Plants And Crops You Can Regrow From Cuttings- How To Grow Them

Plants And Crops You Can Regrow From Cuttings- How To Do It Successfully?

Have you ever wondered how great it would be to have your own garden with fresh vegetable, so you wouldn’t have to eat those medium quality products from the supermarkets? Well, don’t worry! Here, I will show you the list of plants and crops you can regrow from cuttings, so you would have the endless supply of fresh vegetable whenever you desire.

Apart from the list itself, I will give some common tips on how to grow these plants and crops from cuttings, so even if you are new to gardening, you will have the opportunity to learn here.

Without any further delay, let us begin!

Plants And Crops You Can Regrow From Cuttings

1. Lettuce

Plants And Crops You Can Regrow From Cuttings

If you like lettuce or otherwise called green salad, you know that the ones you can get from the supermarket are not as good as the ones you sometimes find in home gardens. With that being said, you will probably want to know how to regrow it once you harvest the produce.

So the way to regrow the lettuce from the already grown offspring is that you need to get a bowl or a pot with water in the bottom, and put the cuttings in water. It is important to put the pot in a sunny location, because all plants require sunlight to grow, amongst other things.

Then, you should spray the leaves and cuttings you put inside the pot with water several times a week for some time.

After you notice that roots and a new set of leaves have grown, you should move the plant to the soil where it will grow better.

2. Celery

Plants And Crops You Can Regrow From Cuttings

Another useful vegetable is celery. You can easily grow and regrow celery at home, with just a little patience.

The process is very simple. First, you need to separate the bottom part of the celery, called a base, and put it in a pot with a small amount of warm water inside of it.

Then, you need to find a suitable location for the plant. Celery, like many other plants, prefers direct sunlight over artificial light, so you should make sure to try to find the appropriate spot for it, so it could grow healthy and strong.

After you have noticed that the leaves have grown thick and a bit alongside the base of the plant, you could think about moving it to the soil where you can continue growing it.

It really doesn’t require much work and you can get a very useful and healthy vegetable in your own garden, which is very good.

3. Green Onions

Plants And Crops You Can Regrow From Cuttings

I was personally very interested in this vegetable since I like green onion a lot, so I was very curious if it is hard to grow it by yourself. The answer is: definitely not!

What you need to do is take some green onion roots and put them in a simple pot or even glass and add some water, just enough amount to cover the roots. You should change the water every couple of days, so it would stay fresh and give enough minerals to the plant.

Now you just need to play a waiting game, so be patient. It doesn’t take much to grow green onions, so don’t be afraid. It usually takes around one week to regrow new onions, so it is not too much time to wait.

4. Avocado

Plants And Crops You Can Regrow From Cuttings

I am one of those people who doesn’t like avocado that much, but I thought it is worthy enough to make this list.

The way to regrow avocado is a bit more delicate than with previous plants. First, the same as before, you need to get a container with water.

Then you put the avocado seeds in the water, but not fully, because only the bottom part of the seed should be in the water. You could use toothpicks in order to elevate the seed to an appropriate level, so it wouldn’t sink in.

Pot or bowl you used, should be kept in a warm spot, but it shouldn’t be exposed to direct sunlight, because avocado doesn’t seem to like it much. The water level will eventually decrease, so make sure to check it every day and add more if necessary.

When you notice that roots appear and stem grows to around 6 inches, you should cut it so it is 3 inches long, and when you notice some leaves, you should move the seed into the soil, with one half of it in the soil and the other above.

5. Ginger

Plants And Crops You Can Regrow From Cuttings

Ginger is a very healthy and useful plant to grow in your home. It is fairly simple to grow it and it doesn’t require much time and effort to do so.

The way to do this is to take a couple of roots and plant them in the soil. You need to make sure that buds are turned to the side where they are facing upwards.

When you notice that new roots have grown, you can harvest the plant and use it. Like I said, very easy and very hurtless process. Once the plant is ready to be used, you can put it in tea, since it is known for its abilities to boost immunity and help you with colds.

6. Garlic

Plants And Crops You Can Regrow From Cuttings

Apart from its vampire-repelling abilities, garlic is also very useful for your health. It helps protect you against cold and despite being a bit more hated because of its smell, it is a very important vegetable, which you should grow by yourself if you have the means.

And it is not so hard to grow it at all. All you need is a bit of will, a pot of soil and some sunlight.

First of all, you need to plant a piece of garlic in the soil, with the addition that roots should be in the soil, of course.

The plant should be kept in a warm spot with access to direct sunlight if possible because garlic really likes to be in warm and sunny places.

Once you see that there are new shoots, you should remove the old ones and wait until the bulb appears. That moment will tell you that the new garlic is ready to be harvested and used.

7. Fennel

Plants And Crops You Can Regrow From Cuttings

Growing fennel is somewhat similar to growing celery. So, it is fairly easy to do it, as you will soon see. You need to take a bit of base, around 1 inch of it and put it in the water.

It should be kept in a spot with direct access to the sunlight because that is the way it likes it. Having the direct light is very important because in that case, the plant will grow to be in perfect shape and health.

Once you notice that new roots have grown and that there are some new green shoots, you should move it into the soil where it should soon be ready for harvest and use.

8. Basil

Plants And Crops You Can Regrow From Cuttings

Basil is often used as an addition to some food, thus being a very useful plant to have in your household. It is fairly easy to grow and regrow from cuttings, so there is no reason not to do it.

The way to do it is to take the stem of basil and put it in a jar of water and make sure that leaves are not in the water since they could contaminate it and hurt the future growths.

The jar should be put in the very bright spot, but it is not recommended to keep it on direct sunlight, so you need to pick the right location for it.

When you notice that roots are a couple of inches long, you should move it to soil and regrow it from there.

9. Cilantro

Plants And Crops You Can Regrow From Cuttings

Cilantro is grown from stem almost in the same way as basil, so what you need to do is take a couple of stems and put their bottom sides in the water.

Same as basil, cilantro doesn’t like direct sunlight but also requires a very bright area in order for the growth to be successful and healthy, so you will need to find the perfect spot for it before you start the process.

And again, when you notice that the roots gained at their length, around a couple of inches long, you should think about moving it to the soil, for the benefits of future growth.

10. Turnip

Plants And Crops You Can Regrow From Cuttings

Turnip is one of the most commonly used vegetables in a lot of meals, so it is a good idea to have it in your home garden.

The way you grow it is that first, you need to put the top part of turnip in a jar of water and wait until you notice green tops. That will be the sign that your plant is ready to be moved to the soil where it can continue to grow.


1. Can I grow garlic with artificial light?

Yes, most of the plants can grow under the artificial sunlight. However, you shouldn’t expect the same quality product as it is the case with those who were grown under the direct sunlight.

Have you tried regrowing vegetables before? What were the results? Do you know of any easy tricks for better effects? Tell us your secret!