Aralia Leaves Turning Yellow

Why Are My Aralia Leaves Turning Yellow? (And How to Fix It)

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Aralia is a plant planted in the house. It is a very beautiful plant when in one’s home as it makes the home lovely. However, this plant may get sick and lose its green beauty. Once you have this plant, you should learn that turning yellow is a common problem.

This article contains various guidelines that will assist you in identifying the probable causes of aralia leaves turning yellow and how to fix the problems. Yellow aralia leaves occur because of lack of proper care or maybe something not good with the intake of nutrients. If you happen to experience this problem, ensure you follow the tips outlined below, and you will surely fix your Aralia leaf problems.

Causes of yellow aralia leavesAralia Leaves Turning Yellow

The major reasons aralia leaves turn yellow are; over-irrigating, insufficient water, temperature fluctuation, lack of sufficient light, and shock during transplant. In addition to that, diseases and insects can cause the same problem.

Therefore, before thinking of fixing the problem, one should know the exact cause of the problem. Nevertheless, there is no need to worry; I will guide you in realizing the exact cause of aralia leaves turning yellow. Also, how to fix the problem once it occurs.

One must find out the cause of aralia leaves turning yellow before taking a step to fix the problem.

1. Use of excessive water to irrigate the Aralia leavesUse of excessive water to irrigate the Aralia leaves

This one is among the most common mistakes during the care of aralia leaves, bringing up aralia yellow leaves. When overwatering is done, a lot of water stands in the pot. The standing water creates an environment that is favorable for fungal and bacterial diseases.

When the plant is watered with a lot of water, the excess water doesn’t drain out. Therefore, this creates a major problem for your plant at long last. The roots of aralia leaves need to take in oxygen. They also need nutrients to function well physiologically. With the wet state in the root area, it won’t be easy to let them do these crucial jobs.

The roots suffer suffocation and after that are infected by root rot which is a fungal disease. This disease is fatal to aralia leaves, and the danger will be realized by leaves turning yellow.

How to fix

Every plant has a unique requirement of water. This depends on humidity, growth stage, soil type, hotness or coldness, and the plant’s environment.

Therefore, aralia leaves should not be watered often. Watering should only be done when the two top inches of the soil are dry. The soil should be checked before watering. When the soil is found compact, then there is a need to alter the soil mix. One should make sure that the excess water has a way of getting out of the pot. Draining holes at the bottom of the pot will be essential.

2. Insufficient waterInsufficient water

Just like overwatering, failing to water the plant is also a problem. If the water requirement is not fulfilled, then the aralia leaves will show wilting symptoms, and leaves turn yellow. Lack of insufficient water makes the soil dry. The root zone lacks enough water for its physiological work.

In addition to that, the soil nutrients are usually in a water-soluble state. Therefore, without water, then uptake of nutrients will be difficult. Lack of sufficient nutrients like iron, magnesium, and nitrogen can lead to aralia yellow leaves. This means that if the plant lacks water, it will automatically turn the leaves yellow.

How to fix

First, you need to be sure that your plant is suffering from a lack of insufficient water. To identify that, you can insert a stick into the soil pot and see if it comes out with soil that is moistened or not. If the stick comes out clean, then it means that there is a need for water.

3. Fluctuation in temperatureFluctuation in temperature

Aralia plants also respond to changes in temperature like any other plant. When the temperatures are too high or too cold, the aralia leaves can turn yellow. For example, if the plant is placed close to an air conditioner, it gets affected by the difference in temperature, and the leaves turn yellow. Being placed at the windowsill is also dangerous due to extreme coldness, which can cause yellowing of leaves.

How to Fix

What to do is keep the plant away from air conditioners and radiators. Also, ensure that cold drafts do not enter through the window during winter. If you learn that the plant is already affected by temperature change, it’s good to change where you have placed it. Applying fertilizer will help revive the yellow leaves caused by fluctuation in temperature.

4. Lack of sufficient lightLack of sufficient light

Aralia leaves need a lot of light. However, direct sunlight is dangerous to the plant since it causes sunburn, making it turn yellow or even brown.  Moreover, just like any other plant, aralia leaves need sufficient light to enable the plant to make food.

Lack of sufficient light also leads to chlorophyll reduction, which is the green coloring matter in plants; thus, the leaves turn yellow. On the other hand, inadequate chlorophyll means that food production is less. Therefore, the plant will shed the old leaves to save energy. The old leaves will change to yellow color then fall.

How to Fix

The first thing is to change the position of the plant if you feel that it lacks sufficient light. Try to put it in a place where it gets 3-6 hours of sunlight since it only needs partial light.

5. Type of soilType of soil

When the soil PH is high, it can cause yellow aralia leaves. This is because Aralia leaves do well in slightly acidic conditions. However, when the soil is high in alkalinity, it makes the nutrients not available. This makes the aralia leaves turn yellow due to a lack of nutrients.

How to Fix

Identify the soil PH using a tester. If you find the soil PH unfavorable, it is wise to correct it to the correct PH range. Lower the PH by watering with a few drops of lemon juice. Aluminum sulfate and sulfur also reduce PH very fast. It can be bought from a garden store.

6. Deficiency of nutrients

Lack of iron causes a disease called chlorosis which leads to yellow leaves. The deficiency of iron depends on some factors like overwatering, soil PH, and root rot disease.

How to fix

Soil mix is made available in the stores and capable of supplying nutrients essential to aralia leaves.


Aralia yellow leaves are very beautiful once placed in one’s home. The green coloring matter of the leaves carries all the beauty with it. Therefore, it is essential to learn what the plant requires to always remain green. Overwatering of the leaves, lack of sufficient water, temperature fluctuation, type of soil, and deficiency in nutrients are some of the reasons why the leaves turn yellow, as highlighted in this article.

Of much importance is to learn how to fix all these scenarios once they occur to maintain the beauty of the plant. Once you can identify a problem and fix it, maintaining the aralia leaves green will be a great pleasure. Follow the tips outlined above to have your Aralia leaves grow pleasantly and liven up your house.