Carbon Filter Outside Grow Tent- Guide & Warnings

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A carbon filter is made of activated carbon to purify the air inside your grow tent. When installing it, you can be confused about where to place it.

You can choose to place it inside or outside the grow tent.

In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about placing a carbon filter outside a Grow tent.

Let’s Get started.

Installing a Carbon Filter: Inside or Outside Grow Tent Which is Better?

When it comes to installing a carbon filter, you can choose to place it inside a Grow tent or outside. However, placing the carbon filter inside the grow tent is the perfect installation technique.

First, when the carbon filter is installed inside a grow tent, it’s easy to fasten it to the tent frame securely. This will reduce the vibration and reduce noises coming from your filter.

Secondly, installing a carbon filter inside a grow tent ensures that the air entering through your grow fan is filtered. This would, in turn, reduce the cases of wear and tear that comes from air impurities.

Thirdly, having a carbon filter inside a grow tent, keeps all equipment and ducting inside the tent. This reduces the amount of space you would need to grow your plants. Your indoor space will look clean and tidy at all times.

In short, it’s better to install the carbon filter inside a grow tent. However, this doesn’t mean that placing a carbon filter outside a grow tent is ineffective.

Particular conditions and reasons will force you to keep the carbon filter outside the grow tent.

Reasons Why You Have To Install A Carbon Filter Outside Grow Tent

We have mentioned that keeping a grow tent inside a grow tent is the best way to do it. However, the following reasons will force you to keep the grow tent outside a Grow tent.

A weak Grow Tent

The carbon filter should be fastened on the grow tent frames. So, if you can’t trust the strength of your Grow tent, its advisable to place it outside the grow tent.

A carbon filter will weight between 16-20 pound. And as time goes by the weight increases.

The filter has to be well fastened. The worst-case that can happen if it falls from the Grow tent is to catch fire and ruin your plants. The fire might extend and burn your entire house.

So, unless you can trust the strength of your Grow tent, don’t try to put the carbon filter inside the grow tent. It will function perfectly when placed outside the grow tent in such cases.

A Small Grow Tent

Carbon filters come with sizes. You will find normal carbon filters with a diameter of 6 inches or 4 inches and a length of 24 inches or 14 inches.

These are huge dimensions for a small Grow tent. They will occupy a space that could have been used to grow your plants.

Save Space

If you want to save and maximise the space in your Grow tent, you could think of placing the carbon filter outside the Grow tent.

Sometimes the carbon filter could be heavy and think of keeping at the floor instead of hanging it over the Grow tent wall. This installation technique would consume much space from your Grow tent.

It’s also harmful to keep a carbon filter on the floor of your Grow tent. A carbon filter releases warm air down to the plant and affects their yield.

So, if you can’t hang the carbon filter and don’t have enough space inside your Grow tent, keep it outside.

Simple Steps to Install Your Carbon Filter Outside A Grow Tent

There are two ways that you can install a carbon filter outside the Grow tent. First, you can place both the filter and grow fan outside your grow tent. Alternatively, you can choose to place the fan inside and the filter outside the Grow tent.

Get All The Requirements For Installing a Carbon Filter

Before you begin the whole process of installing your Grow tent, you need first to get all the tools and equipment needed. The following are the top things that you would require. Click on each of them and buy them on Amazon today.

  • A carbon Filter and an Inline Fan
  • Inline fan silencer
  • Duct flanging kit
  • Box cutter
  • Ducting clamps
  • Duct tape

Each of these tools will be used in different stages. Buy them and be ready to use them. For effectiveness, buy a carbon filter that comes with their inline fan. This will take away the stress of choosing to select an inline fan.

Installing Both Fan and Filter Outside Grow Tent

Sometimes you would be required to keep both the filter and the fan outside the Grow tent. This is common when the fan-filter combo is needed to work together with the filter.

The only thing that you have to deal with is the noise that comes from the inline fans. To be on the safe side, buy quiet inline fans that we will recommend in this article to deal with the noises.

To install both the carbon filter and inline fan outside the Grow tent, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Prepare the Carbon Filter

Once you have bought your carbon filter, remove it from the box and insert its pre-filter. Most carbon filters come with elastic bands to help you secure the pre-filter.

Keep the filter close to the Grow tent.

Step 2: Put the Grow Fan on the Carbon Filter

Your goal number one when keeping a carbon filter and fan outside the grow tent should be to create an air-tight fan-filter joint. To achieve this, use a tapered end of the fan to the filter.

Use a foil duct tape to wrap the joint tightly.

Before starting the whole process, ensure you buy everything you need for installation. Like for example, the duct tape doesn’t come with the carbon filter or inline fan.

Step 3: Create a Ducting and Vent Hole on Your Tent

If your Grow tent doesn’t come with ducting and vent holes, create some. Use a duct flanging kit to cut the holes accurately.

The most important thing to do is to ensure that you keep the same size of the hole as the fan diameter.

Lastly, measure the distance from your inline fine to the vent hole. Cut a ducting of the same length using either a wire cutter or box cutter.

Step 4: Secure All Connections and Make Them Air Tight

Use a duct foil tape and duct clamp to ensure that there is no air escaping through the entire connection.

Installing the Fan Inside and Filter Outside the Grow Tent

This is an alternative method for installing your carbon filter. This is possible when your grow tent is strong or has space to accommodate the filter.

Follow the simple steps below and install the carbon filter.

Step 1: Prepare the Carbon Filter

This step is similar to the first step we discussed previously. Open the filter and secure the pre-filter. For better performance, place the prefilter with an inline fan intake port. This will make it easy to connect both the fan and the filter.

Step 2: Place the Filter Near The Vent Hole

Since your fan is placed inside the grow tent, you can go ahead and place the filter close to the vent hole. It should be as close as possible. The air should take a short distance from the fan to the filter.

Step 3: Cut and Connect Ducting

Cust ducting with the length between the fan and the filter. Use a wire cutter or box cutter to get the ducting properly and get the best size.

Step 4: Connect the Fan Flange and Filter Flange

Connect the ducting on the filter and pass it through the vent hole to connect with the inline fan. Ensure that the ducting doesn’t have any bend to increase airflow efficiency.

After you have done that, seal the air gaps that could be leftover the venting system.

Why You Should Avoid Keeping Your Carbon Filter Outside The Grow Tent

We already mentioned that placing your carbon filter inside the grow tent is better than placing it outside. The following are top reasons why you shouldn’t keep your carbon filter outside the grow tent.

  • You won’t effectively filter dust, debris, and other impurities inside a Grow tent.
  • The filter can’t draw and purify enough air from your Grow tent.
  • Your fan will be stressed to push more air outside for filtration.
  • Extra pressure on the filter could cause a fire

Final Tips

When you decide to place a carbon filter outside a grow tent, consider the following precautions.

  • Use electric fans that come with circuit breakers.
  • Don’t bend the ducting and keep them short.
  • Use a fan with 10% More CFM for your grow tent