Indoor Plant Wall Ideas

Indoor Plant Wall Ideas- 10+ Charming Ideas for Interesting and Cozy Wall Decor

Guys, planterior has never been this hype! We keep checking the latest indoor plant wall DIY projects trying to replicate this eye-catching beauty in our space and on our wall(s).

This will work depending on the bare wall you’ve chosen (enough natural sunlight or no?) for your DIY wall garden and your creativity. To push you a bit, here comes a whole list of garden-on-the-wall ideas you can try with potted plants in your living space.

Here you’ll find everything you need! Read on and let this article leave you enlightened!

Indoor Plant Wall Ideas
Indoor Plant Wall Ideas

Indoor Plant Wall Ideas

1. A Wood Shelf Garden

Of hanging type.

In those rooms with plenty of space, fix a wooden shelf on the living plant wall in becoming. As for the shelf shape, take my word for it – the more unconventional shelf the better statement making a living wall with plants.

No, don’t take my word for it.

Here’s an idea instead – DIY.

Once you fix the shelf, stack those wall garden plants away and make your walls living walls.

a shelf with flowers

2. Pallets

Yeah, pallets!

Whether the standard or specially made pallets, these are an excellent choice for a DIY plant wall.

First of all, a DIY pallet living wall is easy to make since you don’t even have to fix the pallets on the plant wall. Instead, you can just lean them up against it.

If you opt for DIY pallet living wall projects, know that pallets are a better choice for tiny plants in your wall garden, so your succulent wall will look best when made on pallets.

If you want to go a level up with your DIY pallet living wall and garden, add some lights. Lightbulbs of different colors will do magic in your wall garden.

succulent plants

3. Planks

Wood planks are also an eye-catching solution under the wall-mounted indoor plant wall ideas.

You can go for 1-2 in. planks, length depending on the available space on the plant wall.

Once the planks are smoothed out, you can even paint them (get freaky!), and then stack those different plants on your new plant wall, leaving enough space in between the planks.

If the lengths are different, make your living wall DIY project all the more interesting by arranging them randomly.

Your living wall will have this relaxed and careless, yet creative vibe.

wood planks with plants

4. Woodpeg

Did you know that a woodpeg does not necessarily have to be used for coats only?

You can use it to stack books or shoes.

And, plants too.

Your indoor wall with a woodpeg is easily turned into a lovely plant wall.

Just order the hooks randomly to create your indoor living wall with a hanging garden filled with all sorts of plants.

For example, place a few long hooks next to each other and place a pot on top of them, or just hang the plants making the best use of the available space.

See, a beautiful diy plant wall in no time!

Woodpeg with plants

5. Just Nail ‘Em

Once the indoor plant wall ideas start popping into your mind, you’ll soon realize making a DIY green wall from real plants is a piece of cake.

As we can see, plant walls can be made without much fuss.

Just take those potted plants, fix them into the DIY living wall and make a living plant wall DIY garden in no time.

If you want a simple DIY plant wall, this is the quickest way.

A driller and plastic anchors are all the tools you’re gonna need.

In this way, any indoor plant turns into a wall plant and any wall into a living wall.

An indoor plant wall like this leaves plenty of space to create any plant wall system you wish.

6. Just Hang ‘Em

Indoor plant wall ideas and plant wall DIY thoughts don’t just stop once you exhaust the shelves-related ideas.

Your indoor plant wall can be made in so many simple ways you wouldn’t believe.

Here’s the thing.

I always remember staring in awe at my friend’s mum’s hanging plants back as a kid. What seemed like magic is actually a rather simple trick.

Any plant wall DIY, or for that matter, any DIY plant wall has to have these “self-hanging” solutions.

Again, you’ll need plastic anchors and some decorative (thin) rope/threads.

If you want to keep it simple, just criss-cross the rope a few times, put the pot with an already planted indoor plant in the center, gather the rope pieces on top and tie them together creating a web that holds the pot.

Finally, just hang the rope on the anchor.

Since I know you never get tired of indoor plant wall ideas, you can also weave and braid the rope pieces making a web or any other pattern you like to give a more refined note to your green wall.

An indoor plant wall garden organized like this will surely make others green with envy.

And, I happen to know you enjoy annoying a random Karen.

7. The Alphabet

Yeah, letter art can be your next diy plant wall project!

I mean, having green walls and green plants in your living space arranged in letters is great decor-wise.

For this, you can use the wood board and make the shape of the desired letter – your or your family initials.

Hell, write your full name even!

This is also ideal for tiny pots and planters filled with succulents so you can arrange your tiny greenery and plants every which way you want.

Gardening like this was never easier.

Now fix this lettered plant onto the living wall and watch your neighbors copy you.

The great thing is that with this plant wall the possibilities are unlimited.

However, it will require some time and craft with handling the wood pieces and making them into the shape that will turn your diy plant wall into a work of art.

8. Baskets

Did you know that your plant wall, AKA green wall, i.e. indoor plant wall can be a garden too?

You just need baskets and some wood supports so you can plant all sorts of vegetables you can later consume in your kitchen.

The baskets are great for small spaces and those households that can’t afford to grow their plants or vegetables outdoors.

Just fix the baskets on a frame (pick any of the materials – wood or metal) and then just lean it against a plant wall.

Moreover, you can also install them by fixing the frame itself and making a hanging garden in your house instead of pining over a backyard you don’t have.

baskets with plants

9. Trellis

Now that we’re deep into diy wall ideas, sorry, plant wall diy, or creating a living plant wall, let me tell you that trellis is an excellent prop for making a diy plant wall.

It’s great for small plants such as air plants and all other plants, for that matter.

Any plant wall diy means you have to make a little mess, and I believe the previous article told you the same.

You can make trellis yourself or to reduce the mess, you can use a ready-made one and diy decorate any room you like with a brand new plant wall (i.e. living wall) garden.

Again, we are discussing a wall-mounted solution that is pleasing to the eye.

You just need to hang the trellis on your room wall and enjoy your modern garden indoors.

Another great thing with indoor plant walls made using trellis is that you can arrange the air plants and moss, or any other you chose to include in your living wall, in any way you want.

This living wall diy allows you to make the best use of the points where the trellis elements join.

Moreover, trellis wall diy are excellent for your vines – you can let them hang or place them at the trellis bottom and let them climb up as they are found in nature.

trellis with flowers

10. Broomstick

Or, a shovel, or any other tool that involves a large handle.

Seriously, guys, a broomstick can be an excellent tool to hang your plants onto.

This may yet be one of the simplest ways to make a diy living plant wall, i.e. diy living wall.

This plant wall diy means you need to install the broomstick on your future diy plant wall. You can use the curtain rod hooks to fix the broomstick.

I can just say that your greenery, ferns, and moss will give a different vibe hanging from a broomstick and your living room will look so antique, yet modern.

Not to mention a diy living wall such as this one an awesome decoration during Halloween!

If you are worried about how to fix the planters and pots with greenery onto the broomstick, well, remember the rope braiding a few paragraphs behind?

There you have it.

11. Bonus…

All sorts of crazy diy wall garden ideas.

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Hmm, how about you hang a…

1. Bike?

Here’s a true art living wall diy for your diy garden indoors!

I know you’ve seen bikes used for home decor before. It’s not news. Such decor can vary from industrial to romantic one.

Which one you’ll choose depends on you (it’s a sign of good taste in any case).

This wall-mounted diy garden will transform your home into a cozy place.

And, to create a more romantic vibe in your living room garden, place the planters with flowering plants on your bike.

This looks better than the greenery.

bike with flowers

2. High heels

Yes, high heels exactly.

It’s a wall diy I don’t think you’ve seen in your life.

I’ve always found stilettoes as great decor props, but having them wall-mounted and stuffed with vines will leave your guests in awe!

I know ladies will love this idea for your wall garden especially knowing this is ideal for a small space!

Moreover, if you opt for flowering plants, you can easily play with colors here and create true art.

Obviously, this wall diy includes wall-mounted, plant-filled stilettoes on a wall with plenty of sunlight.

The great thing is you can easily customize the pattern since you won’t need any special anchors – a mere nail might do the trick.

In this case, just be careful with watering so your stilettoes don’t decompose too quickly.

See, gardening was never funnier!

Finally, old stilettoes or tight stilettoes have a purpose – it’s your next wall garden!

high heels with succulents

3. Pots and Pans

Cups, mugs, jars…you name it…

It’s in human nature to experiment – it’s a sign of creativity.

To explore those boundaries, here’s a simple wall diy for you.

Glue those broken jars/cups back together, stuff them with plants and moss and make a wall-mounted garden in your living room wall in no time.

You can use any wall-mounted method you like – shelves, trellis, hanging, and thus transform your living room into a beautiful and unusual wall garden that lacks no plant.

pots with plants


Ok, guys, once you start thinking about a garden or a living plant wall inside buildings, the ideas just overflow.

It is quite easy to create a living plant wall since any plant wall diy includes leaning onto or fixing all sorts of items into a wall.

Sometimes they say the “the crazier” the object, the better the sign of your sophistication (is it, though)?