Do Spider Plants Need Fertilizer? (What Type, How Much & More)

Spider plants do not necessarily need more fertilizer to grow; however, giving the spider plant some small amount of fertilizer helps increase the plant’s growth rate during its early stages of growth. When applying the fertilizer to the spider plant, there are always guidelines to apply to avoid adding excess fertilizer to the spider plant as it affects it.

Fertilizer has some nutrients that the soils that support the spider plants lack, and hence adding the fertilizer increases the nutrients, mostly when the plant is growing. However, when adding the fertilizer, you must use the exact fertilizer for the spider since there are different types of fertilizer for the spider plant.

Feed the spider plants with the right type of fertilizer according to their different stages. In this article, there are fertilizers for the spider with its different stages and the amount it needs such that young spider plants need nitrogen fertilizer, flowering plants need phosphate. Potassium is for the normal health of the plant.

Types of fertilizer for the spider plant

There are different types of fertilizer, such that there are synthetic and natural forms of fertilizer. The artificial fertilizer includes liquid fertilizer, granular fertilizer, and slow-release fertilizer, where the liquid fertilizer is the best for use when applying to the spider plant. The natural fertilizer includes the compost fertilizer that is from the waste products like kitchen wastes.

1. Liquid fertilizer

do spider plants need fertilizer

The liquid fertilizer is a type of spider fertilizer that is liquid such that when you want to apply it to the plant, you must dilute it first with water, then add it gently to the soil. Sometimes the liquid fertilizer is powder in nature that you still have to dilute with water before applying to the soil. It is good to apply the liquid fertilizer during the dry seasons. The spider plant absorbs the fertilizer more than in wet seasons. The fertilizer keeps on sticking on the soil for quite some days until it loses its functions.

To apply the liquid fertilizers, follow the guidelines that manufacturers provide of the product manual, containing all the steps and procedures to use when applying. Failure to follow the instructions may lead to the excess application of the fertilizer to the spider plant.

2. Granular fertilizer

Granular fertilizer

Granular fertilizer mostly helps the foliages and the health of the whole plant as it contains potassium and nitrogen that provide nutrients the spider plant needs for growth from its early stage.  Granular fertilizer is best for use with outside spider plants as it provides high nutrients that over-application can affect the plant’s health.

3. Slow-release fertilizer

Slow-release fertilizer

The term slow-release comes from the act that the fertilizer slowly dilutes in the soil before it provides nutrients to the spider plant. The slow-release fertilizer has a coating layer that is thick enough such that it takes time before it starts producing the nutrients the spider plants require. Ensure you water the slow-release fertilizer in the plant to help the process of breaking down the fertilizer. The slow-release does not necessarily need dilution before working since you cannot regulate the supply of nutrients.

4. Compost manure

Compost manure

Compost manure is a type of natural fertilizer from humans collecting the dirty particles from the kitchen and giving them time to decompose, making the compost fertilizer. To make the compost manure, you must use the leaves, papers, and other kitchen remains that contain nitrogen. Compost fertilizer is good for the spider plant where it provides some importance to the spider plant as follows:

Increases the nutrients in the soil and helps in leaving some water in the soil for the plant’s growth.

It reduces the number of pests infecting the spider plant, preventing the attack from diseases increasing the chances of living for the plant.

Using manure helps the farmer from saving cash that is to buy chemical fertilizer.

It contains natural nutrients through the bacteria and fungi it has that increase the nutrients in the soil.

It acts as a base to lower the acidity of the nutrients in the soil, making the plant consume healthy nutrients.

How much fertilizer does the spider plant need to grow?How much fertilizer does the spider plant need to grow

Determine the amount of fertilizer the spider plant needs to grow depending on the type of fertilizer the farmer uses. When applying the inorganic fertilizer, you need to apply a reasonable amount per the manufacturer’s instructions. While using the organic one, you need to apply a thick layer of manure to cover the whole surface of the soil.

To use the inorganic fertilizer, you need to dilute it first before applying. The following steps show how to use the chemical fertilizer:

  1. Purchase the chemical fertilizer from legal shops or sites from the internet.
  2. Put half of the fertilizer per dose into a bucket of water.
  3. Add the fertilizer to the spider plant during the watering process so that the soil acquires fertilizer through the water after diluting. After spraying the water, fertilizer does not add water informing of watering the water.

Failure to follow the dosage the spider plant needs may lead to over-fertilizing the plant that can affect the normal health of the spider plant to the extent it can die because the spider plant requires fewer amounts of fertilizer. In case you over-fertilize the spider plant, you can easily notice the changes with the plant since it can show signs as follows; the leaves will turn to be brown, sometimes the whole plant will lose its color, low rates of growth, leaves can turn and be yellow, the soil around the plant will turn to be white, and the roots will seem to have exposed to fire.

Therefore, in case of any of the following signs, consider solving the problem with the plant by studying the whole situation with the spider plant, remove the parts that have damages, remove the soil that has excess fertilizer and add some dilute soil without fertilizer, spray water on top of the soil after scooping the one with excess fertilizer and allow the soil to absorb the water severally then finally repot the spider plant with soil from a different source. It is advisable to avoid fertilizing the spider for a few months in case of such an issue.

Frequently asked questions:

  • What is the best fertilizer to apply for the proper growth and development of the spider plant?

Spider plant requires less fertilizer to survive; hence, it can use any natural or chemical fertilizer to add nutrients to its soils. There are different kinds of best fertilizers for use with the spider plant so long as the dose is as per the manufacturer’s instructions. Moreover, when using the compost manure, it is good to add a thick layer on top of the soil with the spider plant, which is cheap as one can make it at home using the kitchen remains or one can buy in case they lack time to make the compost manure.


The spider plants need fertilizer as part of the requirements for the growth of the plant. The article above shows the types of fertilizers the spider plants need for growth and how much fertilizer the plant consumes to avoid over-fertilizing the plant.

Therefore follow the types of fertilizers to get the best fertilizer for use. Consider following the dosage as per the fertilizer to use. In case of over-fertilizing, always remove the soils with excess fertilizer and trim the parts with damages from the plant.