How To Choose The Right Size Grow Tent

How To Choose The Right Size Grow Tent?

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If you are looking for an ideal unit which can give the perfect balance between accommodation and productivity, the tent is just the thing. It’s the best way to use limited space and resources at their maximum level by creating optimal conditions for growing.

There are many different kinds of tents available. How to be sure which one’s the most suitable for your needs? As with everything, the better understanding of overall specifications and features you have, the higher chances that you will pick a perfect one. Here’s how to choose the right size grow tent, to help you make the best selection possible.

I’ve made a list of grow tents that I consider to be the best to ease the selection for you, so feel free to check it out.

Why Does The Grow Tent Size Matter?

Why Does The Tent Size Matter?

If there’s one ultimately important decision to make regarding indoor gardening, it would be choosing the appropriate accommodation unit. That’s why you need to take as much time as possible. You must take many aspects into consideration to find the one that will give you the best possible performance a tent can have.

Either of the extremes is bad. An oversized unit brings you additional costs for basic equipment and energy. On the other hand, the undersized one may become an overcrowded and unhealthy environment which cannot be well-controlled even with the most aggressive pruning, staking or trellising.

What logically goes along with this one is the choice of plants itself. If you are planning to cultivate the seedling that will, when the time comes, be moved to an outside garden, then you need something large, but not too high.

On the other hand, if you don’t plan to move them, make sure the unit of your choice will be able to accommodate those cultures at their highest and the most mature form.

Functionality comes in the first place, and it is closely related to the type of plants. Manufacturers do not always specify the exact number of plants that fit inside the unit. It’s not just the information the failed to include, there’s actually a good reason for that.

Each horticulturist has its own gardening plan which includes various equipment and the specific plants. Therefore, listing the precise number of plants that a unit can accommodate would not be reliable info.

While looking for the appropriate tent you will find that they come in a variety of shapes and colors. However, DO remember that those are secondary aspects to pay attention to. After all, the very basic purpose of the unit is to contain and cultivate plants.

Tips On How to Choose the Right Size Grow Tent For Plants

Tips On Choosing The Appropriate Grow Tent For Growing Plants

When it comes to accommodating the plants inside, there are two types of horticulturists. Those who are handy with tools and have some extra space in the house will opt for grow room.

On the other hand, those who are looking for a bit practical option that requires no drilling holes or some other similar interventions will find a tent to be the best thing ever. Each of the options has its own positive and negative sides, but the final choice depends on a person individually.

Here’s the list of important aspects to have in mind when looking for the right size tent:

1. Plant choice

Seeds are more or less the same size, but as time goes by, they become seedlings, and seedlings turn into adult plants. If you think it’s silly that I point all those out so precisely DON’T FORGET there are people who fall in love with a puppy and somehow forget that it grows up to be a large sized dog, which requires much more space.

The same logic goes for plants. If you prefer keeping them in an indoor unit rather than moving them outside, you need to give them enough space to grow properly. Therefore, if you choose the cultures that are higher when they become mature, make sure you pick a tent with a roomy ceiling.

2. Grow lights

They also come in various shapes and sizes. Since they are mandatory equipment, they also play an important role in picking the right unit. Measure both size and distance. You don’t want to put them too far or too close to the plants. They need light, but excessive one can cause some troubles, particularly if you have some more sensitive species.

3. Ventilation and other equipment

These include carbon filters, as well as intake/exhaust and clip fans. As previously described, they are also of different sizes. You need to make sure that your tent won’t start resembling a stuffed warehouse where you cannot even recognize there are plants inside.

This also goes for all the other tools necessary for this hobby, such as reservoirs, pumps, pruning shears, soil, nutrients, sprays for insects and so on.

4. Size of your home

Even if you live in the smallest possible flat, there’s always enough room for at least one modest and tiny tent for you to enjoy gardening. You just need to make sure that you will place it somewhere practical, where you won’t stumble over it or something similar.

5. Price

The last but definitely not the least important segment is the budget. Buying the most expensive one won’t guarantee that you will get the best one available. On the other hand, be generous when making a decision which unit to buy, as this is the most important thing for indoor gardening. Try to think of it as buying a house or a car for yourself. The same factors you would take while picking any of these can be applied to tent purchase as well.

Mix And Match VS Integrated Grow Tent Packages

Mix And Match VS Integrated Grow Tent Packages

As this hobby has been popular for a long time now, the manufactures from the industry must use various tricks to be as appealing to the consumers as possible. That’s why they provide sets which include complete equipment for those who are just getting started.


Well, depends on how you look at it. Even though they may come with all the necessary components, still they cannot be customized so precisely to fit all the ideas and plans of individual horticulturists. There’s no such thing as a universal set. On the other hand, if the package is bundled by some reliable and reputable experts, it can be quite a good option for newbies. For one who is just getting started, this means less stress and guesswork for finding the right equipment. The more you become dedicated to the hobby, the better knowledge you will acquire. After a certain time, you will be able to make your own set in no time.

Quick Tips For Setting Up A Grow Tent

Once again, it’s all about making a good strategy, because a smart approach saves lots of troubles in the future. You can even draw a sketch with several notes to have in mind and create your very own instruction manual. It may sound silly, but trust me, it’s actually the quickest way to establishing an indoor garden successfully.

  • If you are putting the unit in the corner, don’t block the door or viewport.
  • Place the tent so that you can manage and maintain it easily and efficiently. Some plants require daily watering, the others need more light etc. That’s why it has to be in an easily reachable place.
  • Check out the access to the electricity and make sure the system corresponds to the equipment you are planning to buy.
  • Decide where you will mount a fan- inside or outside.
  • Check out the vents and ports and be sure that they are matching with your installation.
  • Find an adequate place to store the equipment and supplies.

This brief check-out list is very important, particularly for those who are new to the whole thing. But even the most experienced gardeners fail to remember every single detail. The more attention you pay at the very beginning, the fewer troubles you will have as the time goes by.

Quick Tips For Setting Up A Grow Tent

Final Thoughts

As usual, I do my best to create as practical and informative guides as possible, to help all the enthusiast find their way the quickest possible. I always try to stress out the significance of a thorough plan. It is actually the most important starting point for any hobby and job.

Plants may not be able to communicate in the way animals do. But they will definitely find a way to show you that you take good care of them. That’s why you need to find a nice home for them in the first place and then dedicate yourself wholeheartedly.

When it comes to tents, they may not be as fantastic as the great outdoors, but if you know how things work, with the adequate equipment it may become the next best thing.

I hope you liked my insightful guide on how to choose the right size grow tent. If you have some cool trick and tips to share with me, feel free to do so.