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10 Best Watering Cans in 2022 : Reviews and Guide

Knowing how important is to water your plants properly, I came up with this convenient guide on watering cans. It’s just a container for the precious liquid, you may say, how complicated it can be to pick one?

When choosing it, you need to take a couple of characteristics into account. Its size, material, capacity- those are just some of the most important properties to analyze. And that’s where my instruction manual steps in, showing you how to find the best product for you and your plants.

Top 10 Watering Cans

I’ve made a list of some of the best watering cans that I personally like, so without further ado, here are the top 10 indoor watering cans!

1. WhaleLife Indoor Watering Can

One of the most prominent features of this plant watering can is its unusual shape. Manufactured in contracted Nordic style, it has a sophisticated design and long spout, which significantly simplifies your watering duties. Aside from amazing aesthetics, this product has plenty of practical values.

One of them is the ergonomic handle, which allows you to hold the tin properly. Thanks to the thickened PS resin body, you can clearly see the level of water inside. This way, you have a complete insight into how much water is left insight, so you can refill it on time. Speaking of, it has a wide opening on the top, so you can easily pour an additional amount of the precious liquid.

If I am to name something that bothers me about this one- there’s only one thing. It can be a bit hard to hold when it’s full. However, that one is easily dealt with- don’t fill it to the top.

And yes, avoid using a corrosive spray with it, it could damage the tin.

  • Contemporary design
  • Large capacity of 1.4l
  • The water inside is clearly visible
  • Comfortable usage
  • Hard to hold when full

2. REPUGO Plastic Watering Can

One of the most highlighting features of this model is its extremely long spout, thanks to which proper watering is ensured. With this model, even the bushiest indoor plants won’t cause you any trouble. You will be able to reach the soil easily.

On top of that, it is spill-proof. A potted plant or a hanging one, it doesn’t matter, you will be able to water them conveniently, reaching your plant easily. Also, it has a large diameter hole for willing, so pouring an extra amount of water is also hassle-free. Its capacity is 1.2l.

Apart from being practical, it has a lovely design as well. When not using it, the can looks like a cute decoration in your room. It is white, so it will look neutral wherever you put it.

Bear in mind that the stainless-steel long spout comes detached from the rest of the tin. You’ll have to put them together, but that requires a minute of your time.

  • Long and thin spout
  • Creative appearance
  • Spill-proof
  • Convenient to refill
  • A bit flimsy construction

3. Long Spout Watering Can

We all know how spilling can be annoying when watering your plant, but not with this model. That’s because it comes with a higher front lip, which allows you to add the precious liquid to your dear green friends without spilling a single drop.

Also, it has a long spout of 7.3 inches, to help you tackle even the difficult-to-water plants. Thanks to its see-through design, you can see how much water is left inside, and refill it on time. Its capacity is 40oz, so based on how many pots you have, you will know when the refilling time has arrived.

What differs this one from the rest of the assortment is- a spray bottle. Yes, aside from watering, this one comes with a practical misting tool. The bottle’s capacity is 10 oz.

  • High front lip to prevent spilling
  • Fancy see-through design
  • Long-stem spout for easier watering
  • The seam between the base and the rest of the product may leak

4. Watering Can Indoor

Having in mind that its full capacity is one litre, this model is convenient for children to use as well. Is there a better way to teach the young ones how to take proper care of indoor plants, than assigning them to do the watering?

A distinctive feature of this small watering can are measure markings. With them, you have precise information on how much liquid is inside the tin. Thanks to the long and thin spout, you can direct the water precisely, with no spilling.

Just like the previously described model, this one also comes with a convenient spray bottle. The mister has a capacity of 300ml. With this convenient duet of gadgets, your plant will get the nice treatment they deserve.

What I have to point out here is that you shouldn’t detach the parts once you assemble the product. It may result in leaking.

  • Long stem spout for easier watering
  • Measurement marks to check the water level
  • Wide opening for easier refilling
  • The spout tends to wobble

5. Brilliest Long Spout Watering Can

The transparent design seems to be a huge hit in the world of watering tins- so far, all the models I’ve selected belong to this. And I must say, it indeed is very convenient, as it gives you full insight into the amount of water inside- no more guessing games. Plus, there are measure markings, thanks to which you have precise information on the amount.

Its spout is extremely long- 9.5 inches, making it a truly perfect choice for plants with bushier foliage. This model is suitable for both indoor and outdoor plants, the potted ones, and hanging ones. The full capacity of this tin is one litre.

Like any other product which has detachable parts, this one will start to leak if you disassemble it too often. Unless it’s really necessary, avoid doing that and you won’t have any problems.

  • Spout made of stainless steel
  • A see-through model with measure markings
  • Modern design
  • Issues with leaking

6. MyLifeUNIT Plastic Watering Can

Crafted from premium resin, this plastic model has a vintage design but modern-day functionality. Thanks to the longer spout, it ensures hassle-free watering with no spilling.  I know that not all the gardeners are fans of plastic, but, it’s quite fair to include at least one on the list- for the sake of better diversity.

Its capacity is one quart, which is a bit less than one litre. In case you have plenty of plants, you will have to refill it probably. But, that won’t cause any troubles, as the opening is wide enough to refill it conveniently. There are no detachable parts.

Remember those tiny watering cans we all used to play with when we were kids? Well, this one reminds me of a lot of those childhood gadgets, which is one of the reasons I added it to the list. So, if you are an avid gardener and you want your kiddos or grandchildren to share the same passion, this mini watering can is just the thing.

  • Lightweight, suitable for kids
  • Longer spout for convenient watering
  • Easy to fill
  • A bit overpriced

7. Bravedge Watering Can

So far, I’ve presented a couple of models that come with longer spout. But this one is an undisputed leader. Its length is 9 inches or 23 cm, which makes it an excellent tool for the trickiest plants. Thanks to such great length, you will be able to reach under low-hanging leaves without spilling water on the leaves.

The spout is detachable, but installation is a piece of cake. You just put the rubber ring and the nut on the spout, insert it on the bottle and tighten the nut. As simple as that!

Made of top-quality PP material, the bottle is durable. You cannot break or crack it easily. It is translucent, but it has measure markings so you will have precise information on the water level and amount inside.

This model comes with a mister as well- the one with a quite generous capacity of 370ml. Aside from misting, this practical gadget can also help you with cleaning your plants. Plus, you can rotate the nozzle to adjust the spraying the way it suits you the best. It can be either spray or fine atomization, whatever you need.

  • Long, narrow spout for easier usage
  • A see-through model with measurement marks on the side
  • Solid capacity for multiple watering sessions
  • No major flaws

8. Long Spout

You have probably noticed that I’ve mostly focused on transparent products, but I like them the best, that’s the fact. With them, you are never in doubt when you need to refill or when is the time to clean your tin. Plus, those measure markings leave no room for doubt about how much water is there inside.

With quite a lengthy spout, you will be able to water even those plants with richer and fuller foliage. NO spilling, no waste- all thanks to such long, long spout.

Among other qualities this model has is the higher front lip. That also prevents spilling, particularly when the container is full. All in all- it’s quite comfortable and practical.

Furthermore, the product is BPA free, eco-friendly, and durable- altogether a reliable gadget for all sorts of indoor plants.

  • Long-stem spout
  • Translucent model and measurement marks
  • High front lip to avoid spilling
  • Slightly pricey

9. Missry Plastic Watering Can

In case you are looking for sturdy and durable garden watering can for your outdoor green friends, here’s a good model to take into account. Designed ergonomically, you can hold it either from the side or from the top- whatever suits you the best. That’s right, it has two separate handles.

Made from polypropylene, it falls into the category of durable watering cans. Plus, it has UV protected finish, so its color will remain intact even after years and years of usage.

Another cool property of this model is that it comes with a removable spout. Some plants prefer stream, while the others like spray- and you will be able to meet either of the demands by simply removing or installing the spout.

While this is not the first choice for those looking for a convenient watering can indoor, it certainly is a good one for those looking for a large capacity tin for their outdoor beauties.

I’d say that using this one is so simple that even kids can do it, but the fact is that they can’t. Unless they are super-strong. It’s simply a bit heavy to hold when full.

  • Very large capacity
  • Durable construction for long-term use
  • Removable spout- stream and spray mode
  • Too heavy to hold when full

10. Homarden 30oz Metal Watering Can

For fans of metal tins- here comes one fine suggestion-a reliable tiny watering can made of stainless steel. And the color itself, which is copper-painted, looks somewhat soothing. Compared to models made of plastic, this one looks retro.

Unlike the majority of models made of plastic, this one has no removable parts at all. That’s perfect, as chances for it to leak are eliminated completely. With a long spout, you can say goodbye to troubles when watering- you will be able to reach the soil without wasting a single drop of the precious liquid.

If I am to name something that bothers me about this model, then it’s the capacity. While it is super convenient to accommodate it wherever you want and hold it even when it’s full, it cannot store a large amount of water. That only means more frequent refilling if you have a house full of plants.

On the other hand, if you have a couple of herbs or some tiny succulents, this one will do the job.

  • Made of stainless steel
  • No removable parts
  • Modern appearance
  • Small capacity

What to Look for in a Good Watering Can

Like I said in the beginning, though selecting a watering tin doesn’t seem like an overly complex job, still, there are a couple of things to analyze.  You shouldn’t just buy the first thing you see on discount, and then regret having a useless gadget.

Here are the most important features and details to pay attention to:

Size and Capacity

How many pots of plants have you got? This is the first question to answer before you get down to selecting a can.

Then, do you plan to use it for indoor plants only, or you want something that will work for outside plants as well?

Choosing the one who has immense capacity is not a wise idea-just think, will you be able to hold it when it’s full? In my opinion, the one which can store up to 2 litres is ideal.


As you could see, they are made of plastic or metal, so it’s up to you to decide which of these materials you like better.

Metal ones are sturdier and won’t break easily, that’s for sure.

On the other hand, plastic ones are easier to carry around. And what I like about them is that they can be translucent. This way you will know how much water you have inside, and also when to clean it.

Spout length

If you are a proud owner of plants will rich foliage, then spout length and width are of huge importance to you. Those models which have lengthier spout will handle those tricky plants easily.

What I do need to point out is that many transparent models come with detachable spouts. I know that these tins with removable parts may start to leak after a while, that’s their biggest flaw.

On the other hand, the only thing you need to do is avoid disassembling it too often. Do so only when you need to clean it, and it will serve you a long, long time.


The fact that tin is super expensive doesn’t mean you will end up with a supertastic spaceship that will do the job for you. Also, the cheapest model doesn’t necessarily have to be the poorest in terms of quality.

First of all, analyze if the can have the properties that fit your demands, and then check out which cans suit you.

After all, if you take good care of it, you won’t have to replace it often, so it pays off.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, my list features a diversity of suggestions. I really did my best to cover as many different tastes and preferences as possible. And budgets, of course.

Although in my humble opinion each of these models deserves to be on the list of best watering cans, still one stands out a bit. That’s Bravedge Watering Can.

It represents the best match between the features, overall quality, and price. The can is transparent, and has measure markings as well as lengthy spout- should one ask for more?

All in all, this product fulfills both aesthetical and practical criteria, which is what classifies a product as the best watering can.

Come to think of it- you actually get two products. For the price you pay, you get both a can and a mister, which is one more reason why it ended up as my personal favorite.

Which watering can do you have and why did you choose it?

I’d like to hear from you, so hit the comments section below and leave some thoughts and suggestions!