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Best Quantum Board – 6 Great Products and Reviews in 2022

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If you are interested in horticulture and you are wondering what equipment you need for growing plants, the quantum board is the first answer to your question since it will make your gardening easier.

Exactly for people who want to grow plants and, at the same time, to keep track of new technologies in gardening, we have designed a list of the best quantum boards.

Best Quantum Boards

Nowadays, gardening is much different than before. There are a lot of new technologies that move plant growth to a whole new level. Some of those new technological advancements are quantum boards.

In order to help people who don’t know much about quantum boards and yet want to start doing gardening, we have created this list, which is entirely based on consumers’ reviews and we hope it will be helpful.

QUICK OVERVIEW: Best Quantum Boards

HLG 600 Rspec
  • Output: 1522 PPF
  • Weight: 11.5kg
HLG 100 V2 4000K
  • Operating frequency range: 50-60Hz
  • Power: 95 Watts
iPlantop Daisy Chain
  • Dimmable lights
  • Voltage: 120 Volts

1. HLG 600 Rspec

HLG (Horticulture Lighting Group) is one of the most renowned companies in the field of Quantum Board technology and they describe their products as modern and powerful.

Considering HLG 600 Rspec they present it as productive, reliable, and strong and point out numerous positive reviews.

In addition, this quantum board has unbelievable reviews on Amazon which is one of the best grades we’ve ever seen and that is the exact proof of HLG 600’s quality.


  • Voltage range: 50-60Hz (100-277 VAC)
  • Dimensions: 76x65x12.7cm
  • Output: 1522 PPF
  • 60-600 Watts of power
  • Deep Red and Samsung LM301H Led lights
  • Weight: 11.5kg

What Plants is it Good for?

First of all, this particular quantum board is one of the best quantum boards that you can find, and, thus, it is almost equally appropriate for all kinds of plants, no matter how big is the area you want it to cover.

However, according to several reviews and regarding its power, HLG 600 is perfect for full-cycle plant growth and specifically good for flowering. Subsequently, it also does a very good job when it comes to veg.

Key features

HLG 600’s performance is identical to the 1000 Watt HID system, although its maximum power is 600 Watts. Additionally, it is one of the best quantum boards because it spends less power and produces less heat than some other quantum boards.

Its Samsung LED lights emit full spectrum white-light, whose temperature is 3500K. Besides, if you want your plants to have a significant uplift during the blooming stage there is a 660nm deep red light.

There is almost no emission of IR or UV light, but if you want them, you can add them by using HLG 30 UV bar, which is HLG 600 compatible with.

HLG 600’s performance will depend on the size of the fixture and the size of the area. If you use a smaller fixture, the corners of the covered area will get slightly less light than the center.

On the other hand, with a bigger fixture, corners will get more light than the center, but even that amount of light in the center is quite enough for any sort of plant.

As for the size of the area, it can cover 4×4, 5×5, and even 6x6ft area and your size choice will depend on the amount of light that you want your plants to get.

For example, with a 4x4ft area corners will get more than 100 umol/s and with 5x5ft area slightly less than 100 umol/s.

  • Amazing output
  • Large coverage
  • Samsung LED lights
  • 3-year warranty
  • Long lifespan
  • Bad customer service

2. HLG 100 V2 4000K

HLG was founded in 2016 when Northern Grow Lights and Johnson Grow lights merged. Additionally, HLG made the first quantum board and by doing that created a revolution in the horticulture field.

According to HLG, HLG 100 V2 is a well-designed, efficient and reliable quantum board and they recommend it for various plants. Furthermore, they guarantee that it saves electric energy and still helps plants.


  • Power: 95 Watts
  • Voltage range: 90-264 VAC
  • Operating frequency range: 50-60Hz
  • 3000K or 4000K Spectrum white light
  • Output: 224.51 PPF
  • Dimensions: 37x34x9cm
  • Samsung LM301H LED lights

What Plants is it Good for?

Since there are two versions: 3000K and 4000K, both of them are good for certain things. The 3000K version has a red light feature which makes it great for flowering, especially during the blooming period, and full-cycle plant growth.

On the other hand, the 4000K version has a more blue light and, therefore, is ideal for vegging and cloning.

Of course, you can use it for several other types of plants, but with these already mentioned you can expect the best results.

Key features

There are 192 quantum board grow lights and the board itself delivers as much as 200 Watts HID, while it uses only 95 Watts of power.

It saves a great amount of energy and power and, therefore, saves a great amount of money. There is no dimming option, but the lights are very bright and they produce very little heat.

As for the size of the covered area, if you opt for flowering, HLG 100 V2 can be used for a 2x2ft area.

Nevertheless, in case you opt for vegging, you can use it for covering a 3x3ft area and, according to several reviews, it needs at least 18-20 hours for a good vegging process.

Certain users argued that HLG 100 V2 is slightly expensive. Namely, in their opinion, this LED lightning board should be able to cover a wider area, taking into account its price.

Furthermore, they also complained about the power connector, given that it is exposed and, thus, vulnerable.

Therefore, users who purchase this quantum board should handle it very carefully since the power connector can easily be damaged.

  • Powerful
  • High quality
  • Energy-efficient
  • Samsung LED lights
  • 1-year warranty
  • Small coverage
  • Slightly expensive
  • Exposed power connector
  • Non-dimmable

3. iPlantop Daisy Chain

iPlantop is a company that produces various LED lighting products. This company has developed for years and has become one of the most successful manufacturers when it comes to LED lighting.

They underline research, development, confidence, and experience as their most important characteristics.

One of the products they are most proud of is Daisy Chain quantum LED light and, as reported by iPlantop, its most important features are usefulness, efficiency, and high quality. Fantastic reviews on Amazon only add to that description.


  • Dimmable lights
  • Aluminum hood
  • Power: 150 Watts
  • Voltage: 120 Volts
  • 504 Bridgelux LED lights
  • Dimensions: 40x30x8cm
  • Weight: 5kg
  • Approximately 6 square feet range

What Plants is it Good for?

According to reviews, iPlantop Daisy Chain is equally good for veg as well as for growing flowers, since it is very powerful and can cover a satisfactory range. Subsequently, LED lights are very strong, so they suit various sorts of plants.

However, according to the manufacturer, this specific quantum board grow light is, in the first place, ideal for indoor plants.

Key features

Even though it uses only 150 Watts, iPlantop Daisy can replace 400 Watts HPS, which proves great energetic efficiency.

There are 504 dimmable lights that are very bright, so your plants will absolutely love them. Each LED light has a power socket of 120V (1.5A).

There are 3000K yellow and 6000K white versions, Deep Red LED lights (660-665nm) as well as 760nm IR light.

You can control the magnitude of the spectrum from 0-100% and that way you can intensify the light during the blooming period.

Furthermore, thanks to the reflective 1.5mm aluminum hood, you can set the lights to an emitting angle of 140° and almost double the PAR rating. The temperature threshold of the hood is approximately 49°C (120°F).

This quantum board LED grow light will meet the expectations in any stage of growth and thanks to IR and Deep Red lights, your plants will have an additional boost in the final stages of growth.

Finally, there is a 4-year warranty by the manufacturer and if you are not satisfied with the product you can return it in 90 days and you will get a refund.

Should you experience any problems with the board, the manufacturer’s customer service is at your disposal.

  • Dimmable lights
  • Useful reflective hood
  • 4-year warranty
  • Slightly smaller range

4. HLG 225 Watt

HLG Company always improves and does numerous researches to bring the best possible products to their customers.

Those improvements refer not only to products’ quality but also to their eco-efficiency and energetic affordability.

HLG 225 Quantum Board is described by the company as reliable, powerful, efficient, and versatile in terms of plants for which you plan to use this LED lighting board. It is also important to mention that it has impressive reviews on Amazon.


  • 225 Watts of power
  • LumiLED and Luminus LED lights
  • Input voltage: 120-277 VAC (50-60Hz)
  • Output: 410 PPF
  • Dimensions: 31.75x20x9cm
  • Weight: 3.2kg

What Plants is it Good for?

Like most HLG quantum boards, this too can be used for a number of plants. However, it is mostly recommended for growing flowers and for vegging. Of course, there is a different footprint for these two types of plants.

Nevertheless, HLG 225 can also be used for full-cycle growing, supplemental lighting as well as for aquaponic, soil, aeroponic, or hydroponic systems.

Key features

As for full-spectrum, HLG 225 has 64 white 4000K version lights, 16 Luminus 660nm Deep Red and 16 Luminus 630nm Red lights.

HLG 225, with its 225 Watts, easily replaces 315 Watt lights. Even numerous customers were extremely surprised with the amount of light that this board provides.

Furthermore, when it comes to the flowering area it covers is 3x3ft, while for vegging its footprint is 4x4ft.

There is no heat with this board, so you should keep that in mind when the winter comes. Besides, if you are starting growing vegetables you will have to remember to harden them off to the lights’ power.

Even though HLG 225’s LED lights come in voltage of 120 Volts, some customers asked for 240 Volts lights and their request was accepted.

In terms of design, there is a cool detail on the board. Namely, there is something that looks like a haircut on top of it.

However, it is actually a well-designed passive cooling device. Apart from that, it is very small and dense.

Finally, a small number of people who purchased HLG 225 complained about not getting bolts and nuts in the package.

Although this is, obviously, an accidental mistake made by the manufacturer, you should acknowledge that this may happen and if it happens, you should contact the manufacturer’s customer support.

  • Cheaper than some rival quantum boards
  • Very bright lights
  • Quick delivery
  • Affordable price
  • Missing elements from the package

5. HLG 300L Bspec

Since they invented quantum boards, HLG has presented itself as a trendsetting company and they have the same status nowadays.

With their dedication and hard work, they manage to stay on top of the list of the best grow lighting manufacturers and that deserves respect.

Regarding HLG 300L Bspec, it may not be their best-selling product, but in terms of design and specification it is definitely one of the most unique and that uniqueness is probably why people buy it. Besides, good reviews on Amazon definitely show peoples’ satisfaction.


  • 30-270 Watts of power
  • Output: 675 PPF
  • Voltage range: 90-277 VAC
  • Dimensions: 66×25.4×7.6cm
  • Weight: 5.4kg

What Plants is it Good for?

We mentioned before that this quantum board LED is unique and now we’ll explain why. All the other boards on this list were perfectly fit for various kinds of plants, from flowers to vegetables.

Nevertheless, that’s not the case with this one. HLG 300L Bspec is recommended only for vegetative growth and that is a very important feature that we strongly point out.

Of course, some people will consider this characteristic a flaw, but for people who are interested in focusing on vegetative growth, it could work well.

Key features

Firstly, HLG 300L Bspec with its maximum power of 270 Watts can replace 600 Watts HID. Additionally, there are two kinds of lights in the full spectrum: white 3500K light and 470nm Blue light.

As for lights themselves, there are 544 Samsung LM301B LED lights and 32 Osram Deep Blue diodes.

HLG 300L Bspec’s footprint is 4x4ft. Additionally, there is an option of using diffused lights which can provide better canopy light.

Some other additional features that you get with this quantum LED light are Inventronics EUM-240 Dimmable LED power supply and 120 Volts Power Cord with Nema Plug (5-15P). Nevertheless, several users complained that the device heats too quickly.

Numerous users are very satisfied with this particular board and even think about getting another one.

Subsequently, the number of those who use 2 or more 300L Bspec boards is not negligible. The reason for that is the fact that 2 300L Bspec boards can easily replace 1000 Watts HID.

On the other hand, there are also those who are pleased with it, since they consider its price to be too high. Their argument is that several rival quantum boards have similar performances but are cheaper.

  • Solid range
  • Very powerful
  • Samsung and Osram lights
  • 3-year warranty
  • Expensive
  • Heats fast
  • Only for veg use

6. HLG 300L Rspec

We’ve mentioned HLG Company several times throughout this text and we pointed out its success and fame.

However, if that’s not enough, there is another piece of information that proves how renowned this company is.

As you’ve certainly already noticed, all HLG quantum boards use Samsung LED lights and when you realize that such a world-class company like Samsung works regularly with HLG, you understand its reputation.

HLG 300L Rspec is one of their best quantum boards, about which almost all consumers have only positive reviews.


  • Power: 30-250 Watts
  • Voltage range: 90-277 VAC
  • Output: 679 PPF
  • Dimensions: 66x25x7cm
  • Weight: 5.6kg

What Plants is it Good for?

This board is, in general, good for all kinds of plants. However, flowering is the field in which it can show the best performances and have the best results.

Additionally, it is ideal for growing smaller crops and recommended for indoor horticulture.

What you are going to use it for depends on your preferences, but it is always good to have many options and then be able to choose what you want to grow.

Key features

HLG 300L Rspec has full-spectrum white light, which is diffused, and that diffusion helps with canopy light penetration and also with yield.

There is 660nm Deep Red light as well and the board is supplied with Samsung LM301B LED lights, which help immeasurably with growth and flowering, while the power supply is dimmable. Besides, the fixture is a little longer which provides better coverage.

Considering footprints, the veg footprint is 4x4ft and flowering footprint can be either 2x2ft or 3x3ft.

Subsequently, this board is very efficient and effective in terms of saving power and Samsung LED diodes significantly add to it.

Users were specifically satisfied with HLG 300L Rspec’s power and results when it comes to the growth and development of their plants.

Users were also very satisfied with customer service and delivery speed, but some of them complained about the damaged package and heat of the device.

All in all, this is a very solid and satisfactory product and great reviews on Amazon speak in favor of it.

  • Powerful
  • Versatile
  • Dimmable
  • Provided very good results
  • Damaged package
  • Slightly expensive
  • Heats quickly

Things to Consider when Buying Best Quantum Board

1. Power

When it comes to power it is very clear that the stronger the quantum board is the better it will be for plants, since they’ll get more lights. Nevertheless, it is also important to check whether the board is energy-efficient since it will make your life easier.

2. What plants you can use it for?

Most boards on this list were appropriate for any kind of plant. However, there are some which you can’t use with any plant you want and if you don’t realize that, you can severely damage your plant, because that quantum board will have a detrimental effect.

3. Heating

You want a powerful board, but on the other hand, you have to consider heating. More powerful quantum boards will heat more quickly and that heating can’t be good, especially regarding the device’s life span.

4. Light quality

If you want to deal with horticulture, you will definitely want high-quality LED lights for your plants. Almost all quantum boards mentioned on this list used Samsung LED lights and, thus, you can be sure about their quality. There are, of course, some other LED lights that are also good, but the bottom line is that you need to check the quality of all the features including the lights if you want a good quantum board for your plants.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are LED lights bad for your eyes?

According to some researches, blue LED lights can have a detrimental effect on the eyes. Namely, if you are excessively exposed to LED lights you can lose retinal cells and your sharpness of vision can get reduced. The scariest thing about this is that this process is irreversible.

What type of light is best for growing plants indoors?

Indoor plants need more light than the plants that are outside and exposed to sunlight. Therefore, the best lights for growing plants indoors would be full-spectrum bulbs, since cold and warmth need to be balanced, so that the natural solar spectrum would be replicated.

How much does a grow light cost to run?

First, you have to find the rate that you pay for electricity and you can find it on your electricity bill. After that, you have to count the wattage of your lights, divide it by 1000, since it is expressed in kilowatts, and then multiply that number by the rate.

That way you get how much a grow light will cost you per hour. Finally, multiply that number by the number of hours per day that you plan to run the lights and you’ll get how much a grow light will cost you per day.

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