DIY Grow Light

DIY Grow Light – Great Tips for Making Your Grow Lights

Growing your plants indoors might sound like a great challenge, and making your DIY grow lights may sound even more challenging for most gardeners. Still, grow lights are necessary If you want to grow healthy plants in your home. If you are looking for the easiest and cheapest way to build grow lights at home, you are in the right place.

Building your own grow lights sounds harder than it actually is. You are asking what is the easiest way an amateur can do this? I will thoroughly answer all of your questions and help you build your DIY grow lights easily:

When Are Grow Lights Needed?

When Are Grow Lights Needed?

All gardeners want to improve their skills and grow their garden even more after they’ve spent some time choosing and nurturing their plants.

One of the practices that every gardener wants to learn and succeed at is definitely sowing seeds.

Sowing seeds at home is not only an enjoyable process for every gardener but also a useful practice that can bring exotic and rare plants and vegetables to your home.

Growing unusual plants in your home for sure sounds really exciting, but it also means that you will have to create an adequate environment that will help them grow healthily.

The key to your unique plants’ successful growth is good lighting, which is usually really hard to maintain if you are relying on natural lighting.

Right now you may be asking, but what If I put my plants near the window? Unfortunately, this is impossible.

In order to prosper, the seeds of every plant need light right over themselves. Enough light is crucial for the healthy growth of your plants.

Seeds require overhead light so make sure no part of your seed rack is left without the lighting.

In case they don’t get enough lighting they can start stretching out to another side where there is another source of light, for example, sun if you keep it near to a window.

This will exhaust your plant and make it tall and weak, and they probably won’t survive once they are put into the real garden.

Can Grow Lights Be Made at Home?

While creating your DIY indoor garden, you will have to opt for some type of artificial light, usually led light, otherwise, your plants won’t keep growing. A quick online search will provide you with hundreds of different lighting options for your indoor garden, but most of them are pretty expensive.

Those of you that are reading this right now have probably already opted for making DIY grow lights, rather than purchasing supermarket ones.

There are several DIY led grow light options that you can make all by yourself for much less money. Homemade grow lights can be built in just a few easy steps and can be as good as supermarket ones!

What Do I Need to Make DIY Grow Lights?

This is some of the equipment you’ll need to build your led grow light:

  • Shelving rack
  • Metal chain
  • Hooks
  • Led lights
  • Bulbs
  • Basic gardening equipment

How to Choose the Right Shelving Rack?

First things first, you have to choose an adequate shelf for all of your plants. Make sure the shelves with your plants are the same length as the rack with your lights.

If you make a mistake in this step, it can disrupt the growth of your plant and make all of your effort useless.

Shelving Rack

Shelving racks can be found in most of the bigger supermarkets and places with houseware, they are inexpensive and after you’ve finished growing your plant indoors, you can use it for something else.

I would recommend shopping for the shelving rack and the lights at the same time, so you make sure the length of the shelves and the length of your light rack is the same.

How to Choose Adequate Grow Lights?

When making a DIY grow light, you can choose any lights you wish, whether it be led lights or long shop lights.

I would recommend making DIY led grow lights. Even though they are a bit more expensive option than regular shop lights, they have a lot of benefits for your plants’ growth and last longer than regular lights.

Led lights give way more light than long shop lights or fluorescent lights, and they last 3 to 5 times longer than them.

They also release much less heat which means that the seeds of your pants won’t dry out, which often happens with homemade grow light.

DIY led grow lights may cost you a bit more to make, but they are really more efficient and healthy for your seeds.

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How Can I Set Up My Lights?

The easiest way to set up a perfect environment for your plants is by hanging your lights above the shelving rack with metal chains. If you think you may need to move them, you can also add some hooks so their height can be easily adjusted.

It is best to add some hooks at the beginning of the growth process since you will for sure need to move the lights up once the seeds start growing.

You can find the chains and the hooks at any hardware store, but make sure they fit together and that you won’t have a problem with adjusting.

This DIY grow light stand will for sure do its job as well as the expensive ones that can be found on Amazon or big hardware stores.

The building process is quite easy, and you certainly won’t have any problems even if you’ve never built anything in your life.

Do I Need Some Additional Tools?

If you want to make sure your DIY grow lights are super-efficient, you can upgrade them with some additional tools such as a timer and watering device.

A timer can help you with tracking how many hours a day your plants are exposed to light, while the watering device can regulate the concentration of water in your plants’ soil and water them when it is needed.

Detailed DIY Grow Light Guide

DIY Grow Light Guide

Now that you’ve gained some knowledge about the process, you can set out on an adventure and make your DIY led grow light easily. Here is a step-by-step description of the easiest and fastest way to set up your grow lights.

1. Prepare your plants

Make sure the plants that you want to grow indoors are prepared and that placing them on the shelves won’t take up a lot of your time or make a big mess.

2. Position your shelving rack

Place your shelving rack in the room where you will be growing your plants. It is best to place it there before you begin the process of setting up the lights or adding plants to the rack.

3. Set up the plants

Add the plants to the rack before you begin to set up the lights. This way you will see what is the best way to place your lights and at what height you need to set them up for the healthy growth of your plants.

4. Add chains and hooks

Hooks and chains are the best tools for placing your lights in the right place and making sure all of your plants get the same amount of it.  

5. Add additional tools

If you decided to add a timer or a watering device to your shelving rack, you should add them after you’ve finished the setup of your lights.

6. Make sure your lights are placed the right way

One last time, check If your lights are placed the right way and make sure they give enough light to all the plants on your rack. Also, make sure your chains and hooks are stable. And you’re done!