Golden Goddess Philodendron

Golden Goddess Philodendron Care Guide- Learn How to Make This Gorgeous Philodendron Thrive!

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Golden Goddess Philodendron is a very showy, ornamental and rare hybrid plant otherwise known as Lemon Lime Philodendron or Malay Gold Philodendron. It boasts dramatic, long and large leaves in lime green that stop traffic and lifts everyone’s spirit if displayed as a table top or on your office desk. 

Care highlights: Golden Goddess Philodendron appreciates bright indirect light, but it can survive even in low light situations. Provide good drainage, high humidity, feed monthly in spring and summer and water once a few inches of the soil are dry. Avoid direct sun.

One of the reasons why Golden Goddess Philodendron makes a popular houseplant is because it helps to purify indoor air and it is very easy to care for, even for beginner gardeners. Let’s see how!

About Golden Goddess Philodendron

  • Scientific name: Philodendron ‘Golden Goddess’ 
  • Popular names: Malay Gold Philodendron, Lime Green Philodendron
  • Family: Araceae
  • Origin: Thailand, Indonesia
  • Type: Vining plant
  • Height: 6 feet tall
  • Toxicity: Toxic
  • Pet friendly: No
  • Cold Hardy: USD zones 10 and 11
  • Display ideas: east window, shelf, tabletop, greenhouse, costa farms
  • Companion plants: Pothos, Monstera and other climbing plants

The paddle-shaped, vibrant foliage of Philodendron “Golden Goddess” has the power to brighten even the darkest of days. You will need some kind of support to help it grow upright, climb and trail, such as moss pole. Still, it is a very compact and small plant that reaches a height of 30 cm. 

Caring for Golden Goddess Philodendron is easy and enjoyable provided that you are familiar with its care requirements. What follows is a complete insight into all the relevant information regarding Golden Goddess Philodendron, so keep reading!

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Does It Prefer Strong Light?

Golden Goddess Philodendron is a fast-growing plant that enjoys medium to bright light such as east or west exposure. You can bring the plant outdoors in spring and summer in indirect light, as it appreciates good air circulation. 

However, always protect the plant from direct sunlight to prevent it from being sunburned. It is better to let it thrive in low light situations than overly bright and direct sunlight which will do the plant more damage than good. 

Golden Goddess Philodendron light requirements

What’s the Ideal Temperature?

Lime Green Philodendron does best if the room temperature is kept between 18 and 23 degrees C. Daytime temperatures should be higher than the nighttime temperatures. Keep it away from the heaters and air conditioners. 

The higher the temperature, the more moisture you will need to ensure. That’s why location of the plant matters, especially during the summer. 

Humidity Requirements

Golden Goddess Philodendron appreciates humidity levels that are slightly above average, so above 40%, that is. Some of the great ways to increase humidity are filling a tray of pebbles with water, using a humidifier or grouping watered houseplants close together. You can also mist the leaves. 

Repotted new plants also need to be exposed to higher humidity, so enclose a new pot in a plastic bag. Watch for any sign of shriveling of the leaves and if you notice that, increase humidity. 

Golden Goddess Philodendron humidity requirements

Watering- How Often?

The amount of water and the frequency of watering are the most common concerns when it comes to cultivating indoor plants. The easiest way to determine whether you should water your plant or not is to weigh it in your hands and check the soil. 

If a few inches have dried out and the pot feels light in your hand, it is time to water it. Of course, you should water more liberally in the growing season, less so in winter. 

Allow the top inch of the soil surface to dry out between watering. Be informed that sitting in water will lead the plant to develop root rot and saving it is virtually impossible sometimes. 

The Best Soil Type

Choose the pot of size 15 cm for your Golden Goddess Philodendron. The soil should be fertile, nutrient-rich and well-draining with some organic matter included so as to allow the aerial roots to grow healthy. 

Checkout the soil of Philodendron “Golden Goddess” regularly so as to prevent some common infestations. If you notice any, repot immediately.

Golden Goddess philodendron soil requirements

Repotting Essentials

Repotting should be done once the plant has outgrown its current pot. When repotting plants, sterilize the new pot and make sure it is only one size larger than the original pot. Use fresh soil and search for any undesirable signs on top leaves, stem, soil, bottom leaves and roots. Also, remove some old leaves for a fuller look. 

Philodendron “Golden Goddess” requires proper drainage to grow well, so use fresh soil and sterilized pots.

Fertilizing- Is It Necessary?

Fertilizing will support the new growth of the plant and help it turn into a stunning plant. Use a balanced fertilizer every two weeks in spring and summer.

However, this step isn’t mandatory as Philodendron “Golden Goddess” will thrive even with no fertilizer. Discontinue fertilizing in winter and fall. 

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Does It Require Pruning?

Golden Goddess Philodendron doesn’t need to be pruned at all. If you want, you can pinch back new growth to promote new leaves and maintain a compact look of your Philodendron “Golden Goddess”. Use sterilized shears or knifes to do that. 

Lemon Lime philodendron pruning

Propagation Methods

There are two easy ways to propagate Golden Goddess Philodendron: propagating in water or soil. 

Taking stem cuttings

Take stem cuttings from the tips of your healthy Philodendron “Golden Goddess” houseplants. Dip in rooting hormone and leave it onto the soil surface for a few days to callus over. Add moisture by misting and position it away from the bright window. After it has callused over, pot it in a regular pot with enough drainage holes. 

You can also grow new cuttings in water. Take stem cuttings and put them in a test tube or a jar. You need to replace water every few days. 

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Common Issues


Golden Goddess Philodendron plant is subject to few pest infestations. Some of them are mealybugs, white fly and spider mites. To remove them, wipe the leaves clean with cotton pads previously dipped in rubbing alcohol. If the infestation is more serious, give the plant a good bath with water mixed with dish soap. Your last option should be using insecticidal soaps. 


Overwatering your plant is another common occurrence. It is bound to damage plant roots. Repairing the damage created is not an easy task. One tip is to transplant the infected philodendron plant, on account that you have not noticed the infestation too late. 

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Final Words

Golden Goddess Philodendron makes a stunning table top or shelf plant. The leaves are its main feature – large, bright and vivid. As such, they brighten even the darkest of days. 

Keep it away from your pets and children as it can cause irritation if ingested. Follow the tips we have provided here and you will have nothing to worry about.

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