Grow Lights Vs. Regular Lights

Grow Lights Vs Regular Lights – Here’s Why You Should Use Grow Lights

Nothing beats the impact that natural sunlight has on the majority of plants, that’s a fact. That’s why I came up with this guide, to compare grow lights vs regular lights and talk about their pluses and minuses. Plants will always grow its best when in ideal, natural conditions, not only when it comes to light but also water, warmth, and pH level of the soil.

Thanks to the grow tents, soil meters, self-watering pots, grow lights, etc. it’s possible to mimic the ideal natural conditions for every plant, which makes a big difference and helps them grow.

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The Difference Between Regular Lights and Grow Lights 

When it comes to grow lights, the majority of people wonder:

  • What’s the real difference between them and the regular lights?
  • Why can’t we use regular lights when growing plants indoors?
  • Are the grow lights really necessary?

Even though regular lights are more affordable, they aren’t the right choice if you want your plants to thrive.

There are many different reasons why grow lights are the only choice if you want to have lush indoor (as well as outdoor) plants.

Two main differences between regular lights and grow lights are

  1. The color spectrum that the bulbs emit
  2. The heat that’s produced when the light is on

Regular Lights 

Regular lights are very easy to find, cost less than the grow lights and may help your plants just a little bit. However, they rarely support photosynthesis, and if you keep them too close to the plants, the heat will be damaging.

Also, regular bulbs don’t provide the full-color spectrum that every plant needs during the entire growth. This means that the natural conditions are impossible to mimic and that your plants are destined to die.

Of course, some of the durable, low maintenance plants may find the regular lights, combined with the occasional sunlight, enough to grow. The great majority of them won’t.

Why would you risk having dead plants if you can mimic the sun-like color spectrum almost perfectly thanks to the grow lights? Of course, you won’t.

Grow Lights

Grow Lights

By purchasing a good-quality set of grow lights, you’re providing your plants with the light they need for photosynthesis and growth.

Grow lights are a must if you have to take care of your plants indoors or if the area you live in doesn’t get enough sunlight during the year. You want to mimic the natural conditions as perfectly as possible, and you need good grow lights to do so.

According to your preferences and your plants’ need, you can choose between LED and fluorescent grow lights. Both types have their benefits, and you should do thorough research on the plants you want to grow in order to choose the best kind. So far, this VIPARSPECTRA grow light does a great job with all the plants you can think of.

What’s the Difference Between Led and Fluorescent Grow Lights?

Although both lights will benefit your plants and help them grow, there are some differences that will affect your choice.

If you’re looking for an energy-saving grow light, LED grow lights will be the best choice. Having in mind that these bulbs emit blue and red lights to mimic the sun-like color spectrum as perfectly as possible, LED grow light will glow purple.

If you plan on keeping the lights in the area where you spend a lot of time, the color may be a problem for you. If you have a tent or keep the source of light in a different room, LED grow lights are the best choice.

When it comes to fluorescent grow lights, the color they emit is white, and that’s why these are the better choice for small homes where you don’t have a separate room for growing plants or not enough space for a grow tent.

Fluorescent grow lights have been improved lately, and they use less power than before, so your electric bill will be kept low even if you decide not to go with the LED grow lights.

As you can see, the differences between these two types of lights aren’t significant when it comes to the benefits of your plants. They will thrive no matter which type you choose.

Final Verdict on Grow Lights Vs Regular Lights

Although using regular lights may seem like an “old-school” trick, it won’t be efficient enough for your plants to grow. So, if you’ve used them in the past without success, you should know that it’s time to invest in a good-quality set of grow lights.

Although more pricey at first, high-quality grow lights will provide your plants with the color spectrum they need to thrive, without producing unnecessary heat that can be damaging.

Before you choose the right grow light for your plants, make sure you do thorough research and know exactly where you’ll be keeping them so that you can select the right type, size, and height.

If possible, always go for the adjustable, portable set since it is more practical and forgiving.

Having said all of that, let’s not forget the importance and impact that natural light has on our plants. Try exposing your plants to both direct and indirect natural sunlight as frequently as possible.

And for all those times that natural light is missing – grow lights will have your back and adequately take care of your plants.