8 Beautiful Indoor Succulents for East Facing Windows

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East-facing windows act as a source of light for the succulent plants grown inside a house. The windows also expose the plants to indirect sunlight during morning and afternoon hours. The windows are in high demand during the winter season due to too much moisture on the surface with less or no adequate sunlight.

When placing succulent plants indoors, consider purchasing the best plants that can survive best in your house. Also, ensure that your East facing window allows light to pass through during morning and afternoon hours. Once your plants have absorbed enough sunlight, ensure you shade the plants by removing them from direct afternoon sunlight.

Eight beautiful indoor succulent plants

       i. succulents east facing windowChocolate soldier plant

The chocolate soldier plant is also known as the panda plant. The plants have adaptive features that enable them to grow well in a dry environment. Moreover, the plants can grow well indoors while using light from the East facing windows.

 The adaptive features include thick leaves to store water for a long time used during dry conditions to protect the plant from withering and falling off. Also, the chocolate soldier plants have leaves covered with fur to prevent excess moisture evaporation during hot weather conditions.

Fur-like features also do not absorb too much heat, therefore, bouncing back heat once it hits the leave surfaces hence protecting the leaves from too much water loss. The plants require low light to grow and survive in the indoor environment. Due to their adaptive feature of using low light, they can use light from East facing windows.

     ii. Mother-in-law’s tongueMother-in-law’s tongue

This indoor succulent plant is also known as a snake plant and is considered the best in cleaning environmental air. The plant absorbs toxic gases such as benzene from the air and, in return, emits consistent oxygen amounts into the environment.

The plant has adaptive features that help them survive in dry environmental conditions, especially the indoor environment. For instance, they have large leaves with a splash-like appearance that gives the plant a beautiful appearance that attracts houseguests.

In addition to that, when the plants are exposed to indirect sunlight that passes through the East facing windows and produces white-green flowers, which improves the appearance of your room and improves focus after touching them. Moreover, the plant leaves provide fresh air to the environment.

  iii. Aloe Vera plantAloe Vera plant

Aloe Vera plants are the most preferred succulent plants for indoor growing and keeping. The plants require less attention since they have adaptive features that help them survive the dry and harsh environment. For instance, Aloe Vera plants have attractive leaves, which improve the general appearance of your room.

Secondly, the Aloe Vera plant requires indirect sunlight to survive. Due to their feature of using low light, they are suitable for places with East facing windows. For instance, rooms and bathrooms with east-facing windows allow indirect sunlight during the morning and afternoon. The plants absorb adequate light that helps them survive in the indoor environment.

Exposing Aloe Vera to too much heat causes sunburns and scorch leaves. Therefore, ensure you provide shade for your plants once exposed to too much heat to protect plants from withering due to excess water loss from the surface.

Finally, the Aloe Vera plant is useful during unintended accidents such as body burns. It is used as a medicine to relieve ulcer pains, skin burns and also moisturizes the skin to make it smooth and soft. In addition to that, the aloe Vera plant nourishes hairs.

  iv. Senecio rowleyanusSenecio rowleyanus

The succulent plant has leaves that are beaded to give the plant a beautiful appearance. The appearance improves the appearance of the room. The plant also looks like a necklace since it has strings of pearls. The plant is easy to care for and manage as it requires minimum light that passes through the East facing window.

     v. Crown of thorns plantsCrown of thorns plants

Crown of thorn plants, when exposed to indirect sunlight via an east-facing window, pinkish, red, and yellow flowers are produced that improve the internal décor of the room. Since they require minimum light for survival, they are best used in places with East facing windows such as offices, bathrooms, and even your house rooms.

The succulent plant has sharp thorns that are black to prevent excessive water loss once exposed to too much light. The thorns have health effects when they are handled well. For instance, they can cause skin discomfort and irritate eyes once handled without proper and protective clothing such as gloves, gumboots, and full sleeve shirts.

Caring for the succulent plant is less costly and easy. For instance, the plants require only minimum water when watering. Overwatering the succulent plant rots and kills the whole plant. Therefore, ensure you use minimum water and indirect sunlight to prevent the plants from dying and sunburns.

  vi. Sedum morganianum (burrow’s tail)Sedum morganianum

A succulent plant has a stunning appearance that looks exactly like a donkey tail. The appearance is unique and attractive to both houseguests and users and also improves the house appearance. Their leaves have a tear-shape which prevents excessive water loss when exposed to direct sunlight.

Moreover, the plants require less light, hence suitable for offices, bathrooms, and east-facing windows. Also, the burrow’s tail plant produces purple-pinkish flower flowers when exposed to indirect sunlight, especially during the spring season. The beautiful flowers give the plant an incredible and attractive look from far.

vii. Jade plantJade plant

The money plant has unique leaves that are easily identified from far. The plant requires less light to grow and survive in a dry environment. Therefore, the plants can grow on their own, suitable for growing in places with east-facing windows such as workplace offices.

Pink flowers produced during the summer season when the plant is exposed to adequate light improves the room’s appearance. The plant also has thick leaves and stems that help them survive in the indoor environment.

viii. Sedum ternatum plantSedum ternatum plant

During the summer or spring season, the plants produce attractive flowers which are whitish. The beautiful flowers improve focus, especially when fleshly smelled or touched. Moreover, the flowers also enhance the appearance of one’s office or guest and hence pleasing work and houseguests.

Woodland stonecrop plants require less light to survive. They also have adaptive features which make them survive in a dry indoor environment. Also, the succulent plants give your room a cozy appearance and comfortability. Moreover, the plants require minimum water during watering since overwatering kills the plant.

The plants require minimum care because of their adaptive features and require maintenance such as well-balanced nutrients, exposure to indirect light, and minimum water amount.

Frequently asked questions:

  • Which soil requirements can I consider when growing indoor succulent plants?

Succulent plants can survive in a dry environment as long as they are maintained and cared for as recommended. Consider the following before growing succulent plants in your home.

  • Select and grow plants with the exact requirements together. If you grow different species in the same pot, it will require you to pay extra attention to the other plants.
  • Ensure you use sandy soil that has good drainage features.
  •  Apply well-balanced nutrients to the plants.
  • Use adequate water when watering the plants.


Succulent plants can grow anywhere as long as there is adequate sunlight. East-facing windows are preferred to other windows because the plants can get morning sun. Finally, ensure you alternate the plants in the morning and afternoon for them to get adequate light.

Above all, ensure you follow recommendations when growing succulent plants for East facing windows. Also, ensure you manage and care for the succulent plant you have planted as required.