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11 Low Light Succulent For Desk & Coffee Table

Low light, succulent plants can be used for desk and coffee tables to improve the room’s appearance and the desk table. Moreover, succulent plants please your guests. Most of the succulent plants used in desks and coffee tables require indirect sunlight to prevent leaves from sunburns and wither due to quick moisture evaporation from the leaves.

Low-light succulent plants are preferred for desk and coffee tables since they occupy a small space and require low light for survival. Several succulent plants may be used at desks and coffee tables. For instance, Jade plant and ball cactus can enhance the interior décor of the desk office and coffee table.

Eleven low-light, succulent plants are used in desk and coffee tablesEleven low-light, succulent plants are used in desk and coffee tables

Low light, succulent plants are primarily used in coffee tables due to the following reasons;

  • The plants please house and office guests because of their beautiful natural appearance. Succulent plants such as ball cactus have bright red flowers which interest your home or office guests.
  •  Succulent plants improve the appearance of your home or office, especially when placed on desk or coffee tables. Due to their colorful flowers and flowery shape, the plants make your office or house more attractive and pleasing.
  • Succulent plants require minimum care, little light and less amount of water to grow. Less maintenance saves a lot of time and expenses, especially for people who are occupied too much.
  • Succulent plants absorb gases such as benzene released to the environment, providing fresh, clean air to the individuals at the office desk or home users.
  • The plants release a lot of oxygen and absorb a lot of carbon(iv)oxide hence providing fresh air to your office or desk.
  • Sometimes, succulent plants improve your daily mood after a soft touch. Succulent plants usually feel smooth and greenery when touching hence resting your mind and improving your daily activities.

11 succulent plants are preferred for desk and coffee tables

1.  succulents coffee table deskAloe Vera plant

Aloe Vera plant is commonly used in desk and coffee tables due to its minimum light requirements. Moreover, aloe Vera can be used as medicine at homes in case of unintended accidents such as small burns and skin discomforts.

Aloe Vera succulent plant has many features that result in it being used for coffee and desk tales. For instance, the plant requires minimum light to survive. Secondly, the plant smoothes your dry skin leaving the skin fresh and soft. Lastly, the plant can be used as medicine when treating illnesses such as ulcers.

2. Cactus plantCactus plant

Cactus plants add beauty to your house and office when placed on coffee and office tables. The plants require less water and indirect sunlight to avoid withering, rotting if too much water is used, and sunburns. If you expose the plant to too much sunlight, the leaves will turn into yellow color and begin to wither.

Due to their spiky and attractive features, they are preferred for desk and coffee tables to please guests. Also, they require minimum maintenance. Finally, the bright color, especially for the moonlight colors, add beauty and style to your coffee or desk tables

3. Snake succulent plantSnake succulent plant

Snake plants have adaptive features on a low amount of water and less light for their survival. They are used on coffee and desk tables because of their air freshening features. The plants are considered to clean dirty air from the environment.

The plants absorb dirt air substances such as benzene, and in return, they release oxygen to the environment. The oxygen that is emitted to the office and house is clean and safe for human health in terms of gas intake.

4. Jade succulent plantsJade succulent plants

Jade plants add style to your coffee and desk tables due to the pink or white flowers produced once the plant absorbs enough light and gets well-balanced nutrients. Therefore, the features make the jade plant preferable for desk and coffee table use.

Moreover, the jade plant also requires minimum maintenance and adopts all environments, whether hot, warm, but not moist environments. Moist environments result from planting, rotting and curling off. Therefore, ensure you keep your jade plant placed on the coffee or desk table away from too much water and ensure you drain excess water from the containers.

5. Sedum morangium plantsSedum morangium plants

Sedum moranguim is commonly known as Burrows Tail. The plants produce pinkish flowers when exposed to indirect sunlight. The pink color improves the interior décor of the room and enhances the coffee and desk table style.

The plant also adds beauty to your office and home hence pleasing the new guests visiting your area. The plant also adapts many survival mechanisms such as thick leaves and long stems to store the water required for survival.

6. Cotyledon tomentosa plantCotyledon tomentosa plant

The succulent plants are also known as bear paws. Once the plant is used on a desk or coffee table, the desired style is achieved because of its orange flowers. In addition to that, bear paw plants are preferred because they have an orange flower that adds beauty to your office and room. Also, the plants do not require much attention when managing them.

7. Moss plantMoss plant

Moss succulent plants are placed on desks or coffee tables due to their air-purifying nature. Moss plants provide clean air by absorbing all inappropriate gases such as benzene. Moss emits clean air or oxygen to your office or home, depending on where you have positioned your succulent plants.

8. Ponytail palm succulent plantsPonytail palm succulent plants

Ponytail palm plants have features that make them preferred for the coffee table and desk decoration. For instance, the plants have bright colors that style the coffee and desk table. The plants also improve the appearance of your office or room.

Moreover, the plants are recommended for coffee and desk placement because they require less maintenance and less light to survive. Ponytail palm plants also have thick stems that store the water needed to survive, especially when exposed to much light.

9. Hens and chicks succulent plantsHens and chicks succulent plants

The succulent plants are used on coffee or desk tables since they have a lovely shape that attracts and pleases the guests in the house or office. Also, the plants add more beauty to your coffee table. Moreover, the plants help an individual to focus, especially when they are touched.

In addition to that, hens and chick’s plants produce flowers when exposed to adequate sunlight, resulting in beautiful white and red flowers that improve the room’s appearance. Ensure you use less water when watering the plants to avoid rotting your succulent plant.

10. Maidenhair Fern plantMaidenhair Fern plant

Maidenhair fern is commonly placed on the coffee and desk tables to prevent the leaves from scorching. The plant has a perfect shape that improves the appearance of the room. Also, the plants remove toxic gases from the desk room and coffee area to continuously supply oxygen to the environment for human consumption.

11. Senecio Radicans plantsSenecio Radicans plants

Senecio plants style the coffee table or desk table by providing enough bright colored flowers. The flowers please house guests and freshen your office or room air by removing toxic substances such as benzene.


When placing succulent plants in your coffee or desk, consider purchasing low-light succulent plants such as aloe Vera and put them in the desired position to style your coffee and desk tables.

Luckily, the above information will help you choose the best low-light succulent plant for your coffee or desk tables. Also, ensure you care for the succulent plant you have chosen for your desk or coffee table.