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Hold Your Breath as 15+ Most Fragrant Flowers Are About to Enchant You!

A beautiful, flowery garden has always been one of the most coveted areas of a household. Every king and queen had, and still has a troop of gardeners who carefully select the most beautiful, most fragrant flowers to decorate the gardens.

A garden is something where all your senses thrive – you can hear the buzzing of birds and insects, you can see different shades of blue, pink, purple, yellow, or white, and you can finally enjoy the floral scent.

Here’s the list of the most fragrant flowers:

  1. Rose
  2. Lily of the Valley
  3. Honeysuckle
  4. Hyacinth
  5. Lavender
  6. Freesia
  7. Mock Orange
  8. Jasmine
  9. Gardenia
  10. Sweet Alyssum
  11. Heliotrope
  12. Lilac
  13. Sweet Pea
  14. Lilies
  15. Nicotiana
  16. Dianthus
  17. Viburnum
  18. Primrose

Some scented flowers have a very strong scent that can be enjoyed from afar, while others are just so fragrant that they can delight you only if you come close and smell them or touch them.

I have written this article and listed some of the most fragrant flowers there are and delight yourself in your own scented garden -outdoor or indoors.

Without further ado, let’s take a closer look at 15+ most adorable and most fragrant flowers:


Botanical name: Rosa spp.

Hardiness zones 3 – 11

No garden is complete without a fragrant rose, and this is why it ended up as number one on the list. Roses are favorite among gardeners and flower lovers alike. A rose can be planted almost anywhere in the world.

You just need to pay attention to which rose species can grow in your specific zone. The rose is a flower mainly bread for its looks and there are dozens of hybrid roses with different colors and bud shapes.

Contrary to public opinion a rose is not cultivated only for its enchanting scent. Some rose species are not scented. Speaking of the scent of number one of all the most fragrant flowers, a rose can have a fruity, musky, or sweet scent, and it depends on the variety.

Roses can grow to be up to 3 feet tall and like to be placed in full sun and in soil that has good draining properties.

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Colourful roses are very fragrant

Lily of the Valley

Botanical name: Convallaria Majalis

Hardiness zones 2 – 9

A lily of the valley blooms in early spring and is considered by many countries to be a tell-tale sign that spring is coming. It has delicate, fresh-smelling flowers. The white flowers are bell-shaped and along with the green foliage, they can be very aggressive in spreading.

This adorable plant thrives in shade or partial shade and prefers moist soil. When it comes to size, it does not grow taller than one foot. This one is fairly easy to grow under the right conditions and even in a pot.

Due to the alluring scent, Lilly of the valley is one of the most loved perfume essences. Besides this, a pot placed on your window can keep away the mosquitoes and other pesky insects from your home.

Do not plant this flower in your garden if you have pets or small children running around, or keep the blossoms away from them. Those eye-catching most fragrant flowers are poisonous if ingested.

Lily of the Valley


Botanical name: Lonicera Peniclymenum

Hardiness zones 4-9

Honeysuckle is very popular with gardeners who like scented flowers as it emits a fairly strong fragrance that smells like honey and vanilla. Its sweet fragrance and aroma remind one of summer and warmth.

This lovely plant is a vine that can be quite invasive and will grow very high if it is supported. It brings a nice contrast of orange, pale pink, or yellow flowers to dark green leaves. Honeysuckle likes full sun and well-drained soil.



Botanical name: Hyacinthus orientalis

Hardiness zones 4 – 8

Hyacinth is one of the most fragrant flowers that can be grown all year-round if you force the bulbs and plant the flowers inside. Otherwise, it will blossom in the late winter and early spring and offer its fragrant flowers for enjoyment.

It grows up to a foot tall in full sun and well-drained soil. Hyacinth has clusters of white, red, pale pink, pale or dark purple flowers each with its own honey-like scent.

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Botanical name: Lavandula selections

Hardiness zones 5-8

Lavender is maybe the absolute favorite of all most fragrant flowers. It is used in aromatherapy and perfume making. When it blooms, it reminds one of summer in France. This plant is grown in full sun and well-draining soil and it can grow up to 3 feet tall.

You can enjoy Lavender fragrance all year round if you cut down and dry those most fragrant flowers. They can be used for scented sachet bags – they will keep the scent in your home all through the winter.

Lavender has that distinguished shade of purple and that flowery scent that can’t be confused with anything else. To feel the scent, just rustle the flowers with your hand or wait for the wind to do it for you.

Moreover, it is said that the lavender fragrance will keep mosquitoes away during a long summer night. It has other calming properties as well.



Botanical name: Fresia

Hardiness zones 9-10, 3-8

Another flower used to make sweet-smelling perfume, Freesia has fragrant flowers with a scent similar to summer fruit like strawberries. At the same time, Freesia smells fresh and almost minty.

This cutie is another old-fashioned flower that has never lost in its popularity. It is one of the most fragrant flowers that is used for weddings and comes in many color varieties, from pink and pale purple to blue and red with clusters of tubular flowers.

In zones 9-10 it can grow year-round it can survive the no-frost winters. This species of most fragrant flowers can also be grown in a colder zone but as an annual plant. To grow Freesia plants successfully in your garden keep the soil moist and keep the flowers in full sun.


Mock Orange

Botanical name: Philadelphus

Hardiness zones 4-8

Mock orange is a shrub that can grow up to 12 feet tall and could provide privacy to any garden.  It is called mock orange for two reasons.

First, its white flowers resemble orange flowers, and second, the Mock orange has a citrus-like scent mostly similar to one of an orange fruit. Not to be confused, the mock orange shrub does not belong to the citrus family.

You will be able to enjoy its sweet smell in late spring and early summer when the plant is in its bloom. It grows in moderate and colder climates in full sun or part shade and prefers moist, well-aerated soil.

Mock Orange


Botanical name: Jasminum selections

Hardiness zones 7 – 10

Along with roses, it is undoubtedly the world’s most popular fragrance. You wouldn’t expect that such a small flower can emanate such a sweet, spicy scent. It is very warm and sensual, and a part of many oriental-type perfumes.

There are many varieties most fragrant flowers of jasmine but the most popular might be Jasmine Polyanthum. It has small white, star-shaped flowers that smell day and night, and can bloom all year long if in the right climate zone.

If you plant it in your garden it will attract bees and spread the sweet scent far and wide.

Jasmine flowers


Botanical name: Gardenia jasminoides

Hardiness zones 8 – 11

Gardenia is a well-loved plant for its fragrance as well as looks. It grows usually in moderate and warmer zones and is mostly planted in spring or fall.

In colder zones, Gardenia can be grown inside in a pot. However, it tends to be a little bit fussy especially when it comes to humidity and soil requirements.

This species has a warm, spicy scent that is not as strong as jasmine which it is compared to. Keep Gardenia in partial shade or filtered light and acidic well-drained soil and it could grow to be 6 feet tall.

If you do not mind that Gardenia is not that easy to grow, your patience will be rewarded by gorgeous fragrance and velvety, milky-white most fragrant flowers.


Sweet Alyssum

Botanical name: Lobularia maritima

Hardiness zones 5 – 9

Sweet Alyssum is a plant that blooms in the late spring, through late summer and a bit of early fall.  The dainty white flowers are so thick that they will form a carpet of most fragrant flowers in your garden, or a curtain if you keep them in a hanging basket.

They have a sweet aroma with a mild flowery finish – a scent that would delight all summer long.  Worth adding is that they are very low maintenance. To emanate their fragrance they only need well-draining soil and sun or partial shade.

Sweet Alyssum


Botanical name: Heliotropium arborescens

Hardiness zones 10 – 11

Growing up to 18 inches in full sun and well-drained soil, Heliotrope is a delicate addition to your garden scent-wise but a stunning pop of color. It has clusters of rich purple color, as well as blue and white flowers, and blooms for a long time from spring through late summer and all the way to fall and first frosts.

And the smell? Well, this is something that each person describes differently.

Some say it has an aroma of a cherry pie and smells like cherries. Others sense a scent of vanilla and almond. They surely are among the most fragrant flowers, but their scent will not overwhelm you like a Lily would for example.



Botanical name: Syringa selections

Hardiness zones 7 and less

Lilac belongs to colder zones 7 and as low as two. It is a shrub that grows up to 12 feet tall and prefers well-drained, dry soil to moisture. It is a fragrant plant that brings a spring feel to any garden or even neighborhood with its memorable aroma.

This beauty is pretty sturdy but it thrives in full sun. When not given enough of it, the strength of their perfume weakens and will have scarcer flowers.

Lilac is one of the most beloved most fragrant flowers among gardeners. It has light purple cone-shaped clusters of miniature flowers.

The scent can be sensed as soon as the flower blooms. When the clusters are fully open you can smell the fragrance from afar. As for the aroma, it is flowery, feminine, and sweet and therefore used for perfume production quite a lot.


Sweet Pea

Botanical name: Lilium selections

Hardiness zone 2 – 11

It is one of the oldest most fragrant flowers. Interestingly, it comes in almost all colors you can imagine and also as gorgeous bi-colors. Today, it is difficult to find scented flowers since cultivating them for color variety damaged the fragrance.

However, if you can find a real Sweet pea plant you will be delighted by its sweet fragrance that reminds you of honey and orange.  Some say that the plant smells like a rose.

It is a vining plant and can grow 8 feet tall when it is supported or in a low shrub if it is not. This species should be planted in the fall s as to bloom in the early spring.

Sweet Pea


Botanical name: Lilium selections

Hardiness zones 5-9

There are so many varieties and subspecies of Lillies and they mostly have a strong sweet fragrance with a little bit of oriental, spicy scent mixed in. A lily can be pink, yellow, or white but one of the most popular and most fragrant is the Stargazer lily – pink and dotted.

It is one of those most fragrant flowers you can smell from far away. This breath-taking plant is one of those flowers that are inevitable in a scented garden.

Regarding the requirements, it likes full sun or partial shade. Make sure not to overwater your Lilly since it likes soil that is only medium moist. In the right conditions, it grows up to around 4 feet in height.

Stargazer lily


Botanical name: Nicotiana

Hardiness zones 10 – 11

You wouldn’t think that something that is named after nicotine would be on the list of the most fragrant flowers. Several Nicotiana varieties are grown for their smell but the most popular is Nicotiana Alata and Nicotiana sylvestris plants. Alata has a mild while Sylvestris has a strong scent.

This species is a sweet-smelling plant with white flowers of jasmine-like scent, this is why sometimes it is called the jasmine tobacco plant. It blooms in summer and late summer and into fall.

Depending on the species it can open its tubular flowers around noot or at night, which makes them perfect for a moon garden right by your window. Ensure full sun or partial shade and well-aerated soil that should be kept moist.



Botanical name: Dianthus selections

Hardiness zones 4 – 8

This one is an old-fashioned flower that was once a must-have in a garden. Luckily, it is coming back to its former glory with its most fragrant flowers of different colors.

Dianthus can have red, white, two-colored, or hot pink flowers which is why it is sometimes called the pinks. It has a clove-like and spicy scent that you can enjoy in the spring and or summer which would be determined by the flower’s variety.

Keep it in full sun and soil which is humid, but drains well. It grows up to a foot tall and has fringed fragrant petals.



Botanical name:Viburnum

Hardiness zones 2 – 8

Viburnum has over a hundred different species and all of them have gorgeous, sweet-smelling most fragrant flowers. It grows in colder zones and it is a shrub that can be up to 16 feet tall.

To make it thrive, keep in full sun and partial shade, and moderately moist, well-drained soil.  Its most fragrant flowers bloom in spring and summer. During the fall there are red, blue, or black berries that will invite birds to your garden as well.

As for the flowers themselves, they form semi-spherical clusters that are supported by green leaves. They come in white, pink, and pale pink colors and they are reddish just before they bloom. The most popular varieties of this plant are Korean spice Viburnum and snowball Viburnum.



Botanical name: Primula vulgaris

Hardiness zones 4 – 8

Another herald of spring, a scented primrose comes in almost all colors imaginable and is beloved throughout the world. It is the flower of the fairies – as some gardeners mystify it.

Despite its delicate description – dainty colorful flowers, soft green foliage, a primrose can grow almost in all conditions. It has a cool floral scent mixed with a fruity fragrance that reminds of and kind of smells like fruit candy.

Primrose fragrance is mild and you can feel it as the wind rustles its most fragrant flowers. There is a special variety – an evening primrose that blooms in the night and makes for a great moon garden addition.


Here are some more fragrant plants you can plant in your garden: Frangipani, rich Ylang-Ylang, stunning and sweet Angel’s Trumpet, vining roses, delicate Daphne, clove-like night Plectranthus (the thyme-like fragrance emanates from its leaves if you touch them), and some of the herbs that can be planted together, but do not need flowers to be fragrant like basil or mint.


Which flower is most fragrant?

Among the most fragrant flowers, Jasmine flowers have the strongest scent. Sometimes people say that the scent is sometimes too strong. There are many Jasmine varieties including night-blooming Jasmine, Arabian Jasmine, and so on.

What are the most fragrant-smelling flowers?

Along with Jasmine, lily flowers and gardenias also have a strong aroma and are listed as the top 20 most fragrant flowers.

Which plants are most fragrant?

For a plant to be fragrant it does not have to have a flower that blooms. Some herbs are also quite fragrant. However, the most fragrant plants are usually flowers and flowering trees or shrubs such as lilacs, mock orange, and so on.

What flowers are very fragrant?

There are many flowers whose blooms are so fragrant that they can be sensed from afar. For example, lavender, honeysuckle, jasmine, lily, hyacinth are just some of the most fragrant flowers you can plant in your scented garden.


Hope you liked my guide on the most fragrant flowers. As you can see, there are so many of them, for all types of indoor and outdoor gardens.

Which one’s your favorite? Share it with me in the comments section below!