How to Convert A Pond Into A Garden

How to Convert A Pond Into A Garden

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Today’s generation loves to be in a new trend, new passion, and modern fantasy. Do you have an old backyard pond beside your house? Would you like to recover it and turn the pond into a colorful garden? It would be unique and a good idea indeed. Those people who have intended to do the handful process are very welcome emptying the pond. 

Honestly, you’ve to go through a long process while converting a pond into a garden. You need to space the pond, maintain the base, and to prepare the soil gradually. Isn’t it a big task? 

Whatever, in this guide, we shall talk about ‘How to Convert A Pond Into A Garden?’ Read us to know the explanation in a few minutes and thoroughly. You’re recommended to learn from professionals guide always. Let’s go inside-  

Things to consider before start converting a garden!

It is noticed that you’ve decided to turn your pond into a garden. Before starting the process entirely, please mindful of these following things below. 

    • Depth of the pondHow to Convert A Pond Into A Garden
    • What type of garden are you going to choose?
    • Soil to use 
    • 5 essential tips to keep in mind
    • Finally, turning a pond into a garden
  • Depth of the pond

Firstly, you’ve to understand the center of the pond along with the material of your pond. It is a big concern to drain the water out. I had a pond with 2-3 feet depth, and I turned the pond into a garden without any drainage or filtering material. We recommend filling the pond with rubbles if the depth is 3 feet or more. 

What type of garden are you going to choose

What type of garden are you going to choose?

There are types of gardens in your mind, such as Regular garden, Container garden, Raised bed, and Bog garden. Did you choose what you are going to make? Let us give an idea to you with a specific garden’s view. 

  • A regular garden is usually made with many types of plants. You can plant flowers, fruits, mint plants, and more climbers. This garden view can create a significant effect on the side of the pond and surprise you with a healthy garden plantation. In a regular garden, the pond side is surrounded by a group of trees. The garden looks aesthetic if done around a big pond. 
  • Container gardens are maintained in a 5-6 feet deep pond usually. The container gardens can be structured like regular gardens and have no chances to be dry ever. Because of being too wet, the container gardens demand less compost and soil than other gardens. 
  • The ‘raised bed garden’ looks like a large container. With a bunch of plants and soil, the construction is surrounded mostly. You should saturate the pond with soil and then harvest on a pond garden. Once the pond is equal to the ground, make it the most suitable garden circumstantially. 
  • Now, we talk about the most beautiful ‘Bog Garden’ structure. The garden is structured in wet soil. In a rainy area, you’ll earn additional benefits such as clogging each year. The only headache is to make a bog garden has the necessity for proper drainage. However, our recommendation is to develop your bog garden out of the pond. You can align the pond line with the best pond liner also.

Things to know when converting a fish pond to the garden

Things to know when converting a fish pond to the garden

If you love converting a fish pond to a garden, please read this topic thoroughly. I will talk as per my experience. I had a big pond where I had fishes in the backyard. A 2ft tall semi-circular wall surrounds the pond. The water of the pond was stagnant. We planned to turn the pond into a garden, so that filled the pond with dirt. What have we experienced during the process, anyway? Let us explain this to you!

  1. If you are interested in growing plants around or replacing the pond, please fill the pond with soil and manure. Besides, choose the plants with the proper root length. The root should not exceed the pond’s boundary. It will kill the plants by accumulating too much water. 
  2. Secondly, compressing the soil entirely will help your plants by their root’s growth. It is because compressed soil can behold more water and deliver essential nutrients to the plant. 
  3. Thirdly, it is essential to take care of the irrigation system. You can choose from an in-ground irrigation system or choose from a drip irrigation system. Here we add two popular irrigation systems that are available on Amazon.  
  • Flantor Garden Irrigation System & 1/4″ Watering Drip Kit

You will be impressed with this kit as the drip kit is an excellent irrigation option for enthusiasts. In a purchase, you get plenty of parts and fittings that will help water all your plants at one time. The drip kit is structured with a correct hose adapter. You can connect the hose adapter to a garden hose and turn on the tap during your work. Why not get it purchased and make your plants automatically? Even if you’re away, you can set a timer therein the irrigation system, and it will take care of your plans individually. We like this irrigation system meeting the water demand of different plants and water the plants at a time. This is quick to setup.


  • Set for Garden Greenhouse
  • Definitely worth the money
  • Top-grade Irrigation Equipment
  • Rain Bird 32ETI In-Ground irrigation system

First thing, first! Easy to install and recommended to purchase for your lawn. Don’t you want your lawn to be green and watered automatically? Choose this thing for the whole season. Now, you need not go through a lot more hassle of moving garden hoses. You can make a pro-leveled sprinkler adjustment with the Rain irrigation system. Let me share my experience. It is structured with a professional-grade hose-end timer. On the lawn, the timer works great. Besides, residential water pressure is also very user friendly. The flow rate is estimated at 6 to 12 gallons per minute. Overall, this is an excellent bang for your buck! 


  • Professional grade irrigation system
  • Minimum area to cover: 1000 to 3000 sq. ft
  • Easy mowing

How to Convert A Pond Into A Garden? Easy steps

  • You must drain the water off

Firstly, dry the pond by draining the water off. You can use a water pump to do that process. Remove all the material from deep of the pond. Are your pond made with central sump holes? Then, you’ll get easy dry without a formidable amount of effort. You can check YouTube and get the most successful drainage solutions for a 3-foot deep pond here

  • Get a look at the bottom of the pond 

We are leading to the ‘Pond to Garden’ project, and we need to prepare the base of the pond by preparing a mix of the regular soil. Drain the pond off, and you’ll get clogged up your garden when required. Besides, be careful of breaking the concrete/cement/brick base if you’re going to make a regular garden on it.

  • Work on the sidewalls 

If you want to set your garden in the pond’s exact location, prepare the pond side with the sidewall. A pond is aesthetic with its elliptical base. Usually, maximum ponds that are happened with a few feet depth have sidewalls. Even if the sidewalls do not surround your pond, build them new with similar hard materials such as concrete, cement, and pebbles. During the construction, it would be a better idea to leave holes into the sidewalls for the sake of drainage. We recommend using a masonry drill bit and withdraw holes in the concrete walls.

  • Fill the pond thoroughly 

The preparation must have done to fill the pond with soil, manure, and sand. Have you chosen from the garden you’d like? Here we suggest soil, manure, and sand for the regular garden and then use Leaf mold, Well-rotted manure, and Topsoil to the process. We recommend filling the pond with an expert’s suggestion, and it will help you plant the plants more professionally.

  • Do you want your garden full of plants? Please do it! 

Then, plant the plants and top up the ground with a beautiful garden view. Choose plants from flowers, fruits, mints, and root vegetables. You can even plant Tomato, Cucumber, Herbs, Gunnera, and Onion to benefit from a special salad in every meal! However, I would love to make a Bog Garden with lots of Globe flowers.  


You must have gotten an idea to convert a pond into a garden. In my opinion, turning a pond into a ‘Raised Bed’ structure will be a great idea. It and will look aesthetic with many tree branches or logs. Though, you can’t think of deep roots with such trees until making the soil more nutrients. Try to put the wood to good use. Best of luck!