Mars Hydro TS 600W

Mars Hydro TS 600W Review – Is it Worth the Money?

I’ve been searching for quite some time for adequate grow lights. You’d be surprised how difficult it is to find the right one. They either don’t justify the money they cost or don’t have a proper reflective surface, or they are too noisy. Then quite by accident, I came across Mars Hydro TS 600W.

Just by reading those basic specifications, I had the feeling that this product has everything I was looking for. For that reason, I decided to give you a closer presentation, hoping to help you with the selection procedure.

Without further ado, here comes my insightful and honest Mars Hydro TS 600W review!

Main Characteristics of Mars Hydro TS 600W

Now, to give you a precise idea of what comes along with this handy product, I shall analyze all the features and characteristics- one by one. This way, you will get a precise and detailed insight into all its possibilities.

Let’s get down to business!

Full sunlight spectrum

Probably the most highlighting feature of this product, this one provides your plant with close to natural sunlight, supporting and promoting its healthy development. Its spectrum encompasses 3000K, 5000K and IR 660nm, 760nm RED. This means that your dear green friend will rapidly respond and grow at a proper rate. Also, it is suitable for all growth phases- from miniature seeds to breath-taking flowers.

Mars Hydro TS 600w full spectrum sunlight

Highly reflective surface

If a grow light itself doesn’t come with a proper reflecting surface, then its capacities are not used fully. The reflecting surface itself serves to speed up heat dispersion by minimizing light loss. By decreasing the light loss to walls and isles, this aluminum surface boosts the light intensity for amazing 20%. This way, plants receive more energy without getting burnt.

Energy-saving model

Manufacturers start paying attention to energy saving more than they did before, which brought us the abundance of fully functional, yet eco-friendly products. With 225 PCS LEDs, this one consumes only 100 watts. The above-mentioned component contributes to a higher level of efficiency significantly.

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Noise-free and fanless

Nowadays with so many gadgets crowding our homes buzzing and whirring all the time, having quiet one is a true blessing. This one was built with home gardeners in its mind, as it produces no noise at all. Instead of using fans, it cools down naturally, which explains why the working mode is completely silent.

Larger harvests

If you need grow lights for some vegetables of spices and herbs, then you will be happy to hear that this model will enable maximum quantity and quality. The max yield per wattage here is 2.0g, and PAR/LUMEN output is 430μmol/m².s.

Multi-purpose product

When one culture finishes its complete development cycle, chances are you will use grow lights for some others. This one works great for all phases- 2′ x 2′ vegetative stage, 1.5′ x 1.5′ flowering stage, and others. So, you can practically use it for any type of plant/herb you have.

Multiple mounting options

Finally, none of us has the same gardens, which consequently, requires the lights to be hanged differently. This one comes with a variety of possibilities. You can hang it on the ceiling, mount it on the wall or rack, or suspend it.

Mars Hydro TS 600W mounting options

Choosing the Adequate Grow Light

Now in this part, I shall give you hints on which qualities and features you should pay attention to when looking for a proper grow light. At the same time, I will give my comments on whether this specific product fulfills that standard.

Overall design and size

Is your garden big or small? Where do you plan to mount your grow lights? The answers to these questions will determine which model is the most suitable for your needs.

This particular one is of moderate size, so it’s easily placed anywhere. You can even use it in smaller gardening areas. Thanks to advanced technologies incorporated in it, this model provides optimal light and heat to make your plants thrive. Plus, it comes with a couple of mounting options.


How many plants have you got? This will tell you which coverage limit you should look for when selecting artificial lighting for your plants.

This one covers all stages of development- clone, germination, vegetative, blooming, and again vegetative. Its coverage range is moderate, which makes it a good choice for beginners.

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Light intensity and quality

Neither of the extremes is good for your plants. They won’t prosper if the light is too strong and bright, and the same goes for it is too dim. So, you should pay attention to the number of photons, so that photosynthesis could be performed properly. Moreover, see the color composition.

Again, this one has all these properties, as it belongs to lights that provide full-spectrum sunlight. Thanks to IR included, you have invisible light as well, which enables flowering, and fruiting. And higher yield as well.

Energy efficiency

What goes hand in hand with this delightful hobby is higher electricity bills. That’s the price you have to pay when you install multiple LED grow lights. Or you don’t?

Nowadays, all the solutions providers strive to design products that will save energy. They try to find the balance between proper illumination and costs.

Marts TS consumes only 132±10% of electricity. You can use it as an adequate alternative for other 150 watts HPS lights.

Cooling and noise

Somehow these two always go together. If you want a product that provides enough light and heat, you need to incorporate a cooling system into it, and that means noise. Unless you choose the materials wisely.

When you use aluminum, like in this model, it serves as a natural regulator of heat. That means no fans, and consequently- no noise.


In the end, investing in grow lights is something that pays off, if you get a product that serves you well. It doesn’t matter if it costs a bit more, if it does what the specs say it should.

Now, the company itself described this one as “best budget”, and it really stands to the description.

Mars Hydro TS 600W value for the price

Advantages and Disadvantages of Mars Hydro TS 600W

None of the grow lights on the market is perfect and flawless, but some are indeed close to it. Truth be told, it is hard to make a product that would be universal in a way to cover absolutely all plant species and their requirements.

But I’m more than glad to tell you that this one comes with more pluses than minuses.

  • Easy set-up
  • Lightweight
  • Reflecting surface
  • Affordable
  • Noise-free
  • Energy-saving
  • Full-spectrum lights
  • It’s not dimmable
  • There’s no on/off switch
Mars Hydro TS 600W pros and cons

Professional Solutions for Passionate Gardeners

This manufacturer is dedicated to crafting the finest professional LED grow light solutions for more than a decade. Aside from LED grow lights, their assortment of products encompasses grow tents as well as grow tent kits.

When it comes to lights, they offer three different series. Those are:

  • SP- known as the best single bar lights, ensure low heat environment with no noise
  • TS- labeled as the best budget lights, suitable for versatile applications
  • FC- the best commercial lights, famous for being most cost-efficient

This company has quite an interesting motto- “Grow on Earth, Grow with Mars.”

Furthermore, they ensure fast shipping, within 3-7 working days upon placing an order. Also, their products come with a 5-year warranty, and the support team promises to tackle any issues within 15 business days.