1000 watt LED Grow Light

7 Best 1000 Watt LED Grow Light in 2022 – Top Picks + Guide

Far have we come from the days of relying exclusively upon natural sunlight as our only source of grow light- today’s technology equips the modern gardener with LED grow lights!

Whether you are aspiring home growers or hardened veterans, grow light kits come in all sorts of variations that cater towards excelling in growing specific plants. In short- they are exactly what a successful grower needs to succeed in any environment. Here we will take a look at the cream of the top- 1000w grow light products.  The very best modern technology has to offer in the kingdom of great deals- Amazon!

Ready to find the perfect light for yourself? Let’s dig in and look at the highest-rated 1000 watt LED grow light kits that can help you start your production successfully- with no strings attached!

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QUICK OVERVIEW: 1000 watt LED Grow Light

  • Immensely powerful and durable
  • Affordable
  • Highly adjustable, multiple uses
  • Extraordinarily durable and beautifully designed
Giixer 1000W LED Grow Light
  • Surpasses traditional hps bulb and hps light systems
  • 24 months guarantee and 30 days refund included

List of The Best 1000 watt LED Grow Light

1. Giixer 1000W LED Grow Light

  • Surpasses traditional hps bulb and hps light systems
  • Cuts down electricity costs significantly
  • Has one of the best heat dissipation systems on the market
  • 24 months guarantee and 30 days refund included

Some people prefer all white light LED light output devices, while others want the whole package- full-spectrum white LEDs with good canopy penetration and low electricity costs. For the second group, the Gixxer is a dream come true.

Backed up with a long history of satisfying a wide range of customers, these colored LED lights have a fantastic reputation and specs that justify their position as a market favorite.

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Key specifications

Despite the improvements in this already well-established branch of agricultural technology,  a good bunch of LED lights are prone to growth stalling and producing a longer grow cycle.

All that wasted light and time tend to reduce their overall effectiveness, but the Giixer comes with Daul-Chips 10w LED technology that only uses 100 watts.

This amazing grow light is very different than traditional hps grow light and hps lights in general as they include a 50,000 usage life and high-end veg and bloom modes that replicate natural light with ease.

These colored LED lights include the following spectrum:

  • Blue (450-460nm)
  • Orange (605-610nm)
  • Red (655-660nm)
  • White (300K-6500K)

This is a fully customizable spectrum of colors that overshadows the performance of more casual hps spectrum technologies, as this LED tech was specifically engineered to create an optimal balance between high Lumen/PAR ratios and provide enough coverage for mid-sized gardens.

The build quality is exceptional, even in comparison with other high-end light system models. You can rest assured that letting the device work non-stop, even during an overly long period of use, will yield no problems!

The colored LEDs combine different variations of powerful light that combine 2 switching modes (and one mode that includes the full spectrum of light) with helping you get the most out of your plan

Most growers will be blown away by the compelling single and dual-use of the included separate modes and this light system’s innovative use of both white and yellow light, making this an indispensable investment as a long-term grow light over more commonplace hps bulb-based systems.

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2. KingLED

  • 10x optical concentrators exponentially increase output quality
  • Immensely powerful and durable
  • Supports a high-intensity pink light spectrum
  • Affordable

Do you want a 3×3 optical condenser LED grow light that is praised community-wide and can help you build a high-power grow room?

You are in luck, as the KingLED SMD light system is currently offered alongside exclusive discounts prices! With high-tech implementations that overshadow traditional hps light devices, this is a deal you don’t want to miss on!

Key features

Where to start and not miss out on one crucial aspect of this highly-south after LED light? In the eyes of a seasoned gardener, this product pushes all the right buttons needed to make it a great deal.

First thing’s first, this particular LED grow light comes with 12 wavelengths of light that can be molded to your needs with fully customizable modes that can help your plants in many areas- from successfully blooming or passing their respective vegetative stage.

These LED lights penetrate a good amount of foliage and help with high yield growth with minimum power expenses (165w actual wattage) complemented with below-average working temperatures.

It covers about 3.4×3.8 ft of space, which is enough to cultivate from small to medium-sized gardens. However, while the are coverage is abundant in comparison to the size of the device, more extensive gardens might need additional KingLEDs to cover every plant.

The internal fans are of remarkable quality, allowing you to use these LED grow lights at high power settings; they manage to keep it 50°F to 60°F lower than typical hps light systems.

Its low default temperatures and high-grade durability ensure that it goes way beyond the usual “up to two weeks continuous operation” standards, allowing you to use it as freely as possible.

What’s also important to note is the manufacturers claim regarding the included guarantee;

– 30 days period of return and full recompensation

– Free parts and free shipping in case of any issue

-3 years of dedicated, high-quality professional service

– Guaranteed response within 24 hours

There is a lot to love within this new advancement in growth technology that could very well replace mainstream HPS grow light.

As it stands, it is an affordable grow light that has come as close as possible to having output equal to a natural sun system with today’s available technology while remaining within the capabilities of 1000 watt devices.

3. BESTVA DC Series

1000 watt LED grow light
  • Highly adjustable, multiple uses
  • Uses light quality very similar to a real-life light system based growth
  • Extraordinarily durable and beautifully designed
  • Extremely bright for a 1000 wat LED grow light

For the folks that want to shorten the planting to fruiting cycle with the same light quality as the most modern next light spectrum device, then look no further as the BESTVA DC Series has you covered!

The engineering expertise that went into building this little beauty is truly top of the line, providing you with deep canopy penetration and high-grade specs that will allow you to maximize your yields! Not only does it excel at what it does, but it also comes in an affordable package!

Impressive so far, ain’t it? We haven’t even scratched the tip of the iceberg!

Key specifications

One of the most critical measures of the quality of LED grow lights is how easily can their light output be concentrated on your plants, as they need as much light as possible (within optimal range) to grow.

The BESTVA comes with dual LM301B Diodes that outshine traditional hps bulb grow light models out the window!  The full spectrum LED lights these devices offer are second to none!

Both of its 2 switchable modes allow for optimal flowering footprint and vegetative variants to develop based on optimal light intensity. You can grow tomatoes, peppers, and many other plants quickly.

Industry-grade aluminum reflectors are built-in to enhance the color spectrum to give these LED grow lights an indisputable advantage over a traditional hps grow light, with all of the pros and no cons.

You can cultivate your plants in any indoor environment without having to worry about a few days delay in growth, even if the conditions happen to be a couple of steps short of optimal.

It uses less power and a fully customizable spectrum. Although the actual wattage is 1000 watts, it feels like it is brighter as this device has 25% more light output and an innovative light conservation system.

What does this mean? It means these colored LEDs leave nothing to waste, outshining traditional HPS lights by eliminating stalled growth while remaining energy-efficient, saving you money and time.

BESTVA’s respective trademark holders and sellers affiliated with them have also adopted favorable policies to sweeten the deal even further, giving you their full undivided attention.

No matter what issue you are experiencing, you are always going to be provided with top-notch customer service with 3 years of professional service no matter what.

Whether you put it in a grow tent or a grow room with LED fixtures, this LED grow light will not disappoint.

4. TOLYS 1000W LED

  • The set offers high-end grow lights and additional equipment
  • The grow light is made out of industry-grade materials and lasts a long time
  • Economical energy consumption on both modes
  • 2-year warranty and 30-day money-back guarantee included

Perhaps you want a deal that comes with absolutely everything that you need to start a perfect production? In that case, the TOLYS LED grow light has you covered with their premium quality product.

Built to last and supply the gardening community with high-tech tools for their everyday growing tasks, this 1000 watt LED grow light offers a competitive edge in almost every category while sweetening the deal with additional equipment.

Key specifications

For plants, light means life. It will always remain the staple of every agricultural production, yet it is not the only one. Checking the humidity, having a growth timer, and many other factors are also essential.

In this sense, the TOLYS brand offers you most of what you will need to have absolute control of every factor in your garden.  Not only is the 1000 watt light top of the line, but so are its included accessories.

The timer offers 10 different output variants that can be programmed to work on a 7-day period. To top it all off, the high-speed fans and aluminum heat sinks keep the heat of the bulbs to a minimum.

You can cut costs with this 1000 watt grow light set that goes out of its way to appease the needs of an indoor gardener. These grow lights meet industry standards in every category!

Overall, due to its adoption of the 10-watt dual-chip technology, its color spectrum mid grow capabilities are excellent for its value to price ratio. It shines in outputs and combinations of red light, blue light, and white light.

Despite its limitation to just three primary lights, it offers just the right amount of output to grow your plants during any time of the year without the need for additional equipment.

5. VIVOSUN Hydroponic grow light set 2x

  • Backed up by dependable, hps grow light technology
  • Extremely affordable and reliable
  • Slow and gradual lumen depreciation technology included
  • Compatible with any magnetic or electronic ballast

VIVOSUN is a name that is almost universally associated with stellar performance and a long history of successful business leading that has earned it a top spot in the hydroponics and gardening communities.

This set of professional-grade HPS grow light bulbs is, first and foremost, built for professionals in mind but with a catch- these products cut no corners in quality yet don’t have an awfully high price.

The reason? VIVOSUN has always been dedicated to going far above the obligations of a typical company. These hps grow lights last a long time and help grow your plants as fast as possible.

Key specifications

These products are as much a love letter to loyal customers and discreet professionals as they are a truly marvelously engineered set of lights.  If you want a guarantee of quality for your grow lights, your search came to a successful end, as these beauties are built to impress.

The 140000 lumens of light emit an optimized orange, and red full spectrum output leagues above many mh bulb-based grow lights in its price range, offering immense potential at just a couple of bucks.

Their usage is also highly flexible- a HPS bulb combined with an electronic and magnetic ballast can be put virtually anywhere and can increase outputs exponentially.

It is built with a high PAR value in mind for stimulating growth and fruiting cycles as much as possible and for as long as possible- even after 5,000 hours, the initial lumen output will still be near 100%.

Despite the strict quality control standards, affordable price, and potent canopy penetration, HPS grow lights, much like mh bulb and mh light devices in general, are consumable products and thus have a limited lifespan.

Compared to more expensive 1000 watt grow lights, they offer very impressive performance and are a long-term investment that comes with 2 pairs. However, after 24,000 hours, they need to be replaced.

 Regardless of how this limitation might sound, it still translates to almost 3 full years of service per light, so you are getting 2 high-quality HPS grow lights that will give you nearly 6 years of unhindered performance.

All things considered, it is an excellent value grow light set with dependable tech to back up its tall promises of exceptional yields that have so far exceeded the community’s expectations.

6. Eye Hortilux  1000 watt Super HPS grow bulb

6. Eye Hortilux  1000 watt Super HPS grow bulb
  • Has one of the best longevity records on the market
  • Comes with a unique full spectrum of lights
  • Compact, light, and an all-around multifunctional
  • Tested to meet rigorous standards

Made directly from Ohio, USA, for the global market comes a grow light; these full spectrum grow lights are tried and tested according to the strictest standards for USA domestic agricultural tech to your doorstep.

Coming as close as HPS bulbs can get to an all-natural sun system within indoor gardens, these 1000 watt bulbs are a close contender as a standalone indoor champion of HPS grow lights, and here is why;

Key specifications

Gone are the days where you had to constantly worry about if your grow light set has a full spectrum to accommodate all stages of growth accordingly. Instead, the blue, green, and violet spectrum of this bulb does it all with flying colors!

You get to see the true power of high-pressure sodium bulbs with optimal energy usage that is 25% more efficient than the standard hps light system.

While this 1000 watt light does not include white light in its light spectrum palette, it more than makes up for it with its unique combination of 3 lights that remain relevant useful through all grow periods.

In practice, these lights can reach outputs of about 145000 lumens and get 5 years of use, with the only downside being a slight, gradual decrease of lumens.

That’s not all, as the manufacturers have a near-flawless customer service record behind their backs. All of their products are brand-new before being shipped but, if something were to happen, don’t sweat it- the company has a dedicated support team!

Responding within 24 hours while prioritizing meeting the customer’s needs, you will always have quality customer support behind your back no matter what happens.

If you want an alternative to full white LEDs built with international standards in mind, you really cannot go wrong with this purchase.

7. Phlizon CREE Cob Series LED grow light

7. Phlizon CREE Cob Series LED grow light              
  • One of the best grow lights in terms of pure power and technical superiority
  • The output completely covers canopies and has a great cover range
  • Near noiseless fans that dissipate heat effectively
  • Includes additional equipment

Running on a modern platform has its ups and downs. Yet, Philizon manages to highlight the best the new generation of grow lights has to offer while nullifying the worst, and this product exemplifies that.

The company went a step further and invested heavily in their own factory, their own development facilities, and formed a business on an international scale, and managed to become one of the top manufacturers of both colored and all-white LEDs worldwide!

With a lot of promise and potential behind its backs, you can expect that this 1000 watt light is truly more than just a couple of steps above your average LED grow light.

Key specifications

After being active for years on the international market, Philizon has implemented numerous changes in its production lines. Thus their products are a combination of both experience and science all in one.

The CREE COB series is well-known and respected for its emphasis on building up on all the vital aspects of grow light products with the intent of capitalizing on its near-flawless construction.

You would be hard-pressed to find faults in its design;

– It has one of the best PPFD in the industry, with 941 umol/m²s

– It possesses minimal light attenuation and thermal resistance

–  The entire spectrum of the light beads integrates 2pcs COB, 40 pcs 630-660nm, 6 pc 470, and many more to achieve a universal light spectrum that can be used on all plants and grant high yields

– It covers 3.5×3.5ft, which is almost double what most grow lights of similar construction can cover

– Superior cooling technology makes the product as cold as possible, and it will never be too hot to handle or pose a risk to your plants

As you can see, it truly is a high-end product, and it will work wonders for your garden, regardless of the stage of growth of your plants. It even comes with a temperature/humidity gauge!

However, it is not all sunshine and rainbows. While this is a technically superior product, the best information you can get is from the buyers themselves, and there is one thing you should be aware of- the customer service and warranty.

The company invests heavily in making a good product but lacks consistent customer service. It may take them longer to reply and activate your warranty, which is basically the only con you can find here.

All things considered, it is an upper-class grow light that has superior specs to most other competitors on the list. It may still have room for improvement but, compared to most other companies, it grows and improves with phenomenal speed, and you can expect a greater range of products from Philizon.