Can You Keep Plants in the Bathroom

Undoubtedly, it’s a big fan’s question. If asking me if it is possible to keep plants in the bathroom, I’ll answer, ‘Why not?’ You must not be having a short bathroom. Keep it broad and cold so that the bathroom will look incredible with lots of plants.

In this guide, we shall talk about a few things. They are:

  • Can You Keep Plants in the Bathroom?
  • Best plants to grow in your bathroom
  • Is it reasonable to keep plants in the bathroom?

The plants-gamers love to keep indoor plants covering every surface of their home. If you’re excited to follow them, you’re requested to keep plants. It will give a natural vibe and create pretty circumstance inside the bathroom. I had kept ferns in my bathroom. The Ferns will demand adequate light. All of us know that bathrooms remain cold as the maximum of them engineered in open windows. In the UK, most of the states have a temperate climate. You can invest in the heating bill for the winter months only if the temperature drops below 10°c.

Guides for Keep Plants in the Bathroom

1. The Proper Light and Temperature Keep Plants in Bathroom

  •  What should be the lighting surface in the bathroom? Keep Plants in the Bathroom

The bathroom’s light is a common fact to consider, but why? As we all know, most of the bathroom has no windows. Those people who have been growing plants for the first time may get caught in a dilemma whether the plants will grow in the dark! We have discussed your grow lights in our previous article. You can invest in some grow lights for the low light plant to keep it alive through the state of the planet. Let me share my experience! I made a south-facing bathroom window through that my plants receive sufficient light. It is an ideal strategy to grow plants.

You should not keep the plants directly in sunlight or facing the window. It may cause sunburn. The proper knowledge to maintain the lighting scenario is to filter the direct sunlight a bit. If the bathroom is painted white, it would be better to grow medium-light loving plants on shelves. If you are thinking of making bathroom windows, be mindful of making them South and East-facing!

  • What should be the temperature in the bathroom?

The temperature in your bathroom should be tolerable. I don’t keep plants in the bathroom over the window. It will affect the plants with sunburn and kill the leaves during the winter season. People love planting houseplants even in the bathroom. For being that reason, you have to keep the plants at an average temperature. Top houseplants can’t tolerate cold temperatures. During the winter season, you can block the windows with ‘3M Window Insulator Kit.’

3M Window Insulator Kit

Besides, having grow lights on the plants will help the plants over winter. One of my friends asked to be the day before yesterday if the cactuses grow well in the bathroom. They can adapt to cold temperatures but can’t live in humidity. If you’re being determined, please go and buy a dehumidifier to crank up the temperature. There are states where the weather doesn’t drop in the winter! Are you from such a place? Lucky you! You don’t need stagnant air anymore then. Keep your plants in the bathroom all year round.

2. Advantages of having plants in the bathroom

  • Having plants in the bathroom will increase freshness in your bathroom. Besides being a plant lover, I am an interior designer. For that, my opinion is ‘POSITIVE’ if kept indoor plants in the bathroom. It looks aesthetic.
  • Besides, the plants in the bathroom will kill excessive mold. Plants like ferns and orchids are much suitable for a bathroom. Even in the winter season, these plants will be okay if you’re concerned. There are states with a bit warmer condition. Keep flowers in the bathroom to spread up fragrance all day long.
  • While you’re bathing, have a check if your plants are suffering from ‘Overwater.’ I do the same. You can make up the plants to grow with enough inspection when existing in the shower. Why not keep an eye on your plants? We go bathroom more time than to a garden. It will help us to rectify them eventually whenever taking a shower.
  • Whenever we shower, we can make our plants shower and eliminate the leaves’ dust. It will be a valid idea to shower the plants. Spray water and alcohol on them. The leaves will increase the value of the plants if kept settle.

3. Are you looking for a ‘Leaf Shine’ solution?

  • Miracle-Gro Leaf Shine

I have received a few questions from the enthusiasts, what’s the best Leaf Shine product in the market? My answer is ‘Miracle-Gro Leaf Shine’ will be the right product to beautify foliage plants entirely. Don’t choose from the bad-reviewed product. You’ll get leaf shines everywhere, but all of them are not capable of clogging leaf pores. Indeed, Miracle leaf shine will create an odor-free circumstance. It is packaged in 8-Ounce. Sometimes, the plant’s leaves turn brown due to malnutrition. In case the mandatory process is to stop overwatering. Then, implementing some ‘Miracle-Gro Leaf Shine’ on the leaves will remove the plants’ spotty or dull vibe. People who grow their plants as bathroom plants get their plants lousy due to low temperature and heavy watering process. Choose this Miracle’s product as a Water-based solution. This product contains mineral oil. Using the Miracle-Gro shine will recover the misting plant leaves.

Miracle-Gro Leaf Shine


  • Can be used to clean bathroom plants or foliage plants
  • Contains mineral oil
  • Easy to use with its Water-based solution

Click here to purchase this ‘Miracle-Gro Leaf Shine’ on Amazon.

4. Best Houseplants for Your Bathroom

Well, it’s not a new question though it seems to be a familiar asking! Living plants in the bathroom will create decor and improve air quality. Useful plants are the primary source of a good environment. There is a difference between humid and warm bathroom. You have to choose from regular plants whether they are perfect as the environment plants or not! You’ll need to make choices of the plants wisely. Let’s know about a few plants that are best for the bathroom.

  1. Asparagus Fern is our first choice that gets compatible with a bathroom. It loves the humidity of a bathroom. You can keep them under moderate or bright light. Having a window in the bathroom will help Asparagus ferns to grow soft to the touch. The root of the plants goes inside as 6 feet. Keeping ‘Asparagus Fern’ in your bathroom will sprawl the beauty of the plant laterally. Well-drained soil will be the appropriate soil for the Asparagus plant.
  2. A begonia plant is our second choice for being adapted in a container and a bathroom appropriately. A maximum of people gets caught in a dilemma whether the plant is to enjoy the warmth and humidity. A bathroom shelf will look aesthetic with showy foliage begonias. What we like about these plants is they grow well indoors. Professional’s of the planet prefers this Begonia plant for humid conditions. Th
  3. General-purpose potting mixey grow well, even under grow lights. But, never kill the plants with water-logged soil. Anyway, why plant Begonias plants anyway? These plants are prized for their flowers and emanate natural freshness in the early morning. Who doesn’t love a beautiful enchanter in their bathroom? In the market, you’ll get color variations of Dark-green, variegated foliage, and bronze. These variations of plants can be grown and can be filtered in
    direct sunlight for beautiful blooms. Indeed, Begonia plants grow lively ‘General-purpose potting mix.’
  1. Cast-Iron Plant is called a ‘Potent’ plant. You can’t kill them even with ‘Overwatering’ and ‘Overfertilization.’ Jokes apart! Now, don’t do it seriously. The scientific name of the Cast-Iron Plant is Aspidistra elation. Indeed, people love this plant as an excellent low-maintenance houseplant. The ‘Cast-Iron Plant’ will be growing at least 2 to 3 feet tall in the bathroom. You can keep the Cast-Iron Plant near full shade. The house plant will tolerate light exposure and high humidity. Undoubtedly, this ‘Cast-Iron Plant’ can be called a Medium-green foliage houseplant. If planting this in your bathroom, be mindful of a peaty potting mix.


Can You Keep Plants in the Bathroom? Hopefully, you have read us entirely and decided to keep our preferable plants there. Those plants we have recommended to you are the best options for ample fragrances from the atmosphere. Indeed, shower plants need less water frequency than other indoor plants. You can check them whenever you want and grow them in the dry soil. Plants like Asparagus Fern, Begonias, and Cast-Iron Plant grows big and emits fragrance around the bathroom.