rare tropical indoor plants

Top 10 List of Rare Tropical Plants to Grow Indoors

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The magnitude of change tropical plants can create indoors, as well as within any scenery is a thing of legend at this point. It is not uncommon to see them used as centerpieces for promoting favorable vacation regions. The splendor of vegetation-rich countries and the diversity they can bring to your backyard, but can the benefits of exotic tropical plants benefit your indoor home conditions?

The answer is yes. You can recreate a truly unique tropical atmosphere and build mini-vacation areas that bring the tropical environment to your home while remaining relatively hassle-free. Here are a couple of great options for tropical plants indoors:

  1. Bird of paradise
  2. White batflower plant
  3. Lithops
  4. Dragon tree
  5. Yucca plant
  6. Ponytail palm tree
  7. Elephant ear plant
  8. Butterfly plant
  9. Crassula umbella
  10. Rhipsalis ramulosa

Let’s talk about all of these rare tropical plants you can grow indoors, in order to learn more about them and what kind of care they need to grow as they should.

1. Bird of Paradise

bird of paradise is among top 10 tropical plants indoors

A truly spectacular specimen of mother nature’s endless variations of magnificence, this stunningly beautiful flowering plant makes for an excellent addition to your exotic house plants. Both in terms of its aesthetic qualities and overall maintenance requirements.

This upright exotic queen of indoor plants is unparalleled when it comes to adding a rich flair to your home. It blooms a couple of times a year while remaining a breeze to provide care for, especially in bright, sunny environments.

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2. White Batflower Plant

white batflower

This plant is a perfect choice for a gardener who wants to add one of the plant kingdom’s strangest specimens to his collection of rare tropical plants you can grow indoors.

When you notice long bracts that take the shape of whiskers, hanging below the cluster of the plant’s purple foliage, it is almost impossible not to stop and take a good long look at this beauty. Placed right above the flowers themselves, you can notice a pair of white bracts that resemble genuine bat wings. That served as the inspiration for this plant’s exclusive name.

The catch is getting your hands on these plants, which tend to be shipped exclusively through the mail due to their rarity. When you do get one for yourself, it’s a breeze to cater to their needs and enjoy their unending wonder.

3. Lithops


These plants are a gardening connoisseur’s favorite as they sport a unique shape that gives them the name “Pebble plants.” Their monikers include the flowering stones, living stones, mimicry plants, and many others.

Despite being tiny plants in size (their height rarely goes beyond an inch), they are nearly effortless to care for. They make for great plants in pretty much any area in your home. They also come in differential colorations, which include gray, rust, brown, green, and, in more rare cases, pink!

4. Dragon Tree

dragon tree indoor

This plant is drastically different than most of the rare tropical plants you can grow indoors. It is a tree that can go up to 25 feet in height! You must be asking yourself, “How can I put such a huge tree in my home?”

It is quite simple. These trees grow depending on the room they have, so if you plant it in a small container, it grows according to the given size it has to expand. You can adapt its growth s you wish.

They are remarkably forgiving for beginner gardeners to grow, offering their signature green sword-like red edge leaves within a short timespan. Their beauty is a genuinely wondrous spectacle to behold, and it is available in almost any home environment.

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5. Yucca Plant

yucca plant indoor

Yucca plants are among the easiest to grow. You can go so far as to say that they appreciate periodic periods of neglect. They are legendary for their drought resistance and ability to withstand full sunlight exposure without any protection – a real tropical beauty!

Many of its varieties have clusters of white flowers that appear during the summer. It enriches their beautiful trees, forming a sight replicated straight out of a tropical jungle. It puts it nicely within the exotic houseplants category.

6. Ponytail Palm Tree

ponytail palm indoors

An increasingly popular choice, these types of palms are visually stunning, with prolonged curly leaves and sleek trunks that make them a welcome sight both indoors and outdoor environments.

Their long leaves appear as thin strands of hair that allows them to form a ponytail-like appearance. As far as tropical plants go, it has seen an increase in popularity, mainly due to its astounding succulent qualities.

They are so forgiving that you can keep them in the dark for prolonged periods before reintroducing them to direct sunlight without any problems at all!

7. Elephant Ear Plant

elephant ear plant

If you like gigantic, veiny leaves on a six-foot-tall plant that is resilient enough to fall in the low-maintenance category and still offer beautiful, tropical foliage, you can’t go wrong with this plant.

The plant itself comes with diverse variations, including colors such as black, purple, and green. It is excellently adapted for living within a constrained container. This ensures that you have complete control over how much it grows.

These plants are excellent examples of tropical houseplants. However, becoming familiar with it is a great idea before deciding if it is the right choice for you.

8. Butterfly Plant

butterly plant indoors

The unique shape of the butterfly plant, which sports triangular-shaped leaves adorned with a variety of colored stripes, is a fantastic addition to any exotic indoor plants garden.

Despite how fascinating this species of plants are, they require gentle handling. Your best chances of growing these beauties revolve around catering to their needs by providing indirect light and sticking to tight watering schedules.

Get those things right, and you can be sure that you will have yourself a long-lived plant that will be a fantastic conversation starter.

9. Crassula umbella

crassula umbella indoors

This succulent plant is among the best additions for growing indoor tropical house plants due to its unique shape and easy learning curve regarding its handling. It’s also one of the best decorating plants that you can place within any adequately-lighted room.

Its waxy, cup-shaped leaves encircle a strong but flexible stalk with a center colored in combinations of pink and red. It really does turn heads!

10. Rhipsalis ramulosa

rhipsalis ramulosa indoors

A native of South and Central America, the ”Red Coral” plant is a mainstay within the gardening world. It is becoming one of the more common tropical houseplants due to its fantastic aesthetic qualities and hassle-free attribute.

Despite being classified within the cactus family, it is entirely spike-free, and it possesses stunning, flat leaves that fall downwards. It makes them suitable for hanging gardens and pots alike.

Final Thoughts on Tropical Plants Indoors

We’ve gone over 10 of the rarest tropical plants you can grow indoors whenever you want. Pick one and create a tropical environment in your own home.