Best Soil for Pothos

Best Soil for Pothos – 5 Excellent Choices in 2022

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Becoming a good gardener certainly takes time, and becoming brilliant at your hobby is something you will need to practice to perfection.

Some of you may need just a week or two until you become an expert in gardening, while others may take it slow and invest even years into their skill.

No matter how much time you take, one thing is sure; you always need to be eager to learn things about plants and invest a lot of time and attention into your little green nook.

Best Soil for Pothos Plants

As you probably know, adequate soil is a key for plant growth, and it is the first step to growing a beautiful, thriving plant.

Many people get into the growing process without realizing the importance of good garden soil and then end up surprised when they face yellow leaves or an unsuccessful bloom.

For that reason, I always recommend spending some time testing different types of soils, reading about them and the plant you plan to grow in order to make sure you will make the right mix.

In case you want to grow pothos in your garden, you will certainly need a bit more skill and knowledge in order to make the right potting mix that will help the plant thrive.

Pothos plants, or Epipremnum Aureum, have become very popular among gardeners and many people decide to have them planted in their own little garden.

Making a good mixture for your pothos plant can be very time-consuming because you will need to make several tests, control the pH balance and find the right amount of water if you want to make sure your pothos will be blooming.

We are completely aware that this can be a very tough process for someone who has never grown a plant before or for people who have never encountered pothos plants in their garden, so we decided to make your whole experience a lot easier.

In order to help you, we have decided to create this list of the best soils for pothos that will help you grow your plant from scratch.

All of our recommendations are based on customer reviews and thorough research, so there is no way you will make a mistake if you follow our instructions carefully.

If you are interested in growing your own pothos, check out our list and follow our pieces of advice in order to grow a healthy and beautiful plant.

QUICK OVERVIEW: Best Soil for Pothos

Starter Seed Potting Soil
  • Dimensions: 9.92 x 9.13 x 4.09 inches
  • 3 pieces garden figurines
Miracle-Gro Indoor Potting Mix
  • Weight: 7.63 pounds
  • Feed up to 6 months
Miracle-Gro Expand 'n Gro
  • Weight: 5.09 pounds
  • Dimensions: 15.5 x 11.5 x 3.5

1. Starter Seed Potting Soil

Starter Seed is a company that makes mixes for beginners in the gardening industry and helps

It is rich in simple organic ingredients that will stimulate your plant but also create the perfect well-drained environment that won’t cause you too many problems.

The company has become popular for making potting mixes with simple but very nutrient-rich ingredients, so I would really recommend it to anyone that is trying to grow a pothos for the first time.


  • Dimensions: 9.92 x 9.13 x 4.09 inches
  • Weight: 1.44 pounds
  • 3 pieces garden figurines

What plants is it good for?

This potting mix will work great for different types of plants, and if you ask in your local garden center, they will probably tell you it is a good option for everything and anything.

You can use it for a plethora of different plants, but gardeners find that it works amazing with the pothos plant, so they recommend sticking with this one.

It is also a great addition to plants with stunted growth, and adding a bit of this mixture to their potting soil can make a great difference.

Key features

This potting mix doesn’t have a long ingredient list and it is very simple, but definitely something an experienced gardener would go for.

It is made from plenty of different root cuttings and is rich in coarse sand, compost, and sphagnum peat moss that will provide you with nutrient-rich soil.

Even though it comes in a large package, you will not have to use the entirety of it to grow your pothos plant because just 3 scoops of this soil mix will be enough to kickstart the growth of your plant.

If you are using it in warmer months, you will probably be able to see the results within just 7 to 10 days.

Very wet soil is the key to thriving pothos, so make sure your soil stays moist but still has enough holes that will not allow it to get overwatered.

This is also a well-draining potting soil, so I would recommend checking out the roots of your plant from time to time just to make sure they are moist.

In the beginning, I recommend checking it out 2 times a day, and if you manage to keep your plant hydrated during the first 7 days, then it will definitely grow successfully.

However, make sure you don’t forget to do this because when you see the root rot and yellow leaves, it will be too late for your plant to come back to life.

Gardeners tend to be very satisfied with this potting mix, but if you have a bit more experience in this industry, then you can definitely make your own soil that will be the same as this one and save some money.

  • Nutrient-rich soil
  • Well-drained
  • Organic
  • It can be made at home too
  • Too simple for experienced gardeners
  • Needs to be controlled often

2. Miracle-Gro Indoor Potting Mix


Miracle-Gro is the OG gardening company and their products are sold everywhere in the world, and it seems like the garden community simply adores them.

Their potting mixes are very enduring and are known to be one of the richest in nutrients, making every plant thrive and bloom without any problems.

With their 7 decades-long experience, there is no way you will make a mistake purchasing one of their potting mixes.

  • Non-organic
  • Dimensions: 16 x 10 x 5 inches
  • Weight: 7.63 pounds

What plants is it good for?

This indoor potting mix is actually a mix of a dozen of different container plants, and it will work perfectly with all sorts of pothos, even the most stubborn ones.

While I do recommend using it with houseplants and gentle flowers because its easy and rich formula will make them grow very fast.

In my opinion, this is one of the high-quality soil mixes that will really give you amazing results and help your pothos thrive.

Key features

This Miracle Grow potting mix is an amazing mixture of a variety of different container plants, and its purpose is universal, so you can make sure its growth rate will be the same whether you are growing a pothos plant or roses.

It is also not an organic product which is pretty rare for the Miracle-Gro company, but you can be sure that the high concentration of coconut husk in this product will provide the pothos with a nutritive and well-drained environment.

There is also not a trace of bark or organic compost, which means you should be free from many plant diseases, but it is often not the case.

Since it needs to be watered all the time, you really need to be extra careful with it and control the moisture inside the soil.

The fungus appears frequently and it is usually a consequence of overwatering, so you are not 100% safe from it just because there is no compost.

That is probably the biggest disadvantage when it comes to this product, and it can make some hardships for beginners in growing pothos.

Since it can nurture the plant for almost half a year, it really is a worthy investment and something I would recommend purchasing.

Users claim that they have seen amazing results while using this soil and that their pothos grows a lot faster in this kind of environment.

The price is also pretty decent, and it will definitely pay off in the future, so I encourage you to hurry up to Amazon and get your own bag.

  • Feeds the plant for 2 seasons
  • Very nutritive
  • Steady growth-rate
  • Works with many plants
  • Tends to have problems with fungus
  • Not the best option for newcomers in gardening

3. Miracle-Gro Expand ‘n Gro

As most of you already know, Miracle-Gro is definitely a hit company in the gardening world and you must have at least one of their products, otherwise, you are not a dedicated gardener.

This garden soil will help your garden grow faster than any other and it will work well with any plant in any environment you can think of.

If you want to make sure you will get results extremely fast, this is the best choice for you because it will provide you with amazing growth in a really short period of time.


  • Weight: 5.09 pounds
  • Coco coir

What plants is it good for?

I would say this product is the best potting soil you could use for an indoor plant, but it will work just as well with all outdoor plants too.

It is also the best pothos soil mix if you don’t have a professional garden or the right conditions for the plant to grow without any obstacles.

However, I would recommend keeping an eye out on your soil while using it because it can mess up the pH levels sometimes and you need a fast reaction in order to solve that.

I definitely recommend using it if you want golden pothos in your garden because even though it is a plant that needs a special environment so it can thrive, this potting mix will definitely fulfill all of its requirements.

When using this potting mix, your pothos shouldn’t be placed in a small pot because their roots will not be able to develop properly.

For that reason, make sure to always put them in a bigger container that will allow the plant to spread without any obstacles.

Key features

When using harsh and strong potting soil like this one you have to make sure all the ingredients are well balanced out, otherwise, you can cause plant death from the start.

Even though this will become very dry soil if it is not watered regularly, you still need to be very careful when adding more moisture, and you can sometimes do it with different fertilizers or organic ingredients, not necessarily with water.

This product also has amazing water retention capabilities but that often leads to holding to way too much water, so you need to take care of that.

It is also thought that it can make your garden almost 3 times faster than regular mixes, so the best solution is to find a bigger pot when planting it, so you don’t have to re-pot your plant all the time.

However, just like with most other mixes, and even with the cactus soil, its water retention capabilities are great, but it can really absorb too much water which can lead to problems.

  • Makes the growth a lot faster
  • Tends to hold on to way too much water
  • Keeps the plant well-fed
  • Prone to a lot of plant diseases

4. Espoma AP4

Espoma is a very old and popular gardening company that has been gracing gardeners with high-quality products for almost 100 years now.

Their products are very popular worldwide, and gardeners love adding them into their soil mix because they know only a pinch of it will make their plant thrive.

They are a company that is known for creating only 100% organic products, and four generations of their family have been working on creating new and better gardening formulas.

Since it is a family business, everything is very well thought out, and even if you have some kind of a problem with their product, you can always solve it directly with them via phone or email.


  • Weight: 1 pound
  • 100% natural

What plants is it good for?

This natural soil mix will fit perfectly various pothos plants – from golden pothos to jade pothos.

You can use it both for indoor and outdoor planting, and although it isn’t highly concentrated and doesn’t look too effective, users advise you to put it in a larger pot because pothos tends to grow very big and fast with it.

Other than that, you can use it for different types of houseplants, and it can be a great cactus soil too.

Key features

The Espoma potting mix is 100% natural and organic, and it is rich in myco-tone which makes it suitable for dizen of different plants.

Its ingredient list is pretty much unique and this is one of the rare mixes that have both feather and alfalfa meal, and a good percentage of kelp meal.

This potting soil is great for promoting root growth, and users claim their plants have been growing twice faster when using this mixture.

It is also rich in earthworm castings that will create a healthy environment for your plant and a large percentage of nutritive ingredients that will make it perfect for growing your pothos.

When using this potting mix, you shouldn’t worry about your roots not getting enough nutrients and water because it is so well-designed that all parts of the soil and your plant will be able to get the same amount.

Moisture retention of this soil is also great, and you don’t have to worry about excess water because this soil tends to have a good number of drainage holes that will balance out the environment for the plant.

This type of potting soil also reduces the drought stress your plant may be experiencing, so I really recommend buying this mix, even though it is a bit pricier in comparison to others on the market.

pH is also something you shouldn’t have to worry about because there is enough domestic limestone that will make sure there is a good and balanced pH level at all times.

You should make sure you never keep the bag with the soil completely closed because if there are no holes in it, it will not be able to breathe, and eventually it will turn into mold, and that’s something none of us want to happen.

Unfortunately, even though it has amazing ingredients and is natural, this potting mix is not sterilized, which can cause serious problems for your plant, especially young ones.

Non-sterilized potting mixes can cause molds, different types of bugs and parasites, and some fungus that can completely ruin your plant.

  • 100% organic
  • High-quality ingredients
  • Organic materials for pH balance
  • Myco-tone
  • It is not sterilized

5. Fox Farm Happy Frog

Fox Farm is a popular gardening company that has been fulfilling all of the wishes of fellow gardeners and creating products for everything you can think of.

This company has been on the market for almost 50 years and their products are really made of the finest ingredients and the customers are very satisfied with them.

Since they are tested frequently, you can be sure all of their products are made of high-quality ingredients grown on their farms.

For that reason, they really managed to become extremely popular and their mixes seem to be sold out all the time.

You can even shop for your own one through our affiliated sites above.


  • Dimensions: 28 x 16 x 8 inches
  • Weight: 40 pounds

What plants is it good for?

This potting soil is a good fit for a variety of different houseplants, and many people use it for growing flowers.

However, it is also a great option for pothos plants of all kinds, and it can really help them thrive, even if they are not receiving enough light.

It is also recommended for container plants, and they usually need just a little scoop of this picture in order to bloom.

Key features

The Happy Frog is very popular among gardeners because of the amazing soil microbes it has that will stimulate the growth of your pothos.

These microbes are very beneficial and they help the plants fight off diseases like bacteria or fungi, but also allow them to grow strong roots.

The mix is rich in earthworm castings that will provide you with great drainage but still help feed the plant perfectly.

It definitely is one of the healthiest mixes on the market, even though it doesn’t have regular natural ingredients like peat moss or compost.

This is definitely a mix that doesn’t need any additives or fertilizers, but you will have to keep an eye out on the pH balance because it can get distorted from time to time.

It will also come in a package of 40 pounds so it is a bit more expensive but it will last you for a long period of time and it will work well with other plants too.

  • Organic
  • 40-pound package
  • Amazing results without fertilizer
  • Very expensive
  • Doesn’t have too many simple organic ingredients

Things To Consider When Buying Best Soil for Pothos?

Soil Quality

When choosing the right soil for your plant, you want to make sure that your potting mix is of the highest quality and that it will be able to meet the standards for your plant.

The soil quality does not always have to do something with whether it is organic or not or what the ingredients are included in it.

The best pothos soil mix is the one that allows your plant to thrive and is able to provide it with enough water and nutrients.

Other peoples reviews

We live in the 21st century when you can find out everything about anything if you just take some time and google it.

All of the potting mixes we have mentioned are products that can be found on the internet, and you can read dozen of different reviews about each of them.

When reading other people’s experiences, you will be able to see what are the things you can expect from a product, what are its good and bad sides, and what else can you do for your plant to grow.

For that reason, I recommend always reading other people’s reviews and engaging in different gardening forums because they tend to provide you with some really amazing pieces of advice.


All pothos plants need well-drained soil in order to succeed, and the main thing you should be interested in when choosing soil for this plant is if it will be able to drain well and create a soil dry enough.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What components should a pothos soil have?

The best pothos soil is definitely the one that has enough organic ingredients because they are the key to plant growth.

Best pothos soils have a good amount of peat moss, a little bit of perlite and some type of sand or vermiculite, and of course, some shredded pine or bark.

How much of these ingredients will be in your soil mix depends, of course, on you, and you have to be very careful while mixing them because you want the soil pH to be well-balanced.

Can pothos thrive in a dry environment?

Pothos is a plant that needs a medium amount of water, and even though you should water photos twice a day in the beginning, over time, you will need to water it only twice a week.

It can thrive in a dry environment once its roots have developed and the plant has enough indirect light, but in the beginning, it really should be watered well, and its soil should be very rich in nutrients; otherwise, you will hardly see any progress.