Cooling Grow Room with Ice- Everything You Need to Know

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When summer temperature rises, you can’t leave your Grow room with high temperatures. You must cool them if you would wish to get high yields.

Cooling Grow Room with ice is one of the effective techniques.

In this article, we will discuss with you everything you need to know about cooling a Grow room with Ice.

But before we get started, it’s important to understand some of the reasons your Grow Room will produce heat and how you can easily solve them.

Reasons Why Your Temperatures Rise In A Grow Tent

Sometimes you don’t need to cool the temperatures in your grow room. All you need is to understand what’s causing the temperature rises then fix it if it’s possible.

So, before you start cooling your grow room, its important to understand what causes the temperature rise.

The following are common causes of temperature rise in a Grow Tent.

Many Heat Sources

If you have lights and other appliances in your grow rooms, they will produce much heat. Lights are by far number one in producing much heat.

Other appliances that will bring much heat to your Grow tent are large pumps and light ballasts.

So, check your Grow room and remove appliances that produce much heat. For the case of the lighting systems, use lights that don’t produce much heat. LED lights are by far the best lighting systems to buy.

The following are the best-LED lights you will find in the market today.


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Improper Ventilation

If, after checking your lighting sources, you still experience high temperatures in a Grow tent, then the problem could be ventilation.  Your grow tent should have good airflow. If the air doesn’t circulate adequately, you will experience heat build-up on the Grow tent.

Cooling Your Grow Tent With Ice

It’s easy to cool your Grow tent with ice. The only thing you need to consider is the type of ice you would wish to use. Also, it’s important to note that you can’t use any ice to cool your Grow room.

This method of Grow tent cooling is only applicable to small spaces. For large Grow tent, it would require a lot of ice. This makes it difficult to cool them hence why it’s advisable to use an AC unit in such cases.

Cooling Grow Room With Ice

Types of Ice for Cooling Grow Tent

There are three different major types of ice required for cooling a Grow tent. They are; Dry Ice, salt ice, and normal ice.

Normal Ice

This is the most basic ice used in cooling a Grow tent. A gallon of the ice will last for around 2-3 hours. It’s simply water that has been frozen.

Dry Ice

This is an ice made of carbon dioxide. Unlike the normal ice, it doesn’t melt by itself. It only melts when fans are placed towards it. And when air blows over the ice, it evaporates into cool carbon dioxide.

Dry ice is by so far the best for use in cooling a grow tent. It doesn’t lead to moisture build-up. With it, you don’t have to come back and start cleaning water from your Grow tent.

Salt Ice

This is ice made with salty water. It lasts longer than the normal ice. The freezing temperatures of the ice are lowered. You can use seawater to make the salt ice for your Grow room.

Simple Procedure to Make Your Grow Tent Ice Chest

If you would wish to cool your grow room with ice, you need to have an ice chest. It will help you keep the ice in place to cool your Grow tent effectively. The good news is that you don’t have to buy the ice chest. You can easily make one for yourself.

The following are simple steps to make your Chest for a Grow Tent

Step 1: Get a Box and Cut Two Holes On It

Cut tow holes on the box to allow fresh air in. Make the first hole to be 4 inches and the other one 6 inches.

The smaller hole purpose is to bring fresh air into the chest box and the other hole will blow cool air from the chest box. The holes should also be drilled on top of the box to allow enough space to hold ice in the box.

Step 2: Connect the Box to Ducting

Place ducting flange on the larger hole and connect it to an inline fan. The purpose of the fan and ducting is to blow the cool air to the grow room.

Step 3: Fill Ice on the Chest Box

Fill your box with ice cubes or any other size of ice. As we earlier mentioned, if you can find dry ice, it would be perfect. But if you can’t get the dry ice, go ahead and use salty ice. It will work better than normal ice.

In the case when you use normal or salty ice, remember to remove the water in the chest box regularly and replace it with fresh ice.

Everything You Need to Make Your Chest Box

How Does Ice Cool A Grow Room

It’s simple. Ice is condensed water or air. Low temperatures bring and hold the particles together in solid form.

When you expose ice to high temperatures, it loses its coldness; when air blows over the ice, it’s cooled as the ice melts.

This is how it’s able to cool a grow tent.

Alternative Ways to Cool Your Grow Tent

Apart from using ice to cool your Grow room, there are other simple and cheap techniques to cool your room. We have written a guide with all the techniques you can use. Click here to read the guide on how to cool a grow room.

Parting Shot

Ice is perfect for cooling your Grow room. Choose between dry ice, salty ice, or normal ice and make your chest box.

We recommend that you get dry ice for better performance. You can buy the ice from Amazon and place it in your freezer to cool it completely before adding it to your box.

Dry Ice is available on Amazon. Click here to check the latest price and buy it from Amazon today.