Best Grow Lights for Seedlings

Best Grow Lights for Seedlings – Top 7 Products and Reviews

Most gardeners pretty often struggle with finding and choosing adequate grow lights for their plants, especially for their seedlings.

For healthy growth and flowering, you will need to choose seedling grow lights that will fulfill all of their needs. Unfortunately, this process can be very difficult and exhausting.

To make all of this a bit easier for you, I will present you with 7 different seedlings grow lights of high quality and efficiency that turned out to be the best ones in my gardening experience.

Adequate grow lights are essential If you want to grow healthy plants. Many gardeners often struggle with finding the right grow lights and systems for their seedlings since they tend to be very sensitive and need a lot of care during this stage.

In order to make this process easier for you, I am sharing my experience with several different grow lights for seedlings and presenting you with the best options on the market for every type of plant.

QUICK OVERVIEW: Best Grow Lights for Seedlings

  • 45 watt LED
  • 120 voltage
Relassy 15000
  • E27 bulb
  • 88 LED chips
  • Smart LED control system
  • 1.2 L water tank

1. AeroGarden LED Grow Light Panel

AeroGarden is a gardening system made for indoor planting that is very easy to use and can help you grow everything from herbs and vegetables to exotic plants.

Their AeroGarden 45w LED grow light panel will help you nurture your plants from every single angle. It is one of the most convenient light panels on the market, and even though it is a bit more expensive than the other, it is definitely worth it if you’re looking for a long-term investment for your little garden.


  • 45 watt LED
  • 120 voltage
  • Red, blue and white lights

What Plants is it Good for?

In my experience, this AeroGarden grow light turned to be the best option for growing herbs and microgreens.

These are the plants that are quite difficult to maintain and need much more care than regular plants, but I can confirm that this grow light panel did nothing but amazing work in their growth.

Since it is this effective with sensitive species like these, I believe it can be a great option for other plants too, whether those are vegetables, fruit, or houseplants.

However, I wouldn’t recommend using it for exotic plants that need some harsh light since it probably won’t perform very well.

Key Features

AeroGarden Led grow light is one of the lights with the most versatile features on the market. It can be hung above your plants but it can also be positioned on a stand that comes with it.

Probably its biggest advantage is the fact that it can rotate for 360 degrees which is pretty rare for grow lights. This means that all of your plants will be getting enough light all the time.

What I also really love about it is that you can use it for all growth stages. I used it for my seedlings but also during the flowering process and it amazed me how it can satisfy your plants’ needs throughout all the stages.

Since it is on a bit more expensive side, I believe this is what makes it comepletely worth it because you know you will be able to use it for all of your plants and their different stages. This is rarely found among seedlings grow lights.

My favorite addition to this AeroGarden seedlings grow light is the adjustable light stand that will rise as your plants grow. A phenomenal feature like this will save you much time and it is proof that this product is amazing.

With no purple glare in its lights, this is a next-level technology that will protect your seedlings and plants from all possible harm.

  • Can rotate for 360 degrees
  • Adequate for all growth stages
  • Has no purple glare
  • Has red, blue, and white LEDs
  • 30000 hours life span
  • Adjustable light stand
  • Expensive

2. Relassy 15000 Lux Grow Lamp

Relassy is one of the most available brands on the market that has been providing gardeners with cheap and efficient grow lights for years.

Their products took over the market by storm, especially during the last year when everyone was at home, looking for cheap tools that will improve their indoor garden.

Their 15000 Lux Sunlike lamp with dual head has been one of the best-selling grow lights for more than a year now.

At a price lower than 30$, this grow light is definitely worth the money and will mimic the natural habitat of your plants perfectly. It is also the perfect choice for all beginner gardeners.


  • E27 bulb
  • Wave light from 380nm to 800nm
  • Flexible gooseneck
  • 88 LED chips
  • 45 watts LED
  • 100-240 Voltage

What Plants is it Good for?

This grow light was one of the biggest surprises for me because it is so cheap and still so efficient!

For years I’ve had a problem with my succulents and cactuses, but just a few days after I started using this Relassy light on them, they started recovering and growing very fast.

This is something that I couldn’t manage to achieve with any other grow light I have tried.

However, I wouldn’t recommend using it for sensitive plants and exotic species since its light can be too harsh on them, causing them to dry out or die.

Key Features

This Relassy grow lamp is called Sunlike because of its ability to imitate the natural sunlight perfectly.

Sunlike can be used during all the growth stages and it is specifically made for indoor gardening, with useful instructions for beginner gardeners.

Relassy grow lamp uses E27 bulbs which are very easy to both find and replace. These bulbs are also easily rotatable and you can adjust them by your plants’ needs.

Coming with an 18-inch gooseneck it also has an amazing addition – a 120 degrees beam angle which makes the area of effective lighting way larger. This means that all of your seedlings will be getting enough light all the time.

The gooseneck is also pretty flexible and adjustable so you can easily control the distance between this lamp and your plants. This is pretty important if you are thinking about using this grow light throughout all the growth stages of your plant.

Moreover, you should be very careful with this lamp since its lights can be a bit too strong, so you will have to control your plants regularly to make sure they are not exposed to too much light.

Being made out of 88 LED chips this lamp cant decay easily, and will certainly last you for 50 000 hours and more.

You can use it for all indoor plants, hydroponics, and greenhouses.

  • Adequate for all growth stages
  • Rotatable bulbs
  • A large area of effective lighting
  • Easily adjustable and flexible
  • 50 000 hours life span
  • Cheap
  • Light can be too strong for some plants
  • Needs more control than other grow lights

3. Vegebox Hydroponics Growing System

This Vegebox Hydroponics growing system is one of the first growing systems that I have tried when I was starting to practice gardening. It is so easy to use and is one of the best systems a beginner can purchase.

Vegebox is a company that produces eco-friendly grow lights and systems which will make your gardening experience way more enjoyable and certainly successful.

By purchasing their products you will both do great things for our environment and get high-quality products that will grow and protect your seedlings at the same time.


  • Smart LED control system
  • 21 watt LED
  • 9 planting seeds pods
  • 135 degrees wide-angle light
  • 1.2 L water tank
  • Without UV

What Plants is it Good for?

Vegebox recommends using this growing system for herbs like cilantro, thyme, and basil and I decided to follow their bits of advice.

I have only used it to grow these plants but I feel like it could also be a good fit for smaller vegetables like tomatoes, or fruit like strawberries.

In case you plan on cultivating some sensitive species of herbs or flowers, I believe it can be a good fit for them too.

Key Features

Vegebox Hydroponics has full spectrum LED grow lights that simulate the solar spectrum and maximize the benefits of photosynthesis, making your plants grow 1.5 faster than usual.

A technology like this is rarely found among seedlings grow lights, especially among those that are eco-friendly.

Its smart system makes it automatically turn on and off when the perfect environment for your plants’ growth has been created. This will save you a lot of time while fulfilling all of your plants’ needs at the same time.

9 planting seed pods allow you to cultivate more than one type of plant at the same time. The height of its lamp is also easily adjustable.

It comes with a variety of accessories for gardeners like measuring cups, tweezers, seedboxes, and nutrient water, which can be pretty useful even after you stop using this growing system.

For a growing system that is in the medium price range, I believe this is a great choice both for beginner and commercial gardeners. But be aware that you won’t be able to grow many different kinds of plants with it.

  • A smart system that works automatically
  • Faster plant growth
  • Can grow more plants at the same time
  • Easy to use
  • Suitable only for herbs and some sensitive species

4. iGrowtek LED Grow Lights

iGrowtek is a company well known for its professionally made LED grow lights that are really popular among commercial growers. iGrowtek creates flexible seedlings grow lights that can be set easily, which positioned them as one of the best-selling grow light companies on the market.

Their 2 feet grow light stand made especially for seedlings is perfect for indoor planting and will be a perfect tool for both beginner gardeners and commercial ones. This iGrowtek product is also one of the most affordable lights for seedlings growth available on the market.


  • White LED light with full spectrum
  • Iron frame
  • 40000 hours lifetime
  • Energy efficient

What Plants is it Good for?

iGrowtek LED grow lights gave me amazing results while I was using them to grow my flowers and vegetables. These lights emit healthy white LEDs that will stimulate the growth of your plant and keep it safe from harm at the same time.

Lights of the white spectrum are what make it suitable for sensitive species like herbs too.

iGrowtek lights are made specifically for seed starting, but they can also be used for houseplants and when you are propagating cuttings.

Key Features

One of the best features of this iGrowtek grow light is the light shop light fixture with a wide reflector that will provide your seedlings with maximum coverage.

This is the key to successful plant growth, because some lights often can’t cover all of your plants which makes them useless.

Wide coverage is also something you should always be searching for during the buying process, since those that cant cover your whole plant will give you no results.

Foremost, this specific grow light is also of high efficiency and will last you for years, saving you a large amount of money on electricity bills. You should always think about it when making a purchase like this.

Upgraded with a feather touch mechanism that makes the height of your grow lights easily adjustable, this is a product that is very easy to set up, even if you’re doing it all on your own.

Portability is also really important if you plan on moving your grow light from one room to another.

  • Harmless light
  • Long life span
  • Efficiency
  • Money-saving
  • Easy to set up
  • Affordable
  • Portable
  • Can be used only during the seed stage

5. iPower GLT5XX2

iPower is a company that has been providing gardeners with different types of equipment and grow lights pretty successfully during the past few years.

Their 2 feet T5 fluorescent grow light system has been one of the best-selling grow lights on Amazon and is very often recommended by gardeners.

This grow system is small and practical and it will fit into every single space, which makes it perfect if you don’t have a room big enough for indoor gardening. 


  • T5 bulbs
  • A feather-touch height adjustment mechanism

What Plants is it Good for?

This is definitely the go-to growing system If you love having your own vegetables.

I find it very good If you want to grow tomatoes, lettuce, or even mushrooms since all of these species managed to grow really fast and always have a healthy bright color while I was using the iPower light.

Key Features

This fluorescent light is pretty simple to use and doesn’t come with many features, but it is one of the easiest adjustable grow lights I have tried.

Since it is a very small seedlings grow light system, it can fit everywhere and is perfect for beginner gardeners who don’t have a special room for their indoor garden.

You don’t need much strength or skills to manage this grow light which is a big advantage of it, especially if you are a beginner gardener.

At the beginning of my gardening journey, I didn’t know how to set up grow lights in the right way and I found this one to be the easiest to manage.

It uses T5 bulbs which are considered to be one of the most efficient grow lights available on the market. These bulbs will also save you a lot of electricity.

  • Easily set up
  • Uses highly efficient T5 bulbs
  • Short life span

6. GoGrow Grow Lights

If you are looking for the perfect grow light for your houseplants, I think you found it.

This GoGrow grow light will make you want to buy it because of its beautiful design, but it is also the best and most efficient grow light I have used for my houseplants.

And for a price of 35$, it is definitely a good investment if you enjoy having colorful and healthy plants around your home.


  • Red and blue LED lights
  • 4 dimmable modes
  • Automatically on/off system
  • Timer

What Plants is it Good for?

This GoGrow grow light is made specifically for houseplants like cactuses, succulents, snake plants.

This is one of the rare grow lights made especially for these plants.

Key Features

GoGrow decided to provide you with an amazing system that will allow your houseplant to grow in all its glory.

It has an automatic system which means the lights will go on and off when it is needed, maintaining the perfect environment and temperature for your houseplants.

In case you are controlling your plants’ growth stages, you can do that with a timer which can be set up to 2, 4, or 8 hours.

It also has 4 dimmable modes which will suit different growth stages of your plant. you can modify your light strength to 25%, 50%, 75%, or 100%.

Its lamp emits both red and blue LED lights at the same time, providing your plant with everything it needs.

  • Timer
  • Different dimmable modes
  • Automatic system
  • Made for houseplants only

7. DiBoys LED Grow Light

This DiBoys grow light with ultrathin plant lights is one of the latest additions to the grow lights market.

It has the newest ultrathin design and will provide you with wide coverage area, allowing the plants to absorb both red, blue, and white LED lights at the same time.


  • 45 watts LED
  • Ultrathin design

What Plants is it Good for?

If you are a person that loves having exotic plants, fruits, or vegetables in their indoor garden, then this DiBoys grow light will be perfect for you.

Its light is pretty strong and at times very harsh which is perfect for tropical plants, but I would not recommend using it for herbs or vegetables.

Key Features

DiBoys grow light will provide you with full-spectrum light, which will allow it to emit blue, red, and white lights all at the same time

It has a 90-degree reflector which proves it has wide coverage, making it much brighter and lighter than other types of grow lights.

It is made out of 150 LED chips of the newest technology, which are upgraded and lightweight. These LED chips have a height of only 0.8 inches.

  • Wide coverage
  • Very effective
  • Light can be too harsh

Things to Consider When Buying Grow Lights for Seedlings

Here are some things that should be considered when choosing the right grow lights for your seedlings.


Many people make a mistake when buying grow lights and often buy those that are too small or too big. This is especially common If you are shopping online.

When choosing adequate grow lights for your seedlings make sure they will fit into your indoor garden and that it will cover all of your seedlings.

In case your grow lights don’t cover all the seedlings, many of them won’t get the opportunity to develop and grow healthily.

Make sure it won’t get in touch with other furniture in the room, or things like clothes and drapes because it can destroy them, or if you’re using a very harsh light, cause a fire.

Also, If you know you will be moving your seedling grow lights often, make sure you get the ones that are easily portable and don’t take too much time to set up.


There are different types of grow light for different kinds of plants. When choosing LED light make sure you always read everything about them and be 100% sure they will be a good match for your plant.

Some grow lights are made specifically for houseplants or some tropical plants, while some of lights give off pretty harsh light that can harm sensitive plants like herbs or vegetables.

Most of the plants will also need enough red and blue LED light to grow healthily, so purchasing lights that don’t emit these colors may be a waste of money since it won’t do anything for your plant.


Some types of grow lights tend to emit a lot of heat, which can be very harmful to some plants. Before you decide to buy a grow light, make sure it won’t emit too much heat and potentially ruin your plant.


In case you don’t have much experience with grow lights, or this is your first time purchasing them, you might need some features like timers to ease your experience, or you can opt for a grow light with an automatic system.

There are also many great and cheap grow lights that come with many different features which will both ease your gardening experience and provide you with many useful tools for a small amount of money.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Should grow lights be left on for 24 hours?

Grow lights should never be left on for 24 hours, no matter how much your plant is in need of light. Some of your plants may need a lot of light in order to prosper, but you should be aware that constant exposure to light can have serious long-term effects and can lead to your plants’ death.

Rather than exposing your plant to 20+ hours of light, make sure to purchase grow lights of high quality that can provide you with much higher intensity and efficiency. This way you will get better results and faster growth in a short period of time.

What watt grow light should I use for seedlings?

There are dozens of different types of seedling grow lights made for seedlings of different species. The number of watts needed can differ from one species to another.

However, most grow lights operate with 40 or 45 watts and this is probably the best option for your seedlings. Sensitive seeds may need a bit less strong lights, somewhere between 20 to 25 watts.

How many hours a day should seedlings be exposed to grow light?

The amount of hours your seedlings will need to be exposed to grow light varies on the type of your plant. Most seedlings need somewhere between 14 to 16 hours of grow light exposure in order to develop properly.

Today, with many different technologies and lights of different strengths, this number can be way lower. Try exposing your seedlings to 15 hours of light in the beginning and then follow the process.

You can then modify the number of hours they are exposed to the lights depending on their needs.

How far should LED grow lights be from seedlings?

The right answer depends on the type of your plant and the power or watts of your lights. Most gardeners believe your LED lights should be somewhere between 25 to 35 inches in order to prevent your plants from potential harm.

However, today you can choose between many different upgraded types of grow lights available and you should always follow the instructions on them because that’s where you will find the adequate distance between your light and plant.


As you could see, there are many different grow lights available on the market which can be pretty cheap and super-efficient at the same time.

You should always take into consideration what kind of plants you will use them for and choose ones that will fulfill all of your plants’ needs

I have presented you with 7 different but great options and I am sure you will be able to find the most suitable one among them.