How to Raise a Sprinkler Valve Box

How to Raise a Sprinkler Valve Box? Everything You Need To Know

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We have been getting lots of questions from our readers, and one of the questions is ‘How to Raise a Sprinkler Valve Box?’ We shall answer you obviously throughout the article. Read us below to understand the sprinkler system more evidently.

You must be going through a sort of trouble and seeking a solution. Has your valve box gone too deep compared to the ground? We notice a few reasons to raise a sprinkler valve box. If the valve box is too deep, the following incidents can happen.

Firstly, irrigation water goes below it as the sprinkle box has gone lower than the ground.

Secondly, you may fall and gets into it. The deep valve box is usually responsible for a broken ankle.

Finally, you’ll get dust in the hole. It gives you no chance to relocate its position without a hitch.

Why not level the ground with a ‘Valve Box Extension?’

When people are more concerned about raising a sprinkler valve box, you can use a valve box extension to level the valve box with the ground. It’s known to be a hassle-free way. Digging out the ground, removing the valve box, and replacing the existing valve box with a taller box gives you more effort.

Those valve boxes that have been established without a lid can be structured with the right-sized extension. Why not solve your entire problem for good? It is required to get accurate sizes of extension and rematch it with the new box. Follow these two conditions below:

  • Get the right sized valve box extension that matches the older one.
  • Check the desired height.

How to match my valve box size? Rules to follow!

The first thing we should be careful about using the valve box on the older box size. The new pack should be accurate in the size of your existing box. Our professionals recommend sizing valve boxes similar to the lid opening size. Don’t go to purchase until you’re assured of the bottom opening size.

Secondly, check out for the right dimension (from inside). Logically, the inside dimension is quite less than the outside dimension. The outside dimension is mostly oversized bottom flange with 0.5″-2″. You’re going to put the valve box on top of the older box, right? Be concerned about the inner dimension more than the outside dimension. Choose from those manufacturers provide inner dimensions. We are mentioning a few products that bring you good values according to your budget.

  • NDS D1000-SG Valve Box

Purchasing from the NDS store is reliable, and you get much assurance on their product. If not matched, back them the product. You’ll be provided an accurate product, though! Whatever, let’s talk about ‘NDS D1000-SG Valve Box.’ The design is sturdy to get compatible with demanding outdoor conditions.  The valve box is available in Round, oval, and rectangular sizes. Indeed, people are not finding very suitable covers recently. Thanks to NDS for bringing us such a demanding Valve Box with a good price and sturdy ability. If you installed an underground faucet, choose this product. Our experienced worked out perfectly with the box. Turning the faucet on and off through the box can be done comfortably.NDS D1000-SG Valve Box


  • Commercial size: 10″ x 15″
  • Inside dimension: 12” x 17-1/2”
  • Height: 10”
  • Rain Bird VBREC12 Rectangular Sprinkler Valve Box

‘Rain Bird’ is an excellent brand to provide you their sprinkler valve box with Green Lid. The size is 12″ large and constructed with professional-grade recycled materials. Undoubtedly, the box is very sturdy and made in a solid base. The valve box can easily withstand the weight. You can periodically stand or sit on the lid. You are good to go with this valve box. It is possible to join the valves together and go for deeper installations. I highly recommend this sturdy box for being good, high quality, and maximum strength.Rain Bird VBREC12 Rectangular Sprinkler Valve Box


  • Inside dimension: 14.6” x 19.8”
  • Height: 12”
  • Easy removal of the lid
  • NDC 14″ x 19″ Standard Series

A great product from the NDC store! This time, you’re provided with NDC 14″ x 19″ Standard Series. The valve box is black by its body. You get a green cover along with the product. Honestly, the NDC valve boxes are made in commercial-grade construction. Get them available in a wide range of sizes. The green cover will help you preventing dirt and grass from the lawn. You can use bolts for lockdown purposes. Besides, the standard series of the valve box can be used as a pylo box. It works great. I have experienced the product as our previous ground valve was leaking thoroughly, and it needed a replacement. I thought of setting a new box on the ground, and I found NDC’s new box to replace it in place of the old box. At length, I am thrilled with this.


  • Inside Dimension: 15” x 20”
  • Commercial Size: 14″ x 19″
  • Height: 12”
  • Rainbird Super Jumbo Valve Box

This Rainbird’s product is constructed in a rectangular body. It comes with a lid and two locks. If you check this product on Amazon, you’ll get it with all positive reviews. Let’s talk about the specifications. Rainbird’s superjumbo valve box is combined with more strength and stability. The installation is too easy to save contractors time. Plus, the price of the Rainbird’s valve box is much affordable. It meets all requirements of large and sturdy sprinkler system needs. Maximum durability! The product can be stable under heavy loads. Check this out!


  • Length: 33.1 inches
  • Width: 23.8 inches
  • Height: 15.0 inches
  • Orbit 53210 Sprinkler System

It’s a 7-Inch Circular Valve Box. Professionals around the world love this product for being an ideal extension to raise sprinkler valves. The sprinkler system is improved in long-lasting materials and can be used for commercial, residential, and landscape purposes. The best thing about Orbit’s sprinkler is compatible with moist soil conditions. The construction of the product is to last many years, even in the most severe conditions. Plus, the price is more affordable. The lid is 7 inches in diameter. We recommend using Orbit’s sprinkler system outdoor and with cold water only. At length, it is a sturdy valve box that will make running electric easily. Super simple use!Orbit 53210 Sprinkler System


  • Improved in durable construction
  • Commercial Size: 7”
  • Height: 9.125.”

What if you don’t find the right-sized valve extension?

We have added the variations of sizes may meet your requirement. Still, if you don’t find an accurate match for the valve box, do not worry.

You may purchase the new one with a larger bottom, right? Try pushing it underneath until the extension is sat on the top of the older box successfully. Following the same rule, try to seal the extension if you got it with a smaller bottom.

Things to know between Valve Box and Its Extension

Sometimes, the valve box is missing the lid, so that you should go for a commercial extension and raise your box successfully. You have a valve box in your hand, so an extension would be fair to work on the irrigation. Sometimes, it’s a better idea to going with the entire box. Thus, you’ll get a chance to set the valves to freedom.

How to raise a sprinkler valve box? 4 Easy steps

  • Step: 1 (Get the new box right-sized)

We have ensured you about the new box and how it will sit on top of the old valve box. It is an important task to join between two boxes. Choose from water-proof and dust-proof materials. Whatever, once you find your jackpot with the exact size of the older one’s lid, please try inserting by its bottom below and keep pushing till it’s gone accurately.

Firstly, you have to be careful about raising the valve box and how much it will be raised by height. Secondly, it is essential to see how deep the new box is going to go. Now, it is your job!

  • Step: 2 (Now, dig around the old box)

In this step, we talk about digging around the old existing box. It would help if you placed the new box on the existing box. To do this, it is mandatory to dig down the perimeter of the old box. Keep digging down until you find much space it’s required. Don’t broaden the work. Maintain digging wider, and don’t let your work be challenging anyway.

  • Step: 3 (What’s next? Remove the lid if necessary)

You can remove the lid and not remove the lid. It depends on you, as many enthusiasts don’t prefer removing the lid anyway. Do you want our recommendation? We have to say that removing the lid is an excellent option as the new valves need to go inside mostly. But, if you just have an extension, you are going to put the extension on top of the new one anyway. Be mindful of the perfect fitment.

  • Step: 4 (Keep the new valve box on the old box)

You’re all set to put the newly bought box on the old kit. The beautiful thing about a new valve box is getting surrounded by flanges. During the process of putting it on the old box, keep the flange with enough assistance. Try to tap the newer box down by the lawnmower. You’ll find the surface leveled by the surface of the box.

Now, it is a big concern for how to support the flange to the existing valve box. You can use some filler material underneath the box’s flange, such as bricks and some pieces of concrete. The perimeter of the box can surround the materials.

Final thoughts

Have you read us and got the answer, ‘How to raise a sprinkler valve box?’ Besides providing you the solution, we have tried adding a few valve boxes and extensions for your sake. They may help you during unwanted issues. Please check all the products specifically, and you’ll find the right one by a top-grade manufacturer. It doesn’t matter if you’re facing a stumble on the sprinkler issue. Good maintenance can keep the valve leveled to the ground anyway. Thanks for being with us!