What Is A Carbon Filter and How Does It Work for Grow Room?

A carbon filter is activated carbon filled in a tube. In simple terms, a carbon filter uses activated carbons to remove impurities and contaminants from the air. It uses a chemical adsorption technique. To be able to achieve this, the carbon provides a large surface area that enhances chemical bonding. 

How Carbon Filters Work

What Is A Carbon Filter and How Does It Work for Grow Room

When chemical contaminant in the air passes through the carbon, they are trapped on the surfaces where they attach. 

Every piece of carbon in the filter has a large surface area. This gives the contaminants a surface to attach itself. One pound of activated charcoal has an approximate surface area of 100 acres. Carbon in the filter are activated with a positive charge. Scientifically, the positive charge attracts the negative element of the contaminants in the air. The same strategy applies to the carbon when its filtering water. When air from your grow room passes through it, carbon neutralizes it.

It cleans and removes any odors before the air is pushed out of the carbon filter.

 For the carbon filter to work properly on your grow room, its essential to ensure that the exhaust system is set correctly. Also, you will require an inline fan to push much air through the carbon filter. 

If these installation precautions are not taken into considerations, the air will escape through other parts of the grow room. And without a strong inline fan for your grow tent, then the whole carbon system will be useless. 

Installing a carbon filter is an easy task. If you can be confident enough, you can set it up correctly in your room. Also, you don’t need to buy a commercial carbon filter. You can easily make your carbon filter. 

What is Activated Carbon?

Activated carbon is a type of processed carbon to make it porous. The porous elements are to increase the surface area on the carbon for the contaminants to attach themselves. A perfect activation comes solely from the application of a high surface area on the carbon. 

Mostly, charcoal is preferred for activation. Under rare cases will you find other carbons like coal being activated. A successful activation ensures that the carbon is safe to use under any temperature. 

Activated carbon should also absorb the moisture instead of moisture or react with another material. 

Different Parts of an Effective Air Carbon Filter And Their Function

Air Carbon Filter

Understanding the parts of the carbon filter will help you use the right material and procedures in constructing the carbon filter. 

  • The Air Passage

Air passage of a carbon filter is a cylindrical area between the filter openings. You can make the air passage to be anything from 4 inches to 8 inches. The openings should be of the same diameter as the inline fan and ducting. 

This will ensure that the inline fan and ducting system will push the air from your to grow tent to the filter without any escaping. 

  • The Body

The air carbon filter body is a composition of activated charcoal, outer, and inner mesh. The body secures the filter and makes it a dust-free intake. It ensures that air passes from the pre-filter to the carbon layer without attracting any dust from the grow tent. 

  • Pre-filter

This is a breathable and a semi-transparent medium placed around the filter body. It gives minimal air resistance to the filter. As a result, it let’s air pass through the carbon bed for cleaning. 

The main purpose of having a pre-filter is to prevent debris and dust from entering into the activated carbon. 

  • Activated Carbon

This is the main part of a carbon filter. The activated charcoal draws unclean air and removes its odor. It takes away all smelly chemicals and releases fresh air outside the grow tent. 

Not every charcoal is effective in carbon filters — only the activated carbon. Normally, the 1050+ Australian Virgin Charcoal is considered the best-activated charcoal for the air carbon filter. 

Different Types of Carbon Filters

Carbon filters come in different types. The categories are divided depending on different aspects of carbon filtration. The following are the major categories of carbon filters. 

  • Filters Based on Filter-Fan Combination

VIVOSUN 4Inch Air Carbon Filte

Under this category, there are carbon filters only and carbon filter-fan Combo filters. 

Carbon filters only are majorly filters that used as a replacement for existing filters. However, when buying these types of filters, you need to makes sure it matches the flanges, size, dimensions, and CFM rating of the previous filter that you intend to replace. 

Under this category, we recommend you buy VIVOSUN 4Inch Air Carbon Filter. It will offer you excellent performance for your 4-inch exhaust pipe. The filter is available on Amazon. Click here to check the latest price and buy it on Amazon today. 

A carbon Filter-fan combo is the best choice for all growers. It’s made to fit on fan and exhaust which you will find in most grow rooms. Adjustment and installation are easy. It also comes with an automatic speed control device to give filtration for the entire grow room. 

Under this category, we recommend you buy VIVOSUN 6 Inch 440 CFM Inline Fan. The fan is available on Amazon. You can click here to check the latest price and buy the fan on Amazon.  

  • Filters by Diameter

Carbon filters come with different diameters. Their design is to ensure that the filter would fit on the exhaust pipe of your grow room. 

In the market, you will find exhaust filters of the following diameters. 

4 Inches Carbon Filters: These are filters with the smallest diameters. They give a CFM of around 150-250 CFM. These filters are ideal for small tents (4×4 or 4×7, or 4×8 tents). Buy iPower 4-inch Air Carbon Filter on Amazon.

6 Inches Carbon Filters: They have a 400 CFM rate. Perfect for grow room of 8×8 or 10×8 in size. In this category, buy Phresh Filter 701005 Filter. It’s available on Amazon. Click here to check the latest price and buy it today. 

8 Inches Carbon Filter: These are filters for large rooms. They attain a CFM of up to 700. This is sufficient for a large size room pf 12×12. The best 8 inches carbon filters are VIVOSUN 8 Inch Air Carbon filter. It’s available on Amazon. Click here to check the latest price and buy the fan from Amazon. 

10 Inches Carbon Filter: These are filters that will deliver up to 1200 CFM. The best filter is Phresh Filter 10 in x24 in the Carbon filter. The filter is also available on Amazon. Click here to check its latest price and buy it today. 

12 inches Carbon Filter: This is the largest filter you will find in the market today. It delivers an extraction rate of up to over 1400 CFM. Our pick under this category is Presh Filter 12 in x 24 carbon filter. It’s available on Amazon. Click here to check the latest price and buy the filter from Amazon. 

The Best Carbon Filter for Grow Room

iPower 4-inch Air Carbon Filter

Once your carbon filter gets damaged, you need to replace it with a new one. Most importantly, you need to buy a filter that will serve you better and longer. 

The good news is that these filters are readily available on Amazon. Any time you need to change them, you can go ahead and buy them. The following are the best filters you will market. 

iPower 4-inch Air Carbon Filter

This is a powerful 4-inch flange ducting filter with a 12-inch length. It holds an airflow of 200 CFM. 

One thing you will love about this carbon air filter is the 1050+ IAV charcoal. It will give you superior performance that you won’t find in most of the other filters you will find in the market. 

For durability, it comes with a reversible flange. 

According to the manufacturer’s specification, the filter has a life span of up to 2 years. 

Key Features

  • 200 CFM
  • Reversible flange for durability
  • Can serve you for up to 2 years

The filter is available on Amazon. Click here to check its latest price and buy it today. 

TerraBloom 6-inch Carbon Filter

This filter comes with RC-48 charcoal carbon. This quality is only found from Western Australia – one of the best charcoals you will ever find in the market. 

With its length of 6 inches and 46mm thickness, the carbon filter offers better performance compared to other filters. It has 15% more carbon in it. This is because most of the other filters you will find in the market have 38mm. 

And if the quality is a concern, this is a filter that comes with a 3 months warranty. 

Key Features

  • Better performance than most of the other filters – it has 15% more carbon
  • More durable
  • 3 months warranty

The filter is available on Amazon. Click here to check the latest price and buy the filter from Amazon. 

Which is the Best Among the Two Filters?

Both. But you can’t buy both of them at the same time. These are superior filters that will give you durability and superior performance. 

When replacing your filter, consider their size and compare them with your exhaust pipe. If your grow room exhaust pipe is four inches, buy the iPower 4-inch Air Carbon Filter. However, if your exhaust pipe is 6 Inches, buy TerraBloom 6-inch Carbon Filter

This is the most important factor that you need to consider when deciding to buy your filter.

What if My Grow Room Has a Different Size, Which is the Best Carbon Filter? 

If your tent has different dimensions, check the filters we have recommended under the types of carbon filters. Buy these filters for amazing air extraction. 

Factors to Consider When Buying A Carbon Air Filter for Your Grow Room

TerraBloom 6-inch Carbon Filter

Size: As mentioned, the size of your filter should be the same as the size of your exhaust pipe. Its CFM should also be the same or less than the CFM of your grow room fan. 

Also, when you think about size, consider your room. If you choose a filter that is smaller than your room, it won’t give you effective filtration. If you have a small grow area, consider buying iPower 4-inch Air Carbon Filter l but if your grow area is large buy TerraBloom 6-inch Carbon Filter

Amount of Carbon in the Filter: Activated carbon adsorbs impurities to its surface. When there is no space left, the carbon gets depleted. This means that it won’t work anymore. So, if you want your carbon filter to last for a longer time, get a filter with large amounts of carbon. 

Material: Choose for material construction that will give you durability. Aluminum and stainless-steel materials are things to consider. 

Price: Don’t just buy a filter that seems cheap. Go for a filter that will give you value for your money. It should be a durable and yet good performance. Find a balance between money and performance. 

Warranty: If a manufacturer gives you a warrant, the filter will give you peace of mind. It’s also another way of identifying a better and quality filter. No manufacturer will give you a warranty if they know their product will break down easily. 

How to Install A Carbon Filter in a Grow Room 

To get the best filtration from a carbon filter, you need first to get its installation right. The following are simple steps to follow and install the carbon filter on your own. 

Start by taking the filter from your packaging after buying it. As mentioned earlier, the filter needs to be installed on the exhaust. Place it there and ensure its tightly attached. 

Make sure there is no gap between the filter and your exhaust pipe. If there are gaps in between, the filter won’t function as required. 

It’s also important to give support to the filter to prevent it from falling. This can easily be done by tying the filter with a rope. 

Parting Shot

Simply said, a carbon filter is a grow tent air extraction device attached to the exhaust. It uses activated carbon to adsorb and clean the air leaving the grow room. 

It works by attracting chemicals and impurities from the air. Activation gives carbon a large surface area where the impurities attach. 

The filters come in different types depending on size, method of filtration, and type of activated carbons used in the filter. As a farmer, you need to get a filter that will suit your needs. You need to consider the size of your grows tent before picking any carbon filter. 

Most importantly, ensure you get a filter that will fit on your exhaust pipe. In this article, we have recommended to you the best filters to buy for all sizes. Buy them on Amazon for an amazing filtration.