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Small Houseplants- 30+ Small and Undemanding Indoor Plants

You want to try growing indoor plants, but your space is very small and limited. You are worried that plants might outgrow their pot quickly and spread beyond control.

Have you considered purchasing small house plants? Here is a list of 30+ compact and undemanding small indoor plants to try.

small houseplants

30+ Small Houseplants

Air Plants

Though they’re called air plants, they need more than air to survive as indoor plants. They are among the favorite small indoor plants, both for beginner and experienced gardeners.

Air plants need bright light, humidity, water, and a place to anchor themselves. Soak each air plant thoroughly and mist them in between.

Air Plants- small houseplants

Nerve Plant

Nerve plant or mosaic plant is a compact species that can reach 15 cm in height. It has stunning leaf patterns, but it demands bright light and high humidity to keep that striking feature.

Grow it in a bathroom, kitchen, or terrarium. Mist daily. Some direct light in the fall will do it well.

nerve plant

Spider Plant

Most gardeners describe the dangling plantlets as “spiders”, while others call them “airplanes”. Both evoke pictures of plants in the air and that’s how the plant got its name. Keep spider plants evenly moist and the humidity high.

How To Keep Cats Away From Spider Plants?

Snake plants

Snake plant has become a collectible with the sharp edges of the thick leaves. It is commonly used as a low-light plant, yet it prefers bright sun. When it comes to watering, this plant doesn’t require too much water.

snake plant

Aloe Vera Plants

Aloe vera or medicine plant is a succulent plant that can grow leaves up to 60 cm tall and it will send out yellow tubular-shaped flowers if given the right amount of light. Grow them in a well-drained potting mix, allowing them to dry between waterings.

Aloe aristata and Aloe brevifolia also make great ideas for small displays. You can grow them in tiny cans with decorative stones or in these succulent pots.


Fairy Washboard

This is a diminutive native African succulent that doesn’t need high light to thrive indoors. The ridges of the leaves resemble a tiny washboard, hence the very name. As the plant grows, the leaves begin turning in a spiral fashion. Use well-drained cacti and succulent potting mix.

Fairy Washboard

Venus Flytrap

This is a carnivorous plant that attracts insects, captures them, and devours their nutrients. They need bright light, high humidity, a highly acidic potting mix with peat moss. Provide a cold spot during the dormancy period, for 5 months during the winter season.

venus flytrap


Hyancinth has been favored for a long time as an indoor display due to its intense perfume and rich colors. Plant them in autumn to enjoy their colorful blooms a few months later. Provide filtered sun, low humidity, but keep them out of your pets’ reach.



Tulipa “Red Riding Hood” is one of the most popular species with its fiery red flowers and vividly contrasting maroon- and green-striped leaves. They are perfect for the indoor culture and it is best to group several individual pots in a large metal tray for a fuller display.

Fill it with moss. Don’t overwater, but keep the moss damp.



Kalanchoe blossfeldiana or Flaming Katy is an attractive, compact plant from Madagascar. It can reach a height of 38 cm and produces small, tubular flowers in red, orange, pink, or yellow. It likes direct sunlight and barely moist soil. Paddle Plant is another small indoor plant in the same genus that favors bright indirect light. Overwatering can lead to root rot.



Cineraria is a small indoor plant that features daisy-like flowers covering the bright green heart-shaped leaves. This makes it ideal as a lovely, small flowering gift.

Cineraria- small houseplany

Tail Flower

This house plant features dramatic, arrow-shaped, deep green leaves and elegant waxy flowers. The blooms come in white, red, and dark burgundy in the form of a tear-shaped spathe and a long spadix. Display it in a modern pot.

Provide filtered sun, moderate humidity, and regular room temperature.


Jade Plants

Jade plant is also known as Money Tree, but it is a small plant nevertheless, don’t worry. It has thick stems and fleshy, oval leaves with red edges.

It might be tricky to grow it, but only for inexperienced gardeners – the trickiest part being soil, and of course, watering.

So, if you are wondering what is the best soil for indoor jade plants, just don’t overthink. No need to buy some fancy succulent soil or a potting mix. A simple Miracle Gro Mix will do the job. As for watering, it’s impossible to even offer an estimate.

I water mine once a week, since this succulent doesn’t particularly like moisture. But that’s because the air over here is pretty humid. Try not to splash its leaves with water!

Jade Plant Propagation

Polka Dot Plants

Polka Dot Plant is compact and very colorful, featuring heart-shaped leaves adorned with pink, red, or cream spots. Grow it in a terrarium or bottle garden.

Provide moderate humidity, bright light and regular temperatures of at least 18 degrees C. This will keep your Polka Dot indoor plants happy and thriving.

Polka Dot Plant

Chihuahua Flower

This small indoor plant has a very tight rosette of white-rimmed, gray leaves and starry pink blooms, shooting out from the center of the rosette.

Provide filtered sun, low humidity and allow the compost to dry.

Tacitus bellus

Living Stones

Lithops are very well-known succulent indoor plants that look like flat-topped stones. You may witness the sight of white, daisy-like flowers in fall.

Provide direct sun, low humidity, and water slightly more in autumn, and only to prevent the leaves from shriveling in winter and late summer.


Radiator Plant

This indoor plant is a heart-shaped species with an intriguing texture. It has long, thin, cream summer flowers that look like candlewicks.

Provide light shade, high humidity and grow it in soil that contains perlite.

peperomia perciliata

Missionary Plant

This plant has loose apple-green round leaves that make it an intriguing display, especially attractive in a white pot. It looks best on a windowsill or table.

Provide light shade, moderate humidity, and keep just lightly moist in winter.

Chinese Money Plant

Donkey’s Tail

This species of Sedum has rope-like stems full of tiny round leaves that add texture to a display. It is a perfect focal point, especially when flowers appear at the tips of stems.

These interesting plants require filtered sun and low humidity. They can tolerate low light to an extent, but don’t overdo it.

Sedum morganianum


Cacti are usually small, compact and undemanding, ideal for a tiny space. They look exceptionally beautiful in cans and cups. Such species are Old Man Cactus, Pincushion Cactus, or Devil’s Tongue.

They prefer a sunny windowsill, infrequent watering and regular humidity. Some species favor a south-facing window, so make sure to check the specific requirements for individual cacti that you own.


Asparagus Fern

This plant has a somewhat delicate appearance, but don’t let it trick you that it is a fussy grower – it isn’t.

Provide light shade, moderate humidity, and mist occasionally to keep the foliage healthy.

Asparagus Fern

String of Pearls Plant

This plant has slender, thread-like stems embroidered with pea-like leaves that resemble pearls, hence the very name. It is a perfect candidate plant for beginners due to its easy care and leaves’ ability to retain moisture.

Provide adequate lighting conditions such as filtered sun, low humidity, and make sure your pets don’t ingest it.

String of Pearls


This Mexican hybrid plant features small, red, pink, or blue flowers that are held on a slim stem above a rosette of lime green foliage. The sticky mucilage is known to trap insects like fungus gnats. Your other plants will benefit from being friends with it.

Provide filtered sun, moderate humidity, and water using distilled water. Water sparingly in winter to avoid root rot.


Begonia “Rumba”

Begonia “Rumba” is a red-leaved species of the genus Begonia, extremely elegant and lush. The leaves are adorned with almost red markings and red undersides.

Stand the plant in filtered sun, provide moderate humidity and keep the compost moist, but not wet. If there isn’t enough natural light, consider using fluorescent light.

Begonia "Rumba"

African Violets

African violets make popular gifts and flowers for long periods of time. They are available in many colors, including pink, red, purple, or white.

Provide filtered sun, moderate humidity, and feed using a balanced liquid fertilizer on a monthly basis between spring and late summer. Water African violets when the soil is somewhat dry.

African Violets

Cape Jasmine

Gardenia jasminoides is a mini shrub featuring round, sweetly scented white flowers and glossy, dark green leaves. It reaches 60 cm in height.

Provide filtered sun, high humidity, but keep your pets away.

Cape Jasmine

Never-Never Plant

This plant features a profusion of striped deep and light green leaves with red undersides. It is undemanding and compact, ideal for adding glamour to a bright room.

Provide filtered light, moderate humidity and mist occasionally to elevate humidity levels.

Prayer Plant

Peace Lily

Peace Lily is an elegant houseplant featuring glossy green leaves and large white flowers. The bloom are long-lasting and appear in spring. It helps to reduce air pollutants.

Provide light shade and moderate humidity, but keep your pets at bay.

Peace Lily

Baby Tears

Baby tears plant is another one on the list of small plants that makes an attractive hanging planter or table piece. It favors bright indirect sunlight, minimal watering, well-draining soil and it is ideal for a small space.

Baby’s Tears

Maidenhair Fern

Maidenhair ferns are popular plants originating from North America. Their shiny, dark leaf stalks resemble human hair.

They prefer indirect sunlight, regular room temperatures, and moist soil without waterlogging. Avoid direct sunlight.

Adiantum - Maidenhair Fern


Echeverias are popular succulent houseplants that have fleshy, mid-green triangular leaves arranged in a rosette around the short stem. They are often sharply pointed and waxy – extremely showy attention-grabbers.

They like direct sunlight, normal room temperatures, and barely moist soil.

3rd prize Crassula Group – Echeveria Subgroup max pot size 14cm

Busy Lizzie

This plant in the genus Impatiens features a profusion of round flowers in shades of pink, red, white and orange, as well as deep green or bronzed foliage. It injects splashes of bright color into a display.

Provide light shade, moderate humidity and regular temperatures.


Final Word

There is a wide array of interesting small indoor plants to choose from. Some of them are air plants, jade plants, polka dot plants, nerve plants, and African violets. They are low-maintenance plants that fit tiny spaces.

When cultivating most of the small house plants on the list, you will have to provide bright indirect light, moderate humidity, and well-draining soil. Most of them are toxic too, so check the requirements of each plant that you own and make sure you develop adequate plant care habits.