Why Is A Bonsai Tree So Special And Expensive?

Like any other regular gardener, you might wonder why a Bonsai tree is so special and expensive that its price goes up to millions of dollars. What if I tell you that a few years ago, there was a bonsai tree sold for 1.3 million dollars at the International Bonsai Convention?

Let me tell you a bit more about these cute little treasures.

Why Is A Bonsai Tree So Special And Expensive?

Apart from being small, stylish, and so cute, what is it that makes everyone go crazy about it?

You must be thinking that they are small by default and that Bonsai tree is actually a special type of trees. Well, not exactly!

A bonsai tree is any regular tree that can be found in nature. With one tiny difference- they ARE tiny. These are selected by craftspeople, shaped, studied, watered, fed, pruned, and carved to remain little.

Now, the trick is that all of these things must be done daily. So much care, and sometimes for many generations. Imagine how much effort was put into a Bonsai tree that’s old for over five hundred years.

With Japanese origins, many consider bonsai trees sacred. In most of the cases, they are priceless– not on a sale.

On the other side, when they ARE on sale, the prices are ridiculously high.

Taking care of bonsais is something that can and should last for many generations. This tree is something that will outlast you.

To have a Bonsai tree is like having pets or kids. It’s difficult to explain this correlation. You simply love it. That’s why their prices are way too steep and why they are so special.

Now, let’s see how does one day of a person caring for this tree look like.

Why is a Bonsai Tree so Special and Expensive?

How To Take Care Of A Bonsai Tree

In short- with a lot of effort! But for us in love with gardening, those efforts equal to joy.

To take care of a Bonsai tree, you will need to involve both aesthetic aspects and nurturing. So, you will need to trim it almost every day.

For the majority of people, this trimming part is the most exciting one. Trimming inevitably requires some proper knowledge, as you don’t want to endanger your Bonsai. It can be trimmed to any shape of the owner’s desire, but again, it should be done accurately and with proper care.

If you intend to take care of it, so it outlives even several generations, you’ll need to do it carefully. There are even some special tools that you can use to increase the precision needed for the procedure.

For those that just want to grow it from seed, and have no idea about how Bonsai should be treated, here is a kit (with a guide book) that I used myself. It contains everything you need to know to take proper care of your Bonsai.

Also, never expose them to long periods of direct sunlight, otherwise they may get burnt.

How to take care of a Bonsai tree

There are various techniques used in shaping Bonsai. Pruning, defoliation, and wiring.

If you are looking to maintain the general appearance, then you need to do the pruning. Pruning is removing the top layer of the trunk. It needs to be done carefully as it may endanger the Bonsai.

Wiring implies to wrapping branches with aluminum or copper to shape them to your preferring.

Lastly, defoliation means trimming leaves (all the leaves in general). Once Bonsai senses defoliation and that leaves were trimmed off, it will produce a fresh crop of leaves, which sparks growth in general.

Now, imagine this delicate process repeating all over again, throughout generations. It should be clear by now why a Bonsai tree is so special and expensive.

Is There a Cheaper Variant of Bonsai Tree?

Of course, you can go with a bit cheaper variant of a Bonsai tree (instead of those that are six digits in worth). Prices vary, as with everything else. You can always find some cheaper trees in almost any garden center.

Their price is around $20.

Of course, for better quality, you will face some limitations on the market. And according to that, for the highest quality Bonsai… nah, forget it (unless you are a millionaire). When I say “highest quality” I’m thinking about those Bonsai trees that have been kept for hundreds of years in Japan.

But because of importing restrictions, even if you are a millionaire, you will probably have problems importing it (to Europe or USA).

However, if you decide to go with a cheaper variant, its price will vary depending on the design and age.

Simply put, the older it is, the pricier it gets.

The Most Interesting Pieces Of Bonsai Trees

Oldest Bonsai Tree

One of the oldest so far is over 800 years old.

Why is a Bonsai Tree so Special and Expensive

As I already mentioned, the priciest Bonsai tree ever sold was a few years ago for $1.3 million!

Hiroshima Bonsai Tree

Not for sale, but quite an interesting one. This one is kept for six generations and over 400 years! It was an art of the Yamaki family. The most special and shocking part is that it survived Hiroshima when the atomic bomb fell in 1945. Now it belongs to the National Bonsai & Penjing Museum in Washington.


What are the benefits of a bonsai tree?

A lot of people find their inner peace in working with nature, especially with bonsai. It requires a steady arm, peaceful heart, a lot of care, and love. It improves your air quality and leaves nothing but a true personal satisfaction of successfully growing one little tree (that’s not easy to grow at all).

Do bonsai trees need a lot of sunlight?

On average, the Bonsai tree needs at least 5 hours of daily direct sunlight. However, try not to take them to a sunny location suddenly, as they might burn on intensive sunlight.

Are bonsai plants good for feng shui?

Since it’s believed that a Bonsai tree can bring harmony and good luck, it’s pretty clear that it will fit perfectly into your feng shui as well.

Would you like to have one for yourself? Have you ever dared to try this ancient technique? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!