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Best Herb Drying Rack in 2022 – Reviews and Guide

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Some herbs are very easy to dry, and they don’t mold at all. Other plants, however, are difficult to dry and maintain without brown spots and mold appearing. This will depend on the way you’re drying herbs.

You should keep them in darker places with enough air to circulate through their leaves. When they’re dry (usually after two weeks), you can store them in jars and use them whenever you want. They will preserve their flavor and medicinal characteristics.

One of the best ways to do it is on a herb drying rack which we have arrange in order of best for your consideration.

Best Drying Rack for 2022

Let’s mention some of the very best herb drying racks:

Herb Drying Rack Net 4 Layer (31.5″x24″)

This herb drying rack is one of the best drying racks for herbs. It’s made of high-quality material – mesh that is eco-friendly and breathable. The structure is made of durable steel which makes this product very sturdy.

The fabric is waterproof which is very important since your herbs should be in a completely dry place if you don’t want any mold on them. The design is also great for keeping the insects and birds away from your herb garden.

It has zippers that you should close when you’re done adding fresh herbs, so they are protected and can dry safely and evenly. The loop on the top of the rack is a nice feature for hanging it for better drying. It has four levels, and it’s really big.

You will be able to dry large amounts of oregano, flowers, and other fresh herbs too.

This herb drying rack is foldable, and it can be easily packed in the bag that you’ll get with the product – it actually comes packed in this bag. This is very convenient when you want to travel and need to bring your drying rack with you. It’s easy and quick to set up so you can start drying herbs in no time.

Place it wherever you want, and you won’t have to worry about the mold, insects, and other things that are bad for your herbs.

What we like
  • Breathable material
  • Easy to carry around
  • Closed and protected
  • Sturdy and waterproof
What could be improved
  • May bounce out of the bag a bit aggressively so be careful when opening it

Bottom line

This herb drying rack will dry your herbs quickly and evenly keeping them safe from birds, insects, and humidity. Conserve all of the herbs you need for cooking, healing, and decoration by drying them in this high-quality, sturdy drying rack.

HYDGOOHO 2, 4, or 6 Layered Herb Drying Rack

This modernly designed drying rack is made of durable and sturdy material. It has 3 options to pick from – two, four, or eight layers which have a big diameter (60cm), and even in the smallest one, it can still fit a large number of drying herbs at the same time.

The rack is completely closed, and your herbs will be protected from strong wind, insects, and birds. The high-quality zippers are there to allow you to place the herbs inside the rack.

The rack is foldable and, like the previous one, it can be packed in the bag that’s included. You can easily store it away once you’re done drying herbs and flowers.

It’s so convenient and practical. You can adjust the loop, and you also get a hook for easier setup.

This net is great for keeping your herbs dry and without mold that can ruin them. The air will circulate slowly and dry the herbs evenly. You should hang the rack 5.5ft off the floor for better results.

What we like
  • Large compartments
  • High-quality net
  • Completely closed and secure
What could be improved
  • None so far

Bottom line

This attractive drying rack not only looks very nice but also does a great job of keeping your herbs safe and dry, insect-free, and safe from birds. The high-quality fabric is durable, and you’ll be able to dry your herbs in it for years to come.  

Apollo Horticulture 2ft 8 Layer

Another spacious drying rack in a convenient vertical position, great for saving space and drying a lot of herbs at the same time. It has eight layers that are perfect for drying various types of herbs.

It’s 152cm long, and every compartment has a 60cm diameter, and it’s big enough for placing your herbs evenly for improved drying.

The construction is sturdy since it’s made of stainless steel, and it will stay stable during the drying process, while the nylon net is eco-friendly and non-toxic.

It allows the air to circulate gently and drying herbs has never been so quick and ever before, leaving them perfectly dry and without mold.

The openings on the net are big enough for your arms, and you will be able to put the herbs inside without difficulties. The breathable material stops plants from rotting and allows them to keep their flavor even when they’re dry.

It’s so easy to hang, and if you need to save space, you can store it away quickly once you’re done drying the herbs and keep it in its bag until the next time. It’s so lightweight and very easy to set up and store away.

What we like
  • Lightweight
  • Breathable material
  • A lot of space for your herbs
What could be improved
  • The openings can’t be closed with a zipper so insects may find their way to your herbs if you’re drying them outside

Bottom line

This incredible drying rack offers the convenience of drying numerous herbs and flowers at the same time, so your little collection will be dry and ready very quickly.

Dry any herb you want easily and store it in a jar so you can use it even during cold months when the fresh option is not available.

BoHoFarm Herb Drying Rack

Another beautifully looking herb drying rack will keep your herbs safe while they’re drying to the perfection.

It’s really long, and it has a lot of space for your herbs, berries, and flowers. Whether you want to dry oregano, lavender, rosemary or something else, this drying rack will be of great help.

The high-quality, durable mesh will allow the air to circulate and this will let your herbs to dry evenly and mold-free. This is very important if you want your herbs to keep their taste and healing properties.

On this rack that has eight levels, you can organize your herbs however you want and dry a big quantity at the same time, without mixing them. It has a loop on the top for easier setup and more safe drying.

The herbs will be perfectly protected with the nylon mesh and birds and insects won’t be able to get in, not to mention the humidity.

Once you’re done placing the herbs, close the zippers and let them dry. You can pack it in its bag for easier storage.

What we like
  • Protects your herbs from birds and insects
  • Easy to pack and store away
  • Eight compartments for better organization
What could be improved
  • The openings may be too narrow for some people

Bottom line

This stylish drying rack will keep your herbs in their place while the air circulates and dries them quickly and evenly. Eight layers will help with the organization of herbs, and you’ll have the possibility to dry different kinds of herbs and fruits at the same time while the mesh keeps them safe from birds and insects.

Ipomelo Hanging Herb Drying Rack

Also a durable and breathable mesh dry rack which is waterproof, and it will keep your herbs dry and mold-free. The quality of the fabric will ensure long use, for years to come.

Dry your herbs quickly and evenly without any difficulties with this simple yet functional rack that will save you both space and time. The vertical design will fit anywhere, and the large diameter of the circles will allow you to dry a lot of herbs at the same time.

The rack has six layers, and it is completely covered with high-quality mesh that will keep your herbs safe from birds and insects. This model has U-shaped openings on each layer that have zippers on them for complete safety.

The opening is really wide so placing your herbs won’t be a problem. It comes with a carrying bag, so you’ll be able to store it easily when you’re done drying the herbs.

The adjustable Velcro loop on the top of the rack allows you to hang it anywhere you want. It’s flexible and foldable, for better storing.

What we like
  • Large openings
  • Completely closed and protected
  • Adjustable loop
What could be improved
  • You should be careful when opening the bag with the rack in it because it can bounce out of it quickly

Bottom line

This rack is a dream come true for the fast and even drying of your beloved herbs.

Organize them easily with these six large compartments and dry a variety of different herbs, flowers, and even fruits in no time.

They will stay mold and insect-free keeping the herbs safe and dry.

iPower 2ft 4Layer Clip on Hanging Herb Dry Net

This stylish herb drying rack will look so nice in your garden and inside your house, garage, or wherever you want to hang it. It’s adjustable when it comes to layers since you can choose whether to use it as a two-layered or four-layered rack.

You can detach the last two compartments, so you can choose how many sections to use according to the number of your herbs, and clipping them on is so quick and easy. This is very convenient because it will save you even more space.

The material is a breathable mesh and prevents any mold that can ruin your herbs. The air circulates gently, and your herbs, flowers, fruits, and vegetables will be dry quickly and evenly.

The construction is made of steel, so the product is sturdy, and it will serve you for a long time. Even though it’s sturdy, it’s also very flexible, and it can be folded and put in its bag when you’re done drying the herbs.

This is great for those with limited space in their home. It also makes it so easy to bring with you when you need to travel.

Thanks to the durable loop, you can hang this rack wherever you want and change places easily even with your herbs inside the rack.

What we like
  • Detachable layers
  • Stable and sturdy construction
  • Breathable mesh
What could be improved
  • None so far

Bottom line

This is one of the most beautiful drying racks that will look so nice in your garden next to your stunning plants.

It has enough space for a big amount of herbs, and the detachable layers make it even more practical. Dry your herbs quickly and without mold and make your collection bigger very quickly.


If you have limited space in your home and garden or you simply don’t need a lot of herbs, and you want to dry a small amount of them, for example, oregano, parsley, and other herbs for cooking, this mini drying net will be the best choice.

It has four layers with a small diameter, and it’s covered with an eco-friendly nylon mesh that allows the air to circulate for better drying without fungus and mold.

As said, it has three layers, and every compartment has a circular opening on it for arranging the herbs, flowers, etc.

It’s one meter long including the loop, and every compartment has 30cm in height and diameter which leaves enough space for the herbs even though it’s smaller and compact.

The diameter of every opening is around 13cm which is enough for your arm when you need to organize the herbs inside the rack.

You can adjust the loop for easier hanging wherever you choose. This can be very convenient for carrying the rack around with the herbs inside.

It comes with a bag that’s great when you need to store the rack away and maybe even bring it with you when traveling, since it’s small and very lightweight.

The mesh is breathable, and it will keep your herbs perfectly dry.

What we like
  • Small and compact
  • Adjustable loop
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
What could be improved
  • No zipper

Bottom line

This rack is the best choice for drying smaller quantities of herbs which is perfect if that’s all you need, and you have limited space that can’t fit those large and wide drying racks.

The compact design doesn’t take away from its functionality since the material has high quality and it will protect your herbs from humidity and fungus.

Growsun 2ft 8 Layer Black Mesh Hanging Herb Rack

If you need a much bigger drying rack than the previous one, this Growsun model will help you dry more herbs with its eight large compartments. This is practical when you have to dry different kinds of herbs, flowers, and vegetables at the same time because you can organize them well and evenly.

The eco-friendly mesh covers the majority of the rack, leaving an opening on every layer for easier placing of the herbs.

Thanks to this material, your herbs will dry evenly with the wind and air that circulates all of the time, keeping your herbs mold-free. Inside the mesh, there’s a wire construction made of steel that keeps the rack sturdy.

Even though it’s really large, the vertical design saves a lot of space, and the foldable wire is very easy to manipulate when you need to fold and store the rack. You can pack it in the bag you’ll get with the rack but be careful when opening the bag since the rack will unfold a bit aggressively.

You can adjust the loop, which makes it perfect for hanging anywhere you want.

What we like
  • Numerous and large compartments for easier organization
  • Vertical design
  • Durable material
  • Adjustable loop
What could be improved
  • The openings on the layers can’t be closed so be careful around insects that may find their way inside the rack

Bottom line

If you want to dry a lot of herbs, flowers, fruits and vegetables and keep them in your collection during winter, this large drying rack will make that possible. The compartments will keep them organized, and the breathable mesh will allow them to dry without creating mold.

KAK Herb Drying Rack 2ft 8 Layer]

Another sturdy drying rack that’s made of breathable mesh that has high quality and that’s durable. This rack has eight layers, and it can fit even more herbs if you need to dry a larger amount of them.

This material is also eco-friendly and safe for your herbs. The rack is partially closed so your herbs will be almost completely surrounded by the fabric, leaving an open space to place and organize the herbs.

Even though it has eight layers, you don’t have to use all of them always.

According to your needs, the rack can be adjusted so you can clip those extra layers with three clips that you’ll get it the package. It’s great for saving some space in smaller areas – convenient and practical.

You’ll also get high-quality scissors that are a great addition when you need to cut the herbs. The top of this rack also has a loop for easier hanging and better and even drying.

It’s so easy to install but be careful when opening it since it will bounce quickly out of the bag.

It’s great for all kinds of herbs – just choose, cut, and place them in a drying rack. They will be completely dry in 10-12 days, and ready to be stored and used whenever you want.

What we like
  • Adjustable size
  • Evenly dried herbs
  • Easy to set up
What could be improved
  • It’s not completely covered so it may be risky if it’s in an open space because of the wind and birds

Bottom line

The great size of this drying rack offers a possibility of drying numerous different herbs at the same time which will save you time and money because you’ll only need one rack for all of your herbs.

The material will keep them mold-free and evenly dried for your meals and hot beverages.

What To Look For In A Good Herb Drying Rack

If you ever wanted and tried to dry herbs, you know how difficult that can be. You have to make sure that they don’t get wet because the humidity could create mold and fungus. A good drying rack will make this easier and quicker. When choosing a good rack, you should keep in mind these features:

1. Material

The material of the drying rack should be eco-friendly, waterproof, and breathable in order to allow the flow of air that will ensure a mold-free environment for your herbs. Other than that, it should also be durable and well made, so you can use it for many years. The majority of models also have a wire inside the material that’s usually made of steel, this will make the rack sturdy and stable.

2. Design

You can choose a vertical and horizontal rack, according to the space you have in your home. A lot of people prefer vertical models because they save space, so this choice is great because they will fit almost everywhere. They are usually round and stylish, so they look good in your home and garden.

3. Size

According to the number of herbs you want to dry, you should choose the rack that has enough space. Nice features are the compartments that will keep the herbs organized and separated if you want to dry different kinds of them. Various models offer various shapes and sizes of drying racks, so you have a variety of choices to choose from.

4. Coverage

Some of the racks are completely covered with a net, while some of them are not. There are also racks that are semi-covered, with openings where you can place the herbs. If you know that your rack is going to be outside, a completely covered rack with zippers on the openings should be your choice because it is going to protect the herbs from birds and insects.

5. Packaging

Almost every vertical rack comes in a bag so it can be stored away easily when you don’t need to use it. This is convenient because it saves a lot of space and keeps your drying rack in a safe place where it can’t get damaged.

6. Loop

Every good vertical drying rack should have a loop on its top, preferably adjustable. In this way, you can hang it wherever you want and keep it off the ground where it could get knocked down and be easily accessible to insects.