Hoya plant propagation

Hoya Plant Propagation: Here’s What 4 Most Popular Methods Are About!

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When you love a plant you own, and you enjoy its presence, you inevitably want more of it. But, instead of rushing to the nearest store for gardeners, or ordering one, you might want to consider growing it yourself. Hoya plant propagation is supposed to be quite easy.

There are four ways in which you can propagate hoya. Two of them have proven quite successful (stem cuttings, layering), while the other two can be slightly challenging (leaf cuttings, seeds).

My guide will address the following topics on Hoya plant propagation:

  1. The road to successful propagation by using stem cuttings
  2. How to propagate the Hoya plant via layering?
  3. Is Hoya plant propagation via leaf cuttings too complicated?
  4. Using seeds to get more Hoya plants
  5. How to boost chances for Hoya plant propagation to succeed?

If you want to know how to propagate hoya, stick around and enjoy my insightful guide!

The Road to Successful Propagation by Using Stem Cuttings

There are two ways in which you can propagate hoya cuttings – water and soil propagation.

Whichever one you choose, you will need to take a stem cutting from the mother plant that is about 4-5in long (10-15cm) using the sterile knife or pruners. You can even take longer stem cuttings as long as it is a soft stem.  Prepare the stem by removing all the leaves except the top two or three. 

At this point, you can use any kind of store-bought or home-made rooting hormone if you want to. But, I assure you, it is not necessary as propagating hoya is quite easy even without that. Provided that you have selected a healthy one for Hoya plant propagation, of course.

Hoya plant propagation via stem cuttings

Water propagation

Now, if you have chosen water propagation, all you need to do is find a container that is long enough to support the stem – this will depend on the stem’s length. Water propagation is easy, and you can follow the root development if you use a transparent container.

Once you have chosen the container, pour enough water to submerge the lowest nod – the rest of the stem should not be underwater. Change the water occasionally, and in about 4 to 6 weeks, your plant will be ready for transplant.

Soil propagation

If you choose to propagate directly in the soil, the preparation process is the same.  In this case, the stem should not contain more than two or three nodes. You have to put your potting mix in a clean pot.

The choice of the potting mix is important. It should to be light and airy so that the roots have the room to form and grow. While you are waiting for the roots to form, make sure the soil is moist all the time since the stem needs water to grow roots.

After you have placed your cutting in the desired medium, use a plastic bag to cover it to keep moisture in and the plant happy.

Make sure the soil is moist when you propagate Hoya plants

How to Propagate Hoya Plant via Layering?

This technique is different from Hoya plant propagation via stem cuttings since the propagated plant is still attached to the mother plant.

Find a soft stem that is long enough, find a nod, and use a pin to place it in the moist soil. You can either pin it in the same pot with the mother plant or use another pot. Once the roots are formed, you can separate the plants.

Make sure that the soil is moist at all times. As with stem cutting, you can use a plastic bag to keep the moisture in. Whichever way you choose to propagate the hoya plant, make sure that the new plants are not in direct sunlight or draught.

Is Hoya Plant Propagation via Leaf Cuttings too Complicated?

Gardeners are not fans of this method as the success percentage is not so high. About 50% of the leaf cuttings will produce roots.

The other issue with this is that many gardeners say that, even the plan takes roots, it never actually grows after that.  You can try it if you like, just stick a healthy leaf in a potting soil mix and wait up to 8 weeks for the roots to form.

Propagate Hoya plant via leaf cuttings

Using Seeds to Get More Hoya Plants

This way of Hoya plant propagation is not very popular among gardeners. The biggest reason for that is that the outcome is not certain. You never know if the new plant is going to be the same as the mother plant. No one can guarantee that the germination will take place.

How to Boost Chances for Hoya Plant Propagation to Succeed?

Plant propagation in general is not an overly complex process but requires patience and a high level of dedication if you want things done well. These are some essential tips and tricks to make Hoya plant propagation process work.

Timing matters

Now, before you get your knives in action, take timing into consideration. The best time for wax plant propagation is in the spring or the summer.


Because this is when the plant is naturally actively growing and will form new roots faster than in its dormant stage.  Propagating hoya is possible in the fall and winter as well, but the success rate is lower, and the process takes longer.

Also, spring or summer is a great time to repot your plants so you can use this opportunity to check the roots for root rot as well.

Propagate Hoya plants in summer os spring because the roots will develop faster

Preparation procedure

In addition to a healthy mother plant from which you will take the cuttings, you will need some tools and additional equipment to make Hoya plant propagation work.

  • Sterile pruners or a knife
  • Clean pot (for soil mix) or a clean water container
  • Plastic bags
  • Rooting hormone (optional)
  • Light potting soil (if you choose this option)

Before actually beginning the Hindu rope plant propagation (or any other Hoya plant) process make sure that the mother plant is healthy.  Water it and leave the soil to drain for an hour or two so that the plant is no stressed.

Closing Comments

As you could see, all it takes is to be patient and follow the procedure closely. Once again, a mother plant has to be a healthy one if you want the process to succeed.

If you don’t want to risk, I suggest you use stem cuttings or layering as a method. On the other hand, if you feel like experimenting, then try luck with leaf cuttings or seeds.

Which Hoya plant propagation method is your favorite one? Have you tried all of them? I’d like to hear from you, so leave your thoughts in the comments section below!

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