one of those, have no worries, they can be an excellent and practical pen or candy containers.

5. Swan-shaped ceramic planter

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Are you looking for a miniature detail to give some special touch to your home? How about swan-shaped pots for your favorite cacti or succulent? This ceramic white pot has a drainage hole in the bottom, which means your plants will be able to beath without any problems.

Being handmade implies there may be some slight imperfections in painting, but that’s what makes it perfect and unique, right? It’s a fine choice for people who love both plants and animals. Modest in design and coloration, this white pot makes a great present. Do know that neither plants nor trays come with it.

Extra tip: The package includes 2 cute planters, which means you can accommodate a pair of the most favorite plants of yours.

6. Brown plant stand

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Made of handcrafted beech wood, this elegant planter stand is minimalistic in design. Inspired by classic mid-century style, it matches a variety of styles and decors. Due to its practical shape, it fits perfectly even in corners. Being 10-inch high, it makes accommodated plants an eye-catching detail. Suitable for a multitude of cylindrical containers, you can put either brass, metal or cement planter, as you will.

All of them will go perfectly with this practical stand. In addition to this, being a durable and study item is easy to assemble within just several minutes. This excellent combination of contemporary design and high emphasized functionality makes it an ideal gift both for you and your beloved ones. No plants or pots come with the stand.

Extra tip: The installation goes as follows- stand it up and insert the crossbar in the notch. Then twist the screw into the hole of the planter and tighten it up.

7. ZOUTOG mini planter pot

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These tiny round cute planters are all about simplicity. Made of ceramics, this plain white container with a hole at the bottom comes with bamboo draining trays. Modern in design, they are just the necessary decorative touch to refresh your office or home.

They are an excellent choice for succulents and cacti which do not require excessive nurturing. This idyllic and creative item with its balanced look brings elegance to your home. Moreover, it makes quite a lovely gift for those you care about. When it comes to cleaning, there are no special troubles. All it takes is washing, and they are as good as new.

Extra tip: The set includes four pots and four trays, which means four of your most favorite plants will get a new place to live in.

8. Ceramic flowing glaze pot

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How about the set of the most adorable black and white planters for your beloved succulents? Whichever sort of tiny plants you opt for, be they succulents, cacti or any other herbs, they will look quite perfect in this clay containers of top quality.

Rich in colors, with wonderful glazing and the classical look is what makes these 2.5-inch pots so remarkable. The easy-matching design is their greatest virtue, as they can be an excellent gift for all those who have special feelings for plants. Be it balcony, windowsill or office desk, these breathtaking containers with your favorite plants will enchant you with their adorable design.

Extra tip: The set includes 6 charming plants, without trays or plants.

9. Owl ceramic containers with a hole

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Is there a more unique way to make your home look special than adorning it with the loveliest owl-pots? Being an ultimately refreshing detail, these modern and innovative containers represent a perfect combination of creativity and practicality.

Beautifully glazed and crafted of ceramics, these 2.5-inch pots will make you fall in love with their cuteness. Besides making an ideal little home for a plethora of plants or even a bonsai tree, they are actually suitable for a variety of purposes. The only limit is your imagination. This small token of appreciation will definitely be among the most memorable present for avid planters.

Extra tip: Do have in mind that colors may slightly vary due to items being handcrafted. The set includes six pots without plants or decoration.

10. Tiny Groot Flowerpot

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If by any chance, Guardians of the Galaxy happen to be your favorite movie and you love plants, we have just the thing for you! Behold the most unique flower Groot-shaped container which will definitely become the most prominent decoration at your home.

Made of PVC and with a drainage hole, this unusual and charming item will make your place look more vibrant. The 2.5-inch pot is the perfect accommodation for smaller plants or herbs of various kinds. Its grayish brown color and detailed texture give it a natural look. Wherever you locate it,  be it garden, home or office, it will pull a smile on your face immediately.

Extra tip: This baby Groot adorable container is multifunctional. Besides for plants, you can use it for storing pens, candies, coins, or some other smaller items.

11. Girl-shaped container for home

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Cartoony in design, these girl-shaped pots will enchant you with their modest yet effective look. Making sure the plants will breathe properly, they have a small hole at the bottom for adequate drainage. Being hand-painted, they may vary in coloration and details, but that’s what gives them a personal note and a touch of uniqueness.

Made of resin, they are durable and simple to maintain and clean. Whichever plant you put inside, it will definitely become the most decorative item around. It’s more than a suitable gift for occasions of all kinds, as it looks memorable and adorable, and what’s even better-practical.

Extra tip: There are four containers in a set, but no trays are included.

12. Ceramic decoration pots

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If you want to add a touch of wisdom to your plants, there’s no better way to do so, but putting them in owl-shaped pots. Be it windowsill, office desk, or any other place of your choice, these mini containers will become the detail that attracts the attention of spectators.

Made of ceramics and glazed, they are quick and simple to maintain. Succulents, cacti, small plants, you name it- they will feel peaceful and well-accommodated in such a lovely container. Being hand painted means they may vary in coloration and patterns, but that’s what makes them unique, after all. Creative in design, these useful pots make the perfect gift for all those who adore owls.

Extra tip: There are 6 pots in the pack, without plants of containers.

13. Owl pots with holder

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If it’s to judge things by the current trend, owls seem to be conquering the stage. With that having said, plant containers are only expected. If you are looking for an owl-themed home for your favorite plants, this 3-piece set with 3 tier bamboo saucers arranged as a practical stand might be the thing. With ceramic containers and bamboo stand, it looks ultimately natural. Although simple in design and coloration, it’s a highly effective and eye-catching detail.

Be it the living room, dining room, bookshelf or elsewhere, it’s a suitable gift for all the owl fans. Drainage hole at the bottom puts you at rest as the plants will be able to breathe well. The lovely installation can serve fine for some of the purposes, making an ultimately remarkable and refreshing decoration.

Extra tip: The set comes as disassembled, you need to put it together. But, it comes with instruction and tools so you can have it done in several minutes.

14. HOMENOTE mini plant pots

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With unique hexagonal design and vivid gradient coloration, these mini containers will make your windowsill or desk look refreshingly vibrant. Burned at high temperature, these ceramic containers with drainage hole come in six colors: pink, blue, green, grey, yellow and red. Wherever you accommodate them, the sturdy and durable 3-inch pots will add a nice touch of creativity.

It’s an excellent choice for all those who are looking for a simple yet colorful solution for their most beloved plants. Such an elegant container will reflect your refined taste. Do have in mind that they can serve for other purposes, with creativity being the only limit to determine the usage.

Extra tip: Six planters, as well as 6 bamboo trays, are included in the package.

15. Aura housewarming home decor

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Wanna have a dash of the sea at your very own home? How about a lovely extravagant set of four tillandsia air plants with the most unique assorted sea urchin shells? Though of exotic origin, these adorable plants are of low maintenance. Making powerful air purifiers, they will make your home or office a healthier place, improving the quality of your life.

What makes air plants so outstanding is that they live without potting soil. They absorb the water and nutrients from the air, which means they can live in the harshest conditions. Modern and raw in design, they look both natural and sophisticated, which makes it suitable for all types of decoration. They have the power to beautify any space, which makes them a perfect present for the dearest ones.

Extra tip: You can even accommodate these cuties in a terrarium, adding a special touch of uniqueness to it. The set includes four of them.

16. Modern marbling container

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Made of top-notch quality clay and baked in high temperatures, these sturdy marble pots will add a dash of modern vibrations to your place, wherever you place them. The petite containers, contemporary and effective in design, look attractive and breath-taking. Being durable, they will make a long-time home for your favorite cacti and succulents.

The perfect balance between usefulness and loveliness makes them suitable present for all those who are into plants. These 2.5-inch ceramic pots, being handcrafted may have some small variations in coloration, which gives them a special touch of warmness and originality. Maintenance of these lovely marbling containers is more than simple.

Extra tip: These charming pots can also be used for various purposes, such as miniature gardens or dollhouses, making it possible for you to create your own fairy realm.

17. Japanese style blue waves planters

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If you want to bring a slight touch of Japan to your home, this small ceramic pot will make a perfect home for your succulents, herbs, or cacti. Being modest in design with unique wavy blue patterns, they will make any windowsill or desk look refreshing and charming. With a drainage hole on the bottom, your plants will breathe without problems.

Packed with bamboo tray, with grid-pad included, this adorable set will be an excellent gift for all those who are into plants. Easy matching style of this high-quality pots makes them easy to combine with any style and any furniture. Cleaning can be done within just several minutes.

Extra tip: The lovely container doesn’t come with a plant, it’s up to you to to get one.

18. Claywa owl pots

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Owl, as a symbolic representation for wisdom, can be found as a decoration in a plethora of items. Plant containers are no exception to that. With six owls of various sizes, shapes, and colors, you will have more than an excellent home for your favorite plants. Made of ceramic, these non-glazed pots, though just items have a strong personality.

Drainage hole at the bottom will enable proper breathing, making your plants live for a long time. These artistic solutions will definitely be among the most eye-catching details at your home, enchanting you and any other visitors with their originality. Their unique look will serve as an excellent reminder for watering.

Extra tip: This 6-piece set with mesh-pads can be filled with various small items, making it a perfect decoration of breathtaking design.

19. Youfui flower pot

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If you are looking for a perfect match of simplicity and practicality to adorn your home, this set is just the thing. With a stand made of bamboo and ceramic pots, this modern set makes a perfect home for the most beloved plants. Though highly elegant, this set is actually quite affordable. Sturdy and cute, they are easy to maintain and accommodate.

With three different levels, it will give a tiny touch of dynamic wherever you place it. Its natural look is what makes this one the best choice, as it goes well with any style and decoration, be it contemporary or traditional.  This charming pot has multiple purposes- it works fine even as a candle holder!

Extra tip: The product doesn’t feature a drainage hole and it doesn’t come with a plant for soil.

20. Ceramic plant container with bamboo tray

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Raw but remarkable in design, this container has a drainage hole at the bottom so that your plants can breathe well. Be it windowsill, office desk or any other place, it will give the needed touch of freshness to wherever you accommodate it. Thos 2.75 inch ceramic pot will enchant you with its elegant look and effective coloration.

It’s the simplicity that makes this one so attractive.  Whether for yourself or those you love, this will be quite a nice token of appreciation both for those who are just getting started and for experienced gardeners. In addition to this, the item is easy to maintain.

Extra tip: The container comes with a lovely bamboo tray, but doesn’t include any plant.

Final Thoughts

We really hope or guide was of help to you. As you can see, all of the chosen models vary in style, coloration, and design, which helps you find the one you like without any major problems. Whichever you pick, be sure that they will make your place look refreshing and natural, giving it a touch of uniqueness. With such a charming little home, be sure that your plants will be equally content.

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