Best Soil for Herbs

Best Soil for Herbs – 5 Amazing Herb Soils for Your Garden

Choosing the right type of soil for your herb is something that even the most experienced struggle with, and it seems like no matter how much experience you have, there is always a place for a mistake.

When choosing the right soil for your herb, you need to be very precise and careful and always take care even of the smallest details.

In order to make the right choice, you really need to have enough knowledge about horticulture and gardening, which is something we are here to help you with.

If you are struggling to find the right soil for your herb, follow our short guide and thoroughly inspect all of this information because you will definitely need them sometime in the future.

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Good potting soil is the most important thing for every herb’s growth, and if you make a mistake while choosing it, then chances are you will probably have plenty of struggles while trying to grow the plant.

Choosing the right soil is one of the most important things you will have to do when gardening, and doing a quick soil test is something you should become very skilled at if you want to grow an enchanting little garden.

Controlling the soil levels, its humidity, fertilizing it, and cleaning it are just some of the things you will have to learn to create your green corner.

However, all of this can be a lot easier if you choose the right soil, and lucky for you, nowadays gardeners can choose among thousands of different types of soils.

Here we have gathered some of the best soils for herbs that you can easily purchase even today.

QUICK OVERVIEW: Best Soil for Herbs

Miracle-Gro Water Soluble
  • Weight: 2 lbs
  • Made for gentle plant herbs
Compressed Coco Coir Bricks
  • Optimum pH balance
  • Natural and organic potting soil mix
Miracle-Gro Indoor Potting Mix
  • Weight: 7.63 pounds
  • Duration: up to 6 months

1. Miracle-Gro Water Soluble

Miracle-Gro is a very popular gardening brand that was founded more than 50 years ago, and since then, they have been providing the market with potting mixes and soils of the highest quality.

Their products can be found in pretty much every single country in the world, and they are a favorite of most gardeners.

Miracle-Gro created this amazing Water-soluble plant food specifically for gentle herbs, and you can use it for a variety of different herb plants.

Amazon users have loved this potting soil, and it has 4.7 stars on this website, which definitely tells you how amazing it is.


  • Weight: 2 lbs
  • Made for gentle plant herbs
  • Works best in combination with Miracle-Gro feeder

What plants is it good for?

This is a great option for different types of vegetables and herbs like tomatoes, cucumber, different types of peppers, and basil and garlic.

It is a great option for all plants that need well-moistured potting soils because this one will certainly provide enough water and still let it air dry.

Users claim that it also works well with container herbs too, so it is definitely worth giving it a try even if you don’t have the best conditions to grow it.

Key features

This amazing potting mix will start feeding your herbs instantly, and gardeners claim they were able to see significant results in just 7 days.

Even though it tends to hold up a lot of moisture, it will help you maintain enough drainage holes to help the plant get enough air.

It has plenty of organic ingredients and, of course, peat moss, but it also has quite a few chemical additions that help control the process.

You will only need a little scoop of this potting soil, and it will be enough for a variety of different potted herbs.

Compared to most other potting soils, this is definitely the most affordable and most effective soil you can find on the market.

  • Great results
  • A small amount can be used for more plants
  • Fast results
  • Doesn’t come with instructions
  • Not for flowers and fruit

2. Compressed Coco Coir Bricks

This amazing compressed coco coir garden soil is one of the best organic potting soil mixtures on the market, and many gardeners love it.

The coco coir compressed brick soil is way better than peat moss and regular potting soil because it accommodates itself to the plant’s needs ad provides it with the perfect balance that is needed for optimal growth.

Built from completely natural components, this is an eco-friendly potting mix that will fit perfectly with many different types of plants.

The company claims this is their premium potting soil mixture that will make every plant come back to life and start thriving.


  • Natural and organic potting soil mix
  • Optimum pH balance
  • High expansion
  • Dimensions: 7.8 x 3.95 x 2 inches
  • Available as 1 large or 5 smaller bricks

What plants is it good for?

This potting soil can be used for a variety of different plants, and overall it is considered to be the best potting soil on the market.

Since it is very gentle and really allows you the space to control the aeration of the plant, do the repotting, and control plant growth, it is probably the best option for gardeners who grow herbs, especially gentle ones.

It can also be used to grow flowers, especially exotic species that don’t really do well in your region or area.

Loyal users of this potting soil claim that it works well with all types of plants and that it is one of the rare potting soils that can be used basically for everything.

Key features

When it first appeared on the market, this was considered to be a very revolutionary potting soil because it was completely natural and organic, which is very hard to come across in the gardening niche even today.

It has coir seed starters that are completely organic and biodegradable, made from real coconut coir husks that will feed your plant in its roots and stimulate seeds or cuttings.

This type of soil is a great option because potting soil that is used for herbs needs to have good aeration and the ability to get rid of excess water and humidity that is stuck in it.

One thing most of its users praise is the fact that it can maintain the best pH balance while still allowing potted herbs to keep all the nutritive elements they need to have in order to grow.

Its quick fibers will be able to expand as soon as it is needed, and the bricks and block will be able to get separated and absorb water as quickly as possible.

However, it seems like the claims about keeping the pH balance in the right place are not completely true since plenty of users have complained about their potting soil becoming too acidic when using this mixture.

While concentrated soil like this is a great option for fruits, vegetables, and plants like cactuses, most herbs are too gentle for this and need another well-balanced soil structure.

Even though this is something you can’t really know before you purchase the potting mix and try it yourself, I recommend being very careful while using it and testing it out for some time before you decide to use it on other plants.

This product has a 5-star rating on Amazon and several other online retailers, so I believe it is really a great option, and it will make many herbs thrive if used in the right way.

It also comes at a pretty reasonable price, so you shouldn’t be surprised how popular it is among gardeners worldwide.

  • Six months aging time
  • High-quality soil
  • Natural mix
  • Low EC levels
  • Can create some problems with pH balance
  • Not the best option for very gentle herbs

3. Miracle-Gro Indoor Potting Mix

The Miracle-Gro indoor potting mix is just one among dozens of different mixes this company is offering, and this one is a more natural version of the potting mix we have described above.

However, it is not an organic option, so it may not be the right choice for all types of herbs, especially tougher ones, and some gardeners tend to avoid potting mixes like this.

This is the right potting mix for plenty of different plants because its blend is so diverse and full of different organic materials that will stimulate anything it gets in touch with.

Miracle-Gro also claims this is a product that eliminates potential gnats and fungus, and it has special drainage holes that will eliminate excess materials and water.


  • Weight: 7.63 pounds
  • Dimensions: 16 x 10 x 5 inches
  • Duration: up to 6 months
  • Less prone to gnats

What plants is it good for?

This Miracle-gro soil is regular garden soil, and it is definitely the best option for outdoor plants and should be used during the growing season for the best results.

It can also be used for different types of tropical plants that need good drainage and rich blend in order to succeed, and some types of flowers that need a lot of attention and care.

Even though it is non-organic, the company claims it will allow the plant to grow 2 times faster than it would with regular moist soil, and you probably won’t even need to use a natural fertilizer with it.

Key features

Probably the best thing about this planting mix is that it can last up to 6 months, and this is something you will not find in too many other products.

This provides even beginner gardeners with enough time to take proper care of their plant and their plant’s root system, allowing it to grow without any problems.

Since this isn’t an organic product, this planting mix doesn’t have peat moss and other regular organic ingredients you will find in most potting mixes on the market.

However, its main ingredient is the coconut coir that controls levels of water in your plant and allows the plant to maintain the moisture it needs in order to grow successfully.

This soil mix is a blend of many versatile additions and ingredients that make it a great potting soil for herbs, flowers, and many more plants.

Users claim that they have really seen a significant difference while using this garden soil and that it looked a lot like their own potting soil they make at home.

The price of these potting mixes is pretty reasonable, especially for garden soils that have such good ingredients.

However, even though the company claims it protects the plant from fungus and gnats, users say that this is really not true and that you will have to handle this problem all by yourself.

Unfortunately, these things can really harm your plant, and they can be a problem for both indoor and outdoor pots.

For that reason, I recommend still being careful while using this potting mix and controlling your wet soil in order to prevent problems like this.

  • Lasts up to 6 months
  • Great for different types of plants
  • Helps maintain moisture levels
  • Doesn’t protect the plant from fungus and gnats

4. Miracle-Gro Expand ‘n Gro

As you have probably realized by now, Miracle-Gro is definitely one of the best companies when it comes to producing different types of planting mixes.

This concentrated garden soil needs nothing but water in order to make your herb garden bloom, and the results will come almost instantly.

It is a much better option than ordinary garden soil, and it will last you for more than half a year, so it is definitely a great investment for all potted plants and herbs.


  • Weight: 5.09 pounds
  • Dimensions: 15.5 x 11.5 x 3.5
  • Contains compressed coir

What plants is it good for?

This Miracle-Gro potting soil is the best option for a container herb garden, whether it is located indoors or outdoors.

If you are growing herbs outside of the growing season, then this is definitely the loamy soil you need for a successful harvest.

However, even when you are container gardening, you need to be very careful, so make sure you don’t overdo it with this potting mix.

It can also be used for a raised bed, but I believe there are far better potting mix options for it.

Key features

The key thing you have to know when planting herbs in containers, especially with this Miracle-Gro soil for herbs, is that you need a very good watering system so your little garden can succeed.

Herb containers need to be watered all the time, and this potting mix needs 3 times more water than most of the others you will find on the market, so make sure you meet its needs.

If you don’t manage to do it, chances for your herbs to grow are pretty much non-existent.

This product holds up 50% more water than a regular potting mix and makes growing herbs a lot faster and easier.

It is also considered that it can make your potted herb garden grow 3 times faster than its natural soil, which users claim is 100% true.

However, since its soil tends to hold up too much moisture, the different fungus can appear in it, which is definitely an unpleasant experience.

The potting mix is completely organic, and it contains different herbs, peat moss, coarse sand, and pine bark which guarantees you great plant growth.

  • Helps the plant to grow 3 times faster
  • Holds up more water than ordinary soil
  • Last for more than 6 months
  • Prone to fungus and other bacteria

5. Dr. Earth Organic Poly Bag

This Dr. Earth product is actually a natural slow-release granular fertilizer that is the number one product among gardeners who grow different fruits and vegetables.

It is also a great product for herbs, and it has some of the best supply nutrients every herb needs to start blooming.

Dr. Earth produces only natural fertilizers, and all of its products are non-GMO, which means they are completely safe both for people and animals.

This is a very sustainable and transparent company. Hence, I really encourage you to look for their products in your garden centers because they will make plants grow better than anything else.


  • Dimensions: 3 x 8 x 10 inches
  • Weight: 4.1 pounds
  • Non-GMO, 100% organic

What plants is it good for?

This fertilizer was made to fit different vegetables, herbs, and fruits and help them grow big and healthy.

However, users claim they had seen the best results when they used it to grow different types of foreign vegetables and herbs, especially Mediterranean herbs that succeed only in specific conditions.

When growing plants of all kinds, I recommend using this fertilizer because it is completely natural and it fits both outdoor and indoor plants well, and you are guaranteed success.

Key features

Made for more nutritious fruits and vegetables, this fertilizer can be used both for starter plants and existing plants, and it is a great option for indoor herbs.

This fertilizer is completely non-GMO, and it doesn’t have any of the fake supply nutrients that can be found in most other potting products.

Its ingredients are 100% organic and contain probiotics and special microbes that stimulate herbs to grow.

When using this mix, you are guaranteed premium quality, and you can be sure that this one will last you for more than 7 or 8 months.

You can also be sure no chemical fertilizers or additions will be needed when using this one because it has all a herb plant needs, and it is completely natural.

It is also compatible with homemade compost, so you can mix other natural ingredients and get an amazing result too.

However, you may struggle a bit with some bacteria or fungus on your herb, but in this case, it can be solved much easier, and all you will need to do is gently remove them by yourself.

Since it is a completely natural mix, everything requires much less time and energy, and you can let your herbs grow freely.

  • 100% natural and organic
  • No GMO
  • Lasts for more than 7 months
  • No chemicals needed
  • Not the best option for tropical and exotic plants who need special conditions

Things to Consider When Buying Best Soil for Herbs

1. Quality of soil

Good and solid soil is the key thing for successful plant growth, and in case you make a mistake while purchasing this one, chances are you won’t have too much success with your herbs.

Even though some people believe 100% organic soils are much better than non-organic ones, this is something that depends on one herb to another.

While some of them need very wet soil, others need dry conditions, so most herbs require completely different things in order to start blooming.

However, you should always make sure you thoroughly inspect the quality of your potential soil and know everything about the ingredients that go into your potting mix.

Sometimes you face different types of problems without even realizing anything would happen if you have just read the instructions and the ingredients carefully.

2. Conditions your herb needs

Finding high-quality soil will not be of too much help if it doesn’t match your plant’s needs, so you always need to make sure these two are compatible.

All herbs have different requirements, and something that may work well for one may completely ruin other herbs.

For that reason, it is very important to approach each plant individually and inspect its needs thoroughly so you can make the right choice.

3. Price

Whenever you are buying something, you will research the price too, but sometimes, the more expensive something is doesn’t mean it’s better.

Always consider the price and never choose too cheap things because their companies are usually not transparent about their ingredients, and you don’t know what the things you can expect are.

However, don’t choose those that are too expensive too because they are usually overpriced, and you can find similar products for a much smaller price.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can regular potting soil be used for herbs?

This depends on your herb’s needs, so even though some herbs will not be able to last for a day in ordinary potting soil, others will be able to grow successfully.

Regular potting soil can be used for herbs that don’t need any specific conditions in order to thrive, but for most other gentle species; this will not work.

Always find out everything there is to know about your herb before you decide to make a purchase and make sure you can provide it with good conditions; otherwise, it will be a waste of time.

How do you prepare the soil for herbs?

All herbs will need to have the soil prepared specifically for them, and I advise you to invest some time into this process.

First, you will have to test the soil and see if it fits your plant’s needs, how big its pH is and what are actions you need to take in order to make it suitable.

Then, you will add some peat moss, natural compost, or coco bricks that will make the environment more stimulating for your here.

If you want to make sure there will be enough drainage holes, you will have to add some pine bark and test the soil to make sure everything will work fine.

After you have done all of this, check the pH again, and if it is below 6 or over 7, make sure to modify the mix with sphagnum peat or agricultural lime so it can fit your plant.

When you have done all of this, you are ready to start planting your herb!

How deep should soil for herbs be?

Depending on the type of your herb and its needs, the soil should be somewhere between 2.7 and 12 inches deep.

This also depends a lot on whether you are planting it indoors or outdoors, how big its roots tend to be and how big the plant can grow.

However, most herbs are pretty adaptable when it comes to this, and they don’t need deep soil as long as they have enough water and light.