DIY Herb Drying Rack - All You Need To Know To Make One

DIY Herb Drying Rack – All You Need To Know To Make One!

Once you start exploring, you will realize those dry herbs can be used for many interesting purposes. Instead of deciding to choose some other less costly hobby, you should direct all your positive and creative thoughts in thinking of the ideas on how to make a DIY herb drying rack.

If you are not into DIY projects, then you can simply choose the one from our list the best herb drying racks and save yourself some time.

The first thing that inevitably comes to one’s mind are spices and teas, but you can also use it for making aromatic candles, or some beauty recipes as well. And the more the ideas grow, the more you actually realize how those are actually rather expensive.

Why Will Homemade Drying Rack Be Your Favorite Item?

Funny but true- this gadget is one of those you could label as “I didn’t even know I need one, but now that I have it, I wonder however could I manage without it”. It’s not only a useful and practical item but if you let the imagination does the job, it can be very decorative as well.

But, first of all, do know that this is not just leaving the fresh herbs to dry out. However, it’s nothing complicated as well, you only need to use common sense to make one. When I say common sense, what I mean here is finding the best way to keep the herbs from molding and turning brown, but at the same time having them dried properly.

Of course, buying one is always the quickest option, but for such a simple item, the price could be considered big. However, sometimes it’s much more than just a matter of budget. It’s the excitement that comes with the fact when you realize that you are actually CAPABLE of making something yourself. It takes very little effort compared to the final result- a fine and decorative place for your herbs.

DIY Herb Drying Rack With Macramé Hoop And Ring Clip

The most practical gadget of this sort would be the hanging one, as it allows the air to circulate around them, letting them dry evenly and slowly. Of course, you cannot predict how each and every individual herb will act and react, so toss any that has spots or is starting to mold. That way you leave enough space for the healthy ones.

You can use plenty of materials and items for this purpose, depends on how you imagined the rack in the first place. But more or less, neither of the options is time-consuming. Once you collect all the supplies and tools, you will have it done in no time. Without further ado, here’s what you need for THIS one:

  • 12-inch macramé hoop
  • Macramé cord (3mm)
  • Ring clips for hanging curtains
  • Wooden beads
  • Scissors and pliers

DIY Herb Drying Rack With Macramé Hoop And Ring Clip

The procedure goes like this:

  1. Separate the curtain clips from the rings by using pliers. The number of clips depends on your very own idea how many those “herb hangers” are you actually planning to make.
  2. Attach the clips to the hoop and use pliers to secure them.
  3. Place the hoop on the table and group the clips two by two, leaving enough of space between.
  4. Cut the strings into four pieces and tie one end of each of them to the hoop. Make sure there’s enough space between each of the four strings you attach, putting two clips between each of them.
  5. Gather the loose ends together and knot them at some reasonable distance from the hoop. By this, I mean neither too close nor too far away. The goal is maintaining the practicality and functionality of the rack in the first place.
  6. String the beads and knot the rack again somewhere on the top, to keep those in a place.
  7. Divide the strings putting two in one and two in the other hand and tie them again. Be sure there’s a large loop so that you can hang the rack well. If there are any excess strings trim them.

Once you put all the pieces together, what is left is to hang the herbs. You can use kitchen twine for the purpose and hang them upside down. The best place for the rack is somewhere near the window, where it will receive sunlight.

When the herbs are dry, remove them and put them in glass jars. Here’s another chance to express your creativity but that may be the subject of some other article in the future.

This is more or less the basic procedure described step by step and there are always slight variations depending on your own ideas. You can explore with similar materials, add more beads, or use strings in multiple colors, it’s entirely up to you to see the options. The most important thing to keep in mind is that herbs need enough space between them, so make sure you leave it.

Picture Frames As DIY Herb Drying Racks

All of us have tons of some used things all over the place and we keep them for God knows what until we get the idea how to use them. Then one day the light bulb suddenly goes off, and you realize that those old picture frames can become an ideal homemade rack for drying plants.

Materials needed:

  • Picture frames made of wood (3 for example)
  • Window screening
  • Chains
  • Small eyehooks
Picture Frames As DIY Herb Drying Racks

Again, the numbers completely depend on the size of the rack you are planning to make as well as the number of herbs you want to place on it. With 3 frames, as suggested here, you can put three different herbs. I wouldn’t quite recommend mixing them on a single layer, as each of them acts differently. Some of them dry faster, the others, which are juicier, so to say, need more time. Also, if you want to paint the frames, then add a can of spray paint to the list.

Tools needed:

  • Cordless drill with small drill bit
  • Scissors
  • Pliers
  • Loaded staple gun

Picture Frames As DIY Herb Drying Racks

Let the fun begin:

  1. So, if you want to paint the frames, now is the time to do so, before you start putting all the elements together. Let it dry well.
  2. Cut the window screen so that pieces fit the back of each frame and staple them.
  3. Predrill a hole in each corner of each of the frames and screw the eyehooks.
  4. Cut the chain to the appropriate lengths and bend the ends open using pliers. Attach one side to each of the hooks and to the other frame. Repeat the procedure again, if there are 3 frames. A small note here- if you painted the frames, make sure this side faces up.
  5. Once you attach all the chains and frames, open the top link of each of them and connect those four chains in one. Attach one small chain so that you can hang the rack.

There you have it, your very own rack for herbs. If you used smaller frames, you can hang this one inside. However, if the size is larger, you can find some interesting place to hang it outside. Just make sure it’s well protected from the rain or excessive wind, which could blow away your herbs.

Final Thoughts on DIY Herb Drying Racks

As you can see, both of the ideas are rather simple, and do not require lots of time and effort, but can give you plenty of pleasure in return. The best part of all is that you probably have all the tools and materials in your house already, you just didn’t know, until know, how to use them and create something both practical and stylish.

Each herb requires a different amount of time to dry off, so check on them regularly. There are some additional factors which have influence over this, such as the outside or inside air humidity. Like I already said, the only thing that matters is that you don’t put them too close to each other so that they can dry off properly.

Final Thoughts on DIY Herb Drying Racks

There are many purposes for dried herbs, starting from the basic one, as spices. Some people even add those to the chicken feed, making their nourishment even healthier. Then you have homemade soaps, candles, some decorative items, and whatnot.

Again, if you don’t feel like messing with tools and materials, you can always buy one, but it’s no fun at all. It’s not always the matter of saving few (but sometimes more) bucks, but knowing that YOU CAN do something. Neither of the ideas requires you to be a professional carpenter or have some extraordinary tools, all it takes is a bit of will.

Now that you know how simple is making your very own DIY herb drying rack, wait no more, get down to business. If you have some thoughts and ideas to share with me, do not hesitate to leave a comment.