How Deep Do Mint Roots Go

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Who doesn’t love growing mint? People get excited to make sure what the right place to get it all right is! Sometimes, mint plants are planted in the garden, and sometimes they are planted like houseplants. Recently, we researched the Keyword’s activity and got the following topic “how deep do mint roots go” as most trendy. World enthusiasts want to know the depth of the root system. It’s a big deal to consider your plants enough space to grow!

To be noted that it is discovered 23 species of mint around the world. These have different depths. However, we like planting peppermint and Spearmint as houseplants, aren’t we? These mints have 2-24 inches deep root systems. In this guide, we would like discussing –

Ideas about how Deep Do Mint Roots Go

1. A bit about Mint plants

Mint is a very fragrant plant! You can use its leaves for perennial salad and a fruity, aromatic taste of tea. We have discovered 23 species of mint plants though all of them are bright green and variegated. Rolling the mint leaves between your fingers will let you know a pungent scent of real mint juleps. The government of all developed countries has been encouraging gardeners or farmers to manufacture more mints. Click here to read a bit more about ‘Mint Case Study’ from the UK publishing service. Mints are used as air fresheners and herbal medicines. Young entrepreneurs have been getting trendy to the mint’s plantation as the mints are functional, beautiful, and foolproof to grow. You can earn a lot from them if turned them into marketing accessories like toothpaste, medicine, tea bag, and many more opportunities. Besides, the mint can be an excellent treatment to keep your health safe and sound. Indeed, mint plants are vigorous spreaders. For being that case, you should be careful about the place where you plant it. It is essential to consider ‘How Deep Do Mint Roots Go?’ as well. How Deep Do Mint Roots Go

2. Mint Root System

It is estimated that mint can go 24 inches (61 cm) to its depth. Indeed, the mint plant has the most growing root system compared to other plants. We do it wrong once we start thinking that mint is an easy plant to grow and plant in a small pot! Thus, we restrict the mint’s growth. The root system of the mint plants spread out deep and wide quickly. A garden could be an appropriate place to nurture mint plants into existence.

You have to be concerned about ‘Mint root depth factors’ Vs. ‘Container depth’ factors. It is essential to ensure the growth of the mint. The roots of the mint plant spread out easily and quickly. Sometimes, the plant’s growth is restricted due to several factors. One of these factors is the container depth. An appropriate container will help your plants grow successfully.

  • Container’s size

I have mentioned before that mint plants can grow to different lengths. Among all of the 23 recognized species, the Spearmint grows between 12 and 39 inches, and Japanese peppermint can grow between 6 to 24 inches. These mint plants are popular as houseplants. As the mints are taller, they should be growing in a large pot. A small or average-sized container may hinder mint’s growth. You can make holes in the bottom of the container, or else the plant’s development will be stalled. We recommend keeping the container width at least 8 inches (20 cm). This will help a plant with enough space to grow. Why not consider this mint plant as a key aspect?

3. Things to consider if nurturing mint plants

  •  Soil maintenance

Soil structure is essential to humus content to grow healthy plants. This task can be done with reasonably wet soil. The soil’s drainage capacity can be maintained with vermiculite and perlite. Picking the right dirt is important. The right soil helps the plants with proper nutrition aspects. Besides maintaining adequate drainage, the watering process can be equally done. The healthy soil can give you a healthy plant, whereas a waterlogged plant will be problematic.

A mint plant should be healthy to grow best! The soil quality should not be acidic but enriched with a pH of around 7 in scientific terms. Proper soil contains nutrients and organic matter in it that ensures the plant’s growth. The more micro organism’s soil has, the more potential the mint is to grow.nurturing mint plants

  •   Keep the plants planted at the right depth

Planting your soil at the right depth will increase the plant’s importance. You should not bury the plant too near the surface. It becomes dislodged! Why not planting your mints in a favorable position to grow? You should not also plant them too deep. Maintain your plants in a place that they don’t get float away! I have seen my friends planting their mints too deep. If buried very underneath, the roots run out of energy and die. However, before start planting, you should consult an expert’s suggestion, and he will tell you the opportunity between the soil and optimal planting depths. I recommend placing mint plants beneath the soil about a quarter-inch. Try putting them in a leveled place!

  • Clean sunlight

Here comes the ‘Sunlight’ opportunity. Your plants in partial sunlight can grow early. If you keep your mints in a container, please keep them in better conditions and hidden away from the sun. Even if the mints are planted inside your house, keep them on the balcony or beside the windows. It will help the plants with plenty of sunlight. Direct sun will burn the leaves and create brown spots on the leaves.

You should also maintain the distance between plants. Keep them 30 cm spacing between each plant. A wider distance will help the plant’s growth properly. Keep them separate.

Important tip:

  • The depth of the planting should be 0.6cm.
  • The depth of the root should be 10cm-61cm.
  • The height of the plant should be 25cm-98cm.
  • The space of the plant should be 32cm.

4. People’s asking: Session 01

Angelina, one of our regular readers, sent us an E-mail. It was like, ‘I’m fond of planting mint plants but caught in a little bit of dilemma. I have a place on the west side where I made my flower’s garden. The location has a sunny spot. I want to grow mints in the same place. Will it take over? What should be the pot’s structure to grow down the plants? Tell me more about the plant’s maintenance?

 Professional’s answer:

I made a mistake years ago! I planted some wily mints in the garden and dug the vertical dividers in the garden bed about a meter deep. Indeed, the mint’s roots grow downward soon and escape all the barriers around it, even your neighbor’s garden.

Later, I kept the mints in pots. You should not use a huge pot! Keep the potting medium-sized knowing full well. Those pots that are 30cm wide and roughly deep are easily manageable.

Honestly, the roots of the mints are impossible to confine! They will grow wherever they can, even out of the drainage holes. I have to experience the origins of the mint growing between the brick pavers.

We recommend the most massive pot to plant mints only if you can lift them, maintain them, and repot your mint later regularly. Your mint should pot bound at some point if not supported by the size of your pot.

If I answer specifically, the mint prefers to grow in dappled sunlight. You can nurture them even in the full blast of the sun. But, it affects the small mint leaves with sunburn. Keep the mints grown in partial shade so that the plants grow more extensive, and you’ll be blessed with a rich strength of flavor. Besides having the right place, be concerned about the ideal position in your climate. It will help your mints thoroughly.

All gardeners are familiar with Peppermint and Spearmint as their leaves produce a real aroma if used as a tea, salad, or toothpaste. People find it versatile for cooking; even my wife does! Why not leave the peppermint for dessert things? The Peppermint and Spearmint have the same growth habit to self-seed and spreading roots and runners.

5. People’s experience: Session 02

People’s thoughts cannot be overtaken! Here we shall talk about a few enthusiasts and gardeners. What’s in their mind? Planting the mints

Sweezel shares her experience. She was excited to know how deep mint roots grow! We answered this already. However, Sweezel has a lot of adventures. After having mint plants at hand, Sweezel’s husband bought an enormous container to plant mint in as per her experience burying the plants mostly at the bottom will keep the plants from overwatering. Plus, she made drainage holes. Finally, we were told that mint plants grow out of the hole and get into the bed by time.

Mint is invasive with its shallow root system! Planting the mints in a 12 inches taller container will seem to be okay. One of Sweezel’s friends, Ricky, had tried with an eight-inch tall pot. As a result, the mints sneaked out everywhere. Presently, the roots are popping up everywhere and need to be replanted in a homie garden. Thanks, people who have been serving me peppermint tea anyway.


  1. Does mint need deep soil?

You can surround the mint plants in a planting bed. Be mindful of the depth into soil edging that extends 18 to 24 inches. It is required to plant the mint in a pot that has 3 inches of the rim. Sit your mint plants above the soil line.

     2. Is Mint shallow rooted?

Mint is a quick-spreading plant with a tall (2-3′) feature. Besides having a quick-spreading perennial, it has square stems and purple tinge leaves. It is very prolific. You’re recommended to set them in a quiet corner of the garden bed.

   3.Does a mint plant spread?

Generally, mint plants have aromatic leaves and quick spreading underground rhizomes or runners. The rhizomes spread in full swing. Most of the mints provide tiny individual blossoms according to species.