Best Self-Watering Pots

Best Self-Watering Pots – Products And Buying Guide For 2022

Self-watering pots are a practical and convenient way of keeping your indoor and outdoor plants in optimal condition even when you’re away for a few days.

If you purchase good-quality self-watering pots, you can travel calmly, and rest assured that the plants will get the right amount of water.

These containers are also a great choice if you have a busy lifestyle but still want to enjoy the beauty and peacefulness that plants provide.

For all those times when life gets busy, and you don’t have time or energy to think about the watering schedule of every plant (especially if they require a different amount of water each), you can put your trust in well-made self-watering pots.

Before you do, you should know which ones are the best.

Best Self-Watering Pots for 2022

Here is a short list of some of the best self-watering pots!

1. Aquaphoric Self Watering Planter (7”) + Fiber Soil

Aquaphoric planter features a stylish self-watering pot as well as fiber soil. That means that you can start planting as soon as you purchase it – all you need is your favorite plant.

Thanks to the practical indicator of the water level, you will know when to add more water.

This is helpful because it will stop overwatering, which can be equally damaging to the plants as underwatering.

All you need to do is pour the water when it’s needed and let the planter do its magic. So, instead of watering your plants every day, or every second day, you’ll be able to do it once a week.

These self-watering pots come in a variety of colors, so you can choose the one that will look good next to your furniture, on a shelf, or anywhere else inside or outside your home. The design will look stylish and sleek next to everything.

The fiber soil that the self-watering pot comes with will allow the roots of the plants to breathe since the fibers make a perfect balance between water and oxygen.

However, make sure that you use fertilizers since the soil doesn’t contain a lot of nutrients in order to stay neutral for different kinds of plants.

  • Features breathable fiber soil
  • Comes in a variety of colors
  • Convenient water level indicator
  • Easy to use
  • None so far

Bottom line

The elegant design of this self-watering pot will make a great choice if you’re looking for something more than just a regular planter. Although it does its job very well, the appearance is probably what catches the eye the most. Keep your plants healthy and watered with this practical yet sleek self-watering planter.

2. Santino Self Watering Planter

Santino self-watering pot is made of durable, sturdy plastic. It’s reusable, which means that you’ll be able to grow different kinds of plants there for a really long time.

Thanks to the material, you can use this container both indoors and outdoors without it getting damaged. The pot comes in four sizes and five colors so you can choose one or more that are adequate for the plants you want to grow.

The self-watering pot consists of an inner pot that has holes for drainage that will stop the roots from suffocating. It also allows oxygen to circulate better — a perfect container for planting your favorite plants.

The second piece of Santino’s self-watering planter is a cartridge that’s designed for drainage and moisture adjustment. It’s placed on the bottom of the small pot. Then, an external container that has a water reservoir and a little window that shows the level of water.

On the bottom of the bigger pot, there’s a drainage plug so you can empty the reservoir if needed.

What’s special about this watering pot is that it can take care of watering for up to four weeks, which is fantastic if you have a busy lifestyle. You simply pour water directly into the soil, and the excess will end up in the reservoir for later.

  • Drainage cartridge allows roots to breathe
  • You can use any potting soil
  • Sturdy, durable material
  • It allows you to water once every four weeks
  • It’s a bit difficult to separate the inner and outer pot

Bottom line

This is an affordable yet very efficient self-watering pot that has a good-quality considering that’s made of very durable plastic that will last you for years. It’s easy to use, and it offers peace of mind when it comes to watering your plants even if you’re away.

3.T4U Plastic Self Watering Planter Pot 5″

This set of six adorable self-watering pots is the perfect choice for all of you who have smaller plants that need extra care.

If you don’t have time to water your plants on a daily basis, T4U self-watering planters are an ideal solution because they require watering only 1-2 times a week.

The secret is in the special design that consists of two containers – the smaller one for the plant and the larger, outer one has the water reservoir.

This means that the water excess will end up in the reservoir, and as soon as the soil becomes dry, the water will keep it moist and hydrated.

If you’re afraid of both under and overwatering your plants, self-watering pots will make sure that your plants are in optimal condition and with the right amount of water.

Although T4U self-watering pots are made of durable, high-quality plastic, they are still lightweight, which makes them easy to carry around, if you want to relocate plants.

The set comes in one size that’s ideal for seedlings and smaller plants. You can choose between three colors and four different geometrical shapes, according to the design and the color of your furniture.

  • Small and compact
  • Durable material
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Modern design
  • It doesn’t feature a water-level indicator on the reservoir

Bottom line

The set of T4U self-watering planters is perfect for those who need small pots for baby plants or smaller plants in general. Take the stress out of watering and allow these pots to take care of that for you. Compact, efficient, and stylish – these planters will help you upgrade your gardening skills and keep your plants healthy and lush.

4. Santino Self Watering Planter Arte 6.5 Inch

When in need of a simple self-watering pot that’s available in a few different sizes, and that can fit different kinds of plants, this Santino’s model should be your choice.

This fantastic self-watering planter will allow you to take care of your plants without worrying about them being under or overwatered.

As long as you water them once a week or once a month, depending on the requirements of the plant, they will grow lush and healthy.

All you need to do is fill the inner pot with a layer of gravel and soil, place your plant, and add the remaining soil. The gravel will take care of the oxygen circulation, while the water reservoir in the outer pot will make sure that your plant is always hydrated.

This Santino’s self-watering planter comes in five sizes and a variety of colors and color combination. So, if you’re worried about how the planter will look with the rest of your home décor, you can relax because you will definitely find a color that will work for you.

The pot is made of durable, sturdy plastic and thanks to the oxygen circulation, the roots won’t suffocate. You can use it both indoors and outdoors and expect healthy plants with the soil that’s never dry.

  • Sturdy material
  • Different sizes and colors
  • Easy to use
  • Oxygen circulation
  • It doesn’t feature a water-level indicator

Bottom line

By purchasing this Santino’s model of the self-watering pot, you can rest assured that your plants will always get the right amount of water even if you add water once every second week. Efficient and stylish, this planter makes a great choice for any home or garden décor without breaking the bank.

5. Aquaphoric Self Watering Planter (5”) + Fiber Soil

If you loved the first suggestion and you’re a fan of Aquaphoric products, but you need a slightly smaller self-watering pot, this model should be your choice.

It will fit inside and outside your home and look great next to your furniture or in your garden and balcony.

This type of self-watering planters is also made of high-quality, durable material that will last you for years so you can reuse it for as many plants as you want.

The indicator to show the level of water is a practical solution that allows you to see when you need to add more water, which will prevent the overwatering.

The pot comes with fantastic fiber soil that takes care of oxygen circulation and provides three times more oxygen than the regular potting soil. That is important because it won’t suffocate the roots of the plant, which causes root rot.

You should keep in mind that the fiber soil doesn’t contain a lot of nutrients that your plant will need. That’s why you’ll have to purchase a fertilizer according to the requirements of your plants.

Every plant needs different nutrients to grow healthy and lush, and that’s why this fiber soil is neutral. It can be used for every plant as long as you add fertilizers.

  • Indicator to show the amount of water
  • Breathable soil
  • Variety of colors
  • None so far

Bottom line

Finding an efficient self-watering pot that looks very nice and stylish may seem difficult. However, you can expect both from this Aquaphoric model that will take care of the watering of your plants wherever you’re busy or away.

6. Bloem Ariana Self Watering Planter, 8″

If you’re in search for a self-watering planter that will keep the soil and roots of the plant above the water, and that will hydrate the plant through the evaporation process, Bloem Ariana is the best choice for you.

The water reservoir is on the bottom of the pot, and a sturdy plastic “plate” with little drainage holes separates the reservoir and the water from the soil.

In the beginning, you need to drill the drainage holes on the spots that are marked with an “x”, according to the water requirements of the plant.

Some plants will need more water, while some of them thrive with less. That’s why fewer drainage holes are better for the first type, while more of them are ideal for the second.

Once you place the plastic plate inside the pot, you can replant as you usually would, with any soil.

Then you can water your plant, and the water excess will end up in the water reservoir. This model comes in six sizes and five vibrant colors.

  • Easy to use
  • Efficient yet affordable
  • Adjustable water drainage
  • Prevents overwatering and root rotting
  • No water level indicator on the water reservoir

Bottom line

If you often travel and don’t have anyone who could take care of your plants, this self-watering pot will do the job for you without costing an arm and a leg. Affordable price, efficient self-watering, and cute design are what makes this model so special. Keep your plants watered without drowning them.

7. Mkono 3 Pack Self Watering Planter

This simple and stylish Mkono set of self-watering planters features three pots that will make both practical and aesthetic addition to your home or garden décor. Thanks to the durable material, you can safely use these pots outside in your garden or balcony.

The simple white color makes the pots look very luxurious, and they will go well with other furniture as well. A unique self-watering system that Mkono set has and double-layered design will provide enough water to your plants without drowning the roots.

On the bottom of the outer pot, there’s a water reservoir. The plant and the soil in the inner, smaller container receive the moisture thanks to the cotton rope that absorbs water and nutrients that your plant will consume.

The set of self-watering pots comes in three sizes so you can choose between 4.2”, 5.4” and 7.8”, depending on the size of your plants. You can use whichever potting soil and fertilizers you want and water your plants once a week – they will stay healthy and hydrated.

  • Easy to use
  • Outdoor and indoor use
  • Innovative self-watering solution
  • Modern design
  • The inner container is smaller than the white one, so keep that in mind when estimating the capacity

Bottom line

This set of three elegant self-watering pots is ideal for those who have a minimalistic taste and want something simple yet efficient. You can travel to your business trip of vacation worry-free and rest assured that your plants will be healthy and thriving once you come back.

8. Lechuza Cubico Garden Planter

This modern self-watering pot is an excellent choice for those who are looking for a container that can fit taller plants since it’s deeper than the previous models.

Although you can choose between three sizes, you will notice the difference in shape compared to the already described self-watering planters. Available in three matte colors, Lechuza pot will look amazing next to your furniture thanks to the chick and elegant design.

Keep your plants watered and healthy without compromising your home decor – you will be impressed by the efficiency of this self-watering planter.

This type of self-watering planters is designed to offer your plant the right amount of water, and you can easily monitor when to add more thanks to the special indicator that shows how much water there is.

Even though self-watering, this container won’t drown the roots because they will be separated from the water and given enough oxygen to breathe and develop. High-quality plastic material is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

This amazing planter will offer you peace of mind while you’re away, without over or under-watering your plants.

If your plant happens to be outside and it starts raining, you won’t have to worry since you’ll be able to get rid of the water excess easily thanks to the drainage plug on the bottom of the water reservoir.

  • Drainage plug for water excess
  • Outdoor and indoor use
  • Oxygen circulation
  • Modern design
  • Not many color options

Bottom line

When in search of a simple and modern self-watering pot, Lechuza’s Cubico Color 30 is one of the best planters on the market not only because of its design but also because of the high-quality material and efficiency. Although pricey, this pot is worth investing since the period between watering will be longer, and the pot will keep your plant healthy and hydrated.

9. Lechuza Round Self Watering Planter

Are you looking for a pot that’s different than the majority of self-watering planters and that has a unique shape and it’s perfect for African violets and smaller flower arrangements?

Then you’ll enjoy this adorable self-watering planter that catches the eye with its cute, round shape that looks even better when it’s full of colorful flowers.

Thanks to the water-level tube that will show you whether the pot is full or needs a refill, you’ll know exactly when to add more water to the reservoir and avoid having your plants underwatered.

This will help you reduce the watering interval from once every day to once every week, which is amazing when you are away from home for a few days.

Although available in a few different sizes, this pot is still small, so keep that in mind during the purchase. It will be perfect for small herbs and flowers but not the best choice for tall plants.

The modern, simple design will give your home décor an interesting element that will look good next to anything.

You can even leave the pot outdoors and not worry about the rain since there’s a drainage plug that will empty the reservoir in no time. Another great feature of this Lechuza model is that the roots will have enough room and oxygen to grow and develop.

  • Suitable for outdoor and indoor use
  • Precise water-level indicator
  • Keeps roots healthy
  • Unique design
  • Not suitable for larger plants

Bottom line

Affordable, stylish, and convenient, this modern self-watering pot is a fantastic product that keeps the herbs and flowers watered without drowning the roots, which is essential for healthy and lush plants.

10.  8″ Self Watering + Self Aerating Planter

If you prefer the traditional planter shape and are in need of something simple that won’t require too much time to install, this HBAServices USA model is the right choice.

If you often travel and need a reliable self-watering pot, your search is over because this planter will take care of the watering of your plants without drowning the roots.

The legs of the container have holes that help the soil absorb the water it needs from the water reservoir. The reservoir itself is like a tray, so it’s easily detachable.

If you dislike watering the soil directly and you prefer to fill the reservoir, you can easily do that with this pot thanks to the clip-on attachment that makes watering easier and spillage-free. You can leave it in the reservoir or remove it for a sleek look.

The pot is available in three sizes and five colors that will look good in your home or garden. Thanks to the little legs on the water reservoir, you won’t have any watermarks or white stains on your floors and carpets. With this planter, your plants will get the right amount of water and won’t suffer from mold and fungus.

  • Non-toxic material
  • Easy to refill
  • Simple, traditional design
  • Not deep enough for taller plants

Bottom line

Practical and easy to use, this self-watering pot is perfect if you’re a person who has a busy life and needs something simple and efficient. Although uncomplicated, this pot is super reliable, and it will keep your plants healthy and watered for days.

How To Choose The Best Self-Watering Pots

As you already know, there’s a variety of many different self-watering pots on the market. This can indeed be overwhelming because it’s challenging to decide which one to buy. Other than the personal taste when it comes to the color, design, and shape of the pot, there are other crucial things that should be considered before the purchase if you want to be happy with your choice.

1. Choose a good Material

It goes without saying that your self-watering pot should be made of quality material. The material is important, especially if you want to keep your pot outdoors.

It needs to be quality enough to resist all weather conditions and look as good as new for years. The majority of planters is made of durable plastic but make sure that it’s not toxic and that it won’t release chemicals into the soil before buying it.

You can also find self-watering pots made of ceramics and other durable materials. It all comes down to your preferences but don’t underestimate the importance of durability.

2. Size of the self-watering pot

A lot of manufacturers make one model of a self-watering pot in a few different sizes. You won’t have to give up on the container you really like because it’s too small/large for your plants. This is pretty convenient and helps a lot since there are more options to choose from.

You should keep in mind that the pot shouldn’t be either too small or too big since none of those situations will help your plant grow.

The roots need space to grow, and it’s also important for the pot to stay balanced even if the plant is tall. That’s why you should purchase a container that has enough depth for the balance.

3. Size of the water reservoir

Before you purchase a pot, do research on the water requirements of your plant. Not every plant will require an equal amount of water for a period of 7-10 days.

So, before going on a vacation, you should be confident that the reservoir will hold enough water for the entire period. If your plant needs a lot of water, buy a container with a large water reservoir.

If, however, your plant prefers dry soil, you’re good to go with a medium or smaller reservoir. It would be ideal if you purchased the pot a few weeks before going away so you can test how many days pass until you need to add more water.

4. Oxygen circulation

Other than the right amount of water, light, and humidity, your plants need their roots to have enough oxygen as well.

For the majority of plants, constantly soaked roots aren’t good, because they would drown and suffocate. Choose a self-watering pot that has a divider between the water reservoir and soil/roots of your plant.

In this way, the roots will get both water and oxygen, which will help them grow, develop, and consume nutrients in the best way possible.

5. Ease of use

Self-watering pots are created to make the period between watering longer, and therefore their primary purpose is to be convenient, especially when we are away from home.

Then why would you want to use a complicated planter that creates nothing but the mess and dead plants? For no reason at all. You should choose a container that’s easy to set up, plant and water; there’s no point in having one otherwise.

Luckily, the majority of self-watering planters on the market are easy to use so you won’t have trouble finding them.