Stairway to Best 2×2 Grow Tent Yield [0.625+ lbs]

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Do you know you don’t need a huge room to be an indoor grower? It is a perfect way to start indoor growing. It’s a perfect choice for people with limited space. 

Or probably, you are wondering whether investing in a 2×2 grow tent would be worth it. Well, we have good news for you. You can harvest yields of over 0.625 lbs. 

However, to attain these yields, you need to do everything professionally. From selecting a grow tent to choosing the right species of plants, you must do everything that will maximize your yields. 

In this article, we will share with you everything you need to do for you to make the best yields from your 2×2 grow tents. 

Let’s get started. 

Factors That Determine Best 2×2 Grow Tent Yield

The space of your grow room is the number one factor that determines the yield you will get. In this case, we are only talking about a 2×2 grow tent. However, there are still other critical factors that will determine the yield you will get from your plants. 

The following are the factors you should put into considerations. 

  • Type  And Species of your Plant

When it comes to yields, it will depend on the genetics of your plant. Different types of plants will produce different yields. 

So, the yield will depend on whether you are growing large plants, medium-sized plants, small plants, or extremely large plants. 

In short, how big you allow your plant to grow and its genetic quality are key determinants in the yield you will get from the plant. Some genetics are low, medium, and others are heavy producing plants. 

For instance, if you are not sure which species of cannabis strain to plant, here is a list of the highly productive Cannabis strains. 

Blue Dream

This is a cross-gene of blueberry and haze. The growth of Blue Dream grows with 55-60 days. At this age, the plant will become dominant and ready to produce nuggets of dense and round cannabis. 

Blue Dream species can grow both indoors and outdoor. When planted outdoor, it gives better yield. 

Big Bud

Big buds are the best when it comes to yields. Just like the name suggests, big buds produces a large number of buds. 

Northern Lights

This is the best species to grow indoors. The plant grows in 40-50 days when planted both in the hydro system or soil. 

White Widow

This is another amazing species to grow indoors. It produces thick resin cannabis that has a solid bud structure. 

If you are planting vegetables, the same concept will apply. For example, different species of spinach would give different yields. It takes 25 days for Carmel Spinaches to reach maturity, while the Kolibri spinaches take 29 days. This difference is also evident in the total yield you will get from your plant. 

  • Plant Care

You could have the best plant genetics, and plant in a large grow room but still not get any meaningful yield. The difference will be brought about by how well you take care of your plants. 

You can boost the yields of your plant by taking good care of your plants. 

Plant care includes organic nutrients supply and watering. These are the most important care that your plant needs to thrive. 

Other care may include topping, super cropping, and plant training techniques. You need to ensure everything is done right. 

If your goal is to get the very best out of your 2×2 grow tent, apply the following strategies. These are care techniques that will give your plant the best yield ever. 

Use the SCROG Method

The screen of Green (SCROG) is an indoor growing method for maximizing yields. It involves using plastic or metal screens/grids for plants to sprawl outwards and grows through. This method is used as a low-stress training for plants in a grow room. 

The aim of using the SCROG method is to train your plant to grow horizontally and ensure that light is reaching to the lower parts of the plants. The technique also enhances the efficient flow of air in your plantation. 

With light and proper air circulation in your grow tent, you will get better yields from your 2×2 to grow tent. 

Use Hydroponics

Avoid using soil at all costs. Hydroponics is the best way to grow indoor plants. With hydroponics, you can control the nutrients you will supply to your plant. You will add the right amounts of nutrients for your plant to grow in. 

Also, with hydroponics, its easy to control pH – which is a determinant in the growth of your plants. 

You will notice an extra yield growth of up to 20%. 

Control the Temperatures, and Air Circulation in Your 2×2 Grow Tent

Air-condition is effective in cooling a grow tent. There is nothing that will cool your grow tent and combat heat during hot weather as much as a well-functioning air conditioner. 

An air conditioner will help in dealing with the heat that builds up from electronics, pumps, lights, and also heats from nature. First, consider the size of your grow tent and buy an air conditioner that will work effectively with it.

Once you understand your grow room size, temperatures, and seasonal outdoor temperatures, then you can go ahead and buy an AC unit that will condition your air. 

Best Air Conditioner to Buy For Your Grow Tent 

AC’s are the best air conditioners you can ever find in the market. Basically, they come with 3 categories – portable, slit, and window AC. They all vary in size, use, features, and price. 

So, if you have a small grow tent, a portable AC will do a perfect job. But if the grow tent has a large space, you will need a split AC. 

Pick either of the following AC’s from Amazon and install them to start cooling your grow tent. Buy an AC that matches the size of your grow tent. 

LG LP0817WSR (Perfect for small grow tents)

  • Perfect for a small-sized grow tent
  • It will cool 150 Square feet space
  • Has an excellent performance

For effective air circulation in your 2×2 tent, you need to work out on the ventilation. Ventilation is the most important factor that will directly impact on your room temperatures. A proper airflow ensures that warm air is driven out and cool temperatures supplied in the grow tent. 

Without adequate airflow, the grow tent will be very hot. The heat generated inside the grow tent will accumulate in your grow tent. 

How to ventilate your Grow tent

Ensure there is a regulated and proper airflow inside your grow room. To achieve this, you can use grow room fans. Alternatively, you can use oscillating fans and extractors fans. 

However, in this case, we will recommend growing fans. They are inline fans. With them, you won’t have to worry about airflow anymore.

To Ventilate Your 2×2 Grow Tent Buy AC Infinity Cloudline S6 (Our Top Pick) 

AC Infinity Cloudline S6 gives a combination of silence and power. With its performance power and quietness, it makes it to the top of our list. It’s the best and quietest tent fan you can ever find in the market. 

Even when the fan is running at the highest power setting, it’s extremely quiet. 

The silence of the fan is due to the Pulse Width Modulated (PWM) controlled Direct Current Motor. When the fan is running at maximum speed, it makes sounds of 32dBA. These are too low. You will hardly notice the fan when it’s running. 

When you think about power consumption, this motor makes less power than standard AC-motors. For ease of use and airflow control, the fan comes with eight different speeds and adjustable power settings. 

If you are in a more restricted area, you don’t have to worry. The fan uses dual hydrodynamic and stator blade. 

The fan is perfect for a mid-sized grow tent. It achieves an airflow of 351 CFM.

Key Features

  • Ideal strength for a mid-size room
  • The variable setting for efficient power consumption 
  • Extremely quiet
  • Lighting

Plants entirely depend on light to produce their yields. The role of light in the plant is to facilitate photosynthesis. Since the plants are grown indoors, you need to ensure that proper lighting techniques are applied over your plant. 

Too little lighting will mean that your plant won’t produce enough yields. On the other hand, too much light will damage them. When lighting is improperly installed, it could also lead to overheating – something that shouldn’t be let to happen. 

When it comes to lighting, you should supply optimum lighting at every stage of your plant growth. Also, choose the right lighting and hang it with perfect height. 

In the market, you will find different lights. You need to select a light that won’t overheat or hurt your yields. 

Best 2×2 Grow Tent Lighting

If you own a 2×2 grow tent, you need to get LED lights. These lights are sufficient for your 2×2 tent. With them, you won’t worry about your electricity bill rising. LED lighting systems do not overheat. This means that in your 2×2 tent, you won’t be needed to have coolers. 

For best performance, stick with 35 watts per square meter. If you are looking for an efficient grow light, buy GE Lighting 93101232 32-Watt PAR38 LED Grow Light.

Best 2×2 Grow Tents To Buy

As the market is filled with so many choices, it’s becoming difficult to choose the best 2×2 indoor grow tent. Whether you are a beginner or a veteran in indoor planting, the following tents will serve you well. 

CoolGrows Small Indoor Grow Tent

This is the best 2×2 tent you will find in the market today. With it, you can get very high yields. The tent comes with sturdy metal connectors with a tear-proof system. And to prevent light from leaking into your grow tent, the tent is double stitched. 

You won’t have to worry about controlling the environment of your indoor tent. The tent is lightproof. Its Zips are heavy to ensure that no light would penetrate through the tent when it’s closed. 

When you buy a tent, it’s easy to install in your room. With its hydroponic light kit, the tent is ready for use. 

Key Features

  • Eco-friendly grow tent
  • Made with lightproof material
  • Comes with a pocket friendly price

TopoLite Grow Tent

This is the best budget and reliable grow tent. Topolite grow tent has a durable construction designed in a perfect way to prevent any light leaks. The material and zippers protect any light from entering into the tent. 

Topolite comes with multiple fans and air filtration components. With it, you can grow vegetables, fruits, cannabis, and herbs of any kind. 

When you think about durability, these tents come with sturdy metal rods. Its material is also duel stitched to give your tent durability and prevent excessive sunlight from passing through it. 

If you are looking for a budget tent that will give you all the services you desire, buy Topolite gro tent today. 

Key Features

  • A tent that is worth more than its price
  • Durable tent
  • Comes with fans and filters

Final Verdict

You don’t need a huge space to grow plants indoors. With a 2×2 tent, you can harvest good yields. However, to achieve these yields, you must plant the right species, take good care of your plants, and ensure everything is done rightly. 

But most importantly, you need to get the right to grow tents. Choose the tents we have recommended in this article and you will get the best yields from your 2×2 to grow tent.