How to Move Dirt without A Wheelbarrow

How to Move Dirt without A Wheelbarrow? 3 Wheelbarrow Alternatives

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Wheelbarrows are the leading opportunity for a gardener that helps him transporting soil or dirt here and there. You must be looking for new alternatives to move dirt without a wheelbarrow. 

In this guide, we shall talk about the best wheelbarrow alternatives. Maximum people ask us about the weight-bearing limit of the wheelbarrows. Some wheelbarrows have 600-700 pounds ability, whereas some wheelbarrows have 1000 pounds weight-bearing limits. Once if the thing surpasses the weight ability, you’ve to think about wheelbarrow alternatives. The alternatives will also help you when you don’t have a wheelbarrow at all. 

Aren’t you eager to read us and the wheelbarrow alternatives at once?

Know more latest wheelbarrows before an alternative

A wheelbarrow is like a kind of hand-propelled vehicle and constructed with one wheel. You can push it through its two handles using two hands at the rear. We call it a single person’s vehicle! Whatever, the wheelbarrow is used to carry heavier and bulkier loads of soil and dirt. The use of wheelbarrows is much limited by the central wheel that is entirely carried by an operator. To enhance a typical capacity of approximately, people want to switch to recent alternatives.

  • Gorilla Carts (GOR4PS) Poly Garden Dump Cart 

Take a look at this product to pull up to 600 pounds contemporarily. You get the dump cart with a steel frame and 10-in. pneumatic tires. I call it wagon as the dump cart’s construction looks aesthetic with the right set of circumstances and multi-purpose opportunities. You can use the wagon across any landscape as the wheels of the wagon are easy to travel. If you look deep into the thing, the wagon bed can lift heavy load into the wagon. Why calling it durable anyway? The wagon bed is rust-proof and featured of 38.7-inch x 20-inch dumping feature. The dump cart has 10-inch pneumatic tires to maintain its grip on the challenging landscape.


  • Constructed in 38.7-inch x 20-inch size
  • Pulls up to 600-pounds
  • 1-year limited warranty
  • WORX 8-in-1 Aerocart

Purchase from the WORX store. You can use this as a Yard Cart and Wheelbarrow. Besides, WORX makes it preferable as an attachable wagon kit. What you get along with the WORX Aerocart anyway? The manufacturer provides you one cylinder holder, bag holder, plant mover strap, and tool holders. You can load over 300 lbs. and can easily manage the load. We have noticed the wheelbarrow adjusts the center of gravity very well. However, the ‘Turbo Lift’ design of the wheelbarrow will convert a lightweight assembly. You rarely can find a wagon conversion kit with a significant four-wheeled feature. Choose this product to match what exactly you need!


  • Dimension: 19” H x 22” W x 58” L.
  • Easy-to-manage load (Lightweight)
  • Four-wheeled wheelbarrow
  • Dual-Wheel garden cart 

This wagon can be used as an alternative in a few cases. We’ve enjoyed the purchase. My wife looked for a tiny wagon for our garden in addition to our existing wheelbarrow. You can take up to 330 lbs loads in it. The manufacturer declares its garden cart to be one of the best multi-purpose garden carts. A statistic shows that the wheelbarrow from ‘Best Choice Technology’ is built to lift soil, bricks, mulch, and gravel to 5 cubic feet of soil. You can easily steer the cart and go through the various terrains. The construction of the garden cart is ultimately improved in powder-coated steel. Why not getting the cart for long-lasting use?


  • Weight Capacity: 330 lbs.
  • Long-lasting use

3 Wheelbarrow Alternatives

  • Rocky Mountain Goods Drawstring Tarp – 9’ by 9’ 

You must require an extra-strength yard tarp for cleanups, right? This product is getting used to carrying leaves to garbage or a garden. Besides, you can use it as a cover. Do you need an alternative to a wheelbarrow recently? The drawstring tarp is the best alternative to move leaves and yard debris. Plus, The tarp is engineered with UV treated poly fabric and made for heavy durability. You’ll get a lifetime warranty along with the purchase. You’re recommended to purchase the following tarp with drawstring ability.


  • Engineered with UV treated poly fabric
  • Can be used to carry garbage or garden
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Pack-N-Roll Portable Hand Truck (150-pound capacity)

This product is maybe what you need! The hand truck allows you to bring heavy things up on your garden, including the soil and dirt. The wheels are a little smaller but easy to maneuver. My friend tells me that he loves the truck’s telescoping handle, and it is something that he was needed. You can use it even at home as and gift for someone to save their aching back! We have experienced the product to load some soil and got the truck very sturdy to hold a lot of weight. We recommend purchasing the portable hand truck for a high capacity load. You’ll get it handy! Thank you. 

Open Dimensions:

  • 39-Inch Height
  • 11-Inch Depth 
  • 17-Inch Width


  • 150-pound capacity
  • Portable hand truck
  • Can hold a lot of weight
  • Sterilite Wheeled Industrial Tote

This item is an excellent addition if you’re gardening in front of your bungalow! Thanks to Sterilite for providing us a great addition and shed to our garden. If you feel about purchasing a new addition instead of your wheelbarrow, this wheeled tote will consider you 40 Gallon/151 Liter storage. Undoubtedly, it will be more sturdy and durable to use. Even if with the heavier weight, the wheels remain very handy and up to the gear in various stations.


  • Made in the USA
  • 151 Liter storage
  • Drip-resistant lid

Final thoughts

In this guide, we have included many alternatives that will help you move dirt without a wheelbarrow. You can choose one of the products as most of them are available on Amazon. See, it must be costly to source compost, soil, mulch, etc. without a wheelbarrow. For little, you’ve to purchase a ‘Drawstring Tarp’ to carry the bagged materials. Let us know how you feel about our recommendation and suggest more ways to get you more reliable wheelbarrow alternatives. Thanks for being with us!  

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