How Often and How Much to Water Mint Plants

How Often and How Much to Water Mint Plants

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Before explaining the water process to mint plants, you should know the purpose of growing your mint plants. Who doesn’t love drinking a cup of mint tea? Sometimes, I add mint plants in my regular recipes. If you go purchasing mint plants, it affords more money at the supermarket. Why not grow them at home, rooftop, or Balcony? It will be a lot more experience. 

In this guide, we shall show you the steps of growing your mint plants and watering them adequately. It helps a mint plant to be large enough and effectuate us to set tea with! Let’s know ‘How often and how much to water mint plants and the nurturing process with us. 

  • Get ready with a mint plant

It’s not weird to buy from a grown mint plant. The grown mint plant is also known as a mother plant that can be found at the supermarket. Be mindful of purchasing the fresh mint plant. If bugs or little insects remain on the plant, you’ll not be much benefited from it! Don’t ruin all your new plants. Buy from a trusted shop. You can also plant seeds and grow your mint plants thoroughly. But, it is time costly.

  • Plant the mint plant in a big pot

You can purchase mint plants in plastic pots from the supermarket. However, try to plant the mint in a larger pot as the mint plants need enough space to grow. Considering a big pot is like giving the plant a new home. Add some soil and try to make a hole at the bottom of the pot. It helps to drain the overwater to flow away. Later, the plant can absorb them when required. 

  • Here, you’ve to maintain enough light and water

Remember to set out the mint plant next to a window. It will provide lots of sunlight and some shadow to the mint. You can nurture the plant in very mild conditions. Be careful of supplying the mint plant with enough water. This plant demands a lot of water. We show you the process of water mint plants. It’s nothing like watering the whole day. Be mindful of watering the plant once or twice a day. The soil must be humid. You can bring a dead mint to life with proper maintenance and adding water and the sun.  

  • The roots will be seen within a few weeks

Now, wait for the roots to grow. You’ll see them underwater after a week or a few weeks. Roots with a decent length are meant to be a good plant. Watering adequately can treat your plants well. Read us below to ‘How Often and How Much to Water Mint Plants?’

How often to water mint?How often to water mint

Mint plants are renowned worldwide for various uses. Sometimes, they are used in toothpaste, sometimes we love its tea, and sometimes the mint is used to cure hiccups. You can plant the mint to thrive! Use your free space to nurture this famous plant. Recently, you must be planning on it, right? 

Watering the mint plants is essential to consider once you are conducive to the moist soil. Many people think that planting the mint in waterlogged soil has never been a good idea. Before watering your mint plants, one thing to consider is understanding the earth if it is dry or required watering them. If the soil feels wet, try moistening the next day. Importantly, you should reminisce about not waterlogging the mint plants at any point. 

Waterlogging leads the mint to die as the roots get rotten through it. Try to water the plants in the morning. It will evaporate excess water for the whole day. We recommend using a self-watering container. It ensures the soil to be moist and refill their water reservoirs infrequently. Thus, you’ll get no risk of over waterlogging.

How to water mint plants in the full sun?

If you’ve placed the mint plants in an area surrounded by the sun, you need to increase watering them twice a day. Mostly when you plant mint seeds in a garden, you need full sun to grow them well. But, once the mint plants get grown-up, the sun causes the plants to lose a lot of water. It happens through evaporation. If you don’t water the plants twice a day, the soil will be dried out in which they stand. 

At length, do not lead your mint plants with dehydration. The morning and the late afternoon is the best time zone to water mint plants. If not full sun, don’t overwater the mints. It will kill your plants too early.

Why is overwatering your mint plants dangerous?

Overconfident, Overgesture and Overwatering can prove you wrong! Overwatering a plant is harmful and kills it gradually. Scientists say that overwatering also leads the plants with negative effects. A plant has nutrients by its root, and overwatering the plant eliminates the nutrients and oxygen. Don’t make the mints challenging to survive! 

How to mark overwatering in case? You’ll see the mint leaves getting yellow and going through weak stems. Also, Overwatered mint plants always look droopy. We are researching the issue recently and have been inventing all surprising diseases like leaf blight, verticillium wilt, and mint rust that happens through overwatering the plants. Check with fingers if the soil demands water to be wet or already done with it!  

Don’t underwater the mint plants

As like overwatering the plants, underwatering may be too dangerous to mint plants. Here we should talk a few lines about it! If you don’t water your mints properly, you’ll get the leaves dehydrated. As a result, it leads the mint plants to their last stage. 

Now, know the symptoms underwatering may cost to your plants. Firstly, the sign includes the yellowing of leaves. Secondly, the wilting of the leaves alerts you about both overwatering and underwatering. Discoloration of leaves is one of the witnessing signs that happen all through the mint plants. To get rid of these, make a schedule to water the plants every morning, and assess the moisture level fruitfully.  

Why should I grow mint? Is it beneficial?

Mint flavor is medically approved, so that we usually use mint’s toothpaste, face wash, lotion ETC. Besides, the mint flavor is very much popular in tea. Last year, I enjoyed mint with braised lamb! It was all juicy. 

Mint is also known as menthe and found all over the world. Find nearby cuisine, and you’ll get hundreds of dishes using mint as their flavor. You can plant mint-like many gardeners. You don’t need harvesting over your yard. Try out in a little space like Balcony if you don’t have a place! Get your remedy with a delicate and sweet flavor in tea, chocolate, or desserts.


Do you know? Mint is a kind of prominent plant to harvest. It’s much easier than regular harvesting. If you’re one of those people who love plants at once, you may opt to harvest mint right away. Mint plants will allow you to add flavor to dishes and a powerful aroma through its tea! Watering the mint plant thoroughly and being a part of overwatering or underwatering would give you the best result. Consult an expert or use ‘Automatic Self-Watering Globes’ to balance water mint plants.

FAQ session:

  • Why does my mint plant keep dying?

If planting mint seeds in a small pot, the plants will grow slowly. The main thing that leads mints to die is nurturing them in a lack of adequate space. If not sufficient space, the plants don’t receive enough water from their roots. Thus, it results in plant death. Try to maintain the plant on a surface with extreme heat or dry weather.

  • How do I make my mint plant bushy?

Watering in the plants well is the first condition to make your mint plant bushy. Plant mint seeds gradually to the fertile surface, and leaving them to branch out will soon fulfill your requirement.

  • How do you revive a dying Mint?

It is possible if you keep the soil moist and water the plants as frequently. You’ll see a wilted appearance by the day. Besides, be careful of drainage holes in pots to maintain water distribution and prevent root rot amazingly.