What Are Smart Pots Made of

What Are Smart Pots Made of

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Container gardening is not new! It is an old fantasy and can be done in both clay pot and smart pot. Recently, container gardening turned into a passion, and people worldwide are looking for high-grade smart pots of the world. Are you one of them to get excited about what smart pots are made of?

Most of the time, we face people asking if a smart pot is a perfect choice for you! In case our answer is a bit weird! You have to purchase intelligent pots depending on their construction, sizes, and manufacturer. In this guide, we talk about smart pots entirely. Now, tend to read us below.

Things to know about the original smart pots

Before starting it whole, we would like to talk about genuine, smart pots. Smart pots are usually made of fabric and invented in 1980. The progressive nurseries are excited about original fabric pots. The professionals say that nothing can beat the original pots that provide numerous benefits to the commercial growers. Let’s discuss a bit more benefits of the original smart pots. Hopefully, you do not miss it!

Firstly, smart pots are made to promote excellent drainage. If the growing trees’ moisture excess to the fabric, it will quickly get drained through the material and eliminate the root rot and parasites. 

Secondly, original smart pots are free of chemicals, DYE, and BPA. You get no risk of the harmful chemicals. They won’t be a danger and get leached into the soil. You’ll get them fertile with the earth anyway. At length, the smart pots are chemically inert. 

Thirdly, a Smart pot is an American invention and is mostly used in America. As we all know, American manufacturers are reliable to make all their pots with High Caliper Growing quality. Get the smart pot genuine over the manufacturing process. 

Fourthly, as the smart pots are engineered with High Caliper Growing quality, they are incredibly durable to get used in the garden. Be careful about the use, and you’ll get maximum lifespan through these pots. 

At length, you must know that smart pots use ‘Air Pruning’ to grow the roots, unlike root circling. The science is quite typical and endorses the presence of oxygen penetration through the fabric container. You’ll get all your roots formed finely and leave the branches to earn maximum moisture and nutrients to the process. 

Let’s discuss a bit of what smart pots are made of!

Smart pots are engineered with a cylindrical shape fabric. That’s not enough to explain a smart pot by its manufacturer. We want to specify the types of smart pots and then present them thoroughly. 

A smart pot can be specified into two different choices: Fabrics and Add-ons. What is smart pot fabric anyway? Read us below.

Smart fabric pot:

Smart pot fabric is specified in two fabric options. 

  1. The Landscape Fabric
  2. Geotextile Fabric
  • The Landscape Fabric

The landscape fabric is used under garden beds as the weed barrier that helps to prevent weed invasion. The landscape fabric is the core fabric and works against all weed barriers. 

‘GMS Count Landscape Fabric’ is a kind of fabric that is improved with the fabric’s thickness. Actually, the thicker the landscape fabric is, the heavy the pot will be! The ‘GSM Count Fabric’ weights 250g to 400g usually. 

Let’s look at the following Landscape fabric and the comparison below:

Non-woven Landscape Fabric Woven Landscape Fabric
  • This type of fabric is made of polypropylene or linen
  • Mostly made of polyester, but polypropylene sometimes
  • Engineered with maximum moisture and air and compatible with Sunlight restriction
  • Restricts sunlight, air, and moisture entirely
  • Works as a container fabric
  • Compatible with gravel landscapes
  • Constructed in porous
  • Engineered with not highly porous 
  • Pricy than woven fabrics
  • Affordable price

It is to be mentioned that full smart pots are made of non-woven landscape fabrics. You should purchase from non-woven construction as the choice will bring the most benefits of fabric pots.

  • Geotextile Fabric

Here we go with our 2nd fabric option, and it is ‘Geotextile Fabric.’ It is an upgrade version of landscape fabric pots. Usually, the ‘Geotextile Fabric’ is made of polypropylene or polyester. All of the smart pots available worldwide are improved in both woven and non-woven states. The pots are mostly UV-resistant and used as an additional safety layer.

Let me explain the advantage and disadvantage of the Geotextile fabric in a row; check below:

Advantage Disadvantage
  • Penetrable for air and oxygen
  • Very decomposing for the sun’s effect 
  • Restricts the sun’s decomposing effects
  • Short lifespan
  • Affordable pricing
  • Not suitable for above-ground garden
  • Build to last long
  • UV-treated.


In this guide, we have tried showing you the benefits that are earned from smart pots. Besides, you know what smart pots are made of. Did you like the conversation anyway? Unfortunately, a wave of brands is involved with consumer-grade smart pots manufacturing. Will you believe all of the manufacturers? Not all of the brands are worthy of your trust and money. Here we go with a few tips that will help you choose between genuine and fake smart pots. 

  1. Don’t choose from china manufacturers as we have researched their products and got a lack of durability and quality. 
  2. Before purchasing, be mindful of not choosing your smart pots with BPA and harmful dyes. It will be detrimental to your plants. 
  3. The genuine, smart pots are engineered with extra stitching and telltale ability and don’t get damaged even if filled with maximum soil. 
  4. Genuine products will give you all solutions to the drainage and other root circling problems. Also, the legit way to get the smart pots is by choosing from authentic American-made quality. 

Hopefully, you are blessed with the original quality. Let us know more about the smart pots query, and we shall answer you thoroughly. Thanks for being with us.